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semana tragica 1919 yahoo dating

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That same day, at Vasena metal works, the police, who had laid a trap of cleverly planned crossfire, fought it out with the striking workers when they tried to stop a load of metal escorted by the police.

Five workers were killed and twenty wounded. The next day, Wednesday, the waterfront strike began: On Thursday, funerals were held for the five workers who had been killed by the police. A procession of mourners, some of them armed, followed the funeral coaches, and as they passed, they attacked property and burned an automobile, before reaching Lacroze, a British-owned tram station, which they attacked.

As the group were attacking a store the police caught up with them, fired into the procession, and killed and wounded numerous demonstrators. Mobs went loose all over the city.

Groups overturned and burned streetcars and robbed sports shops for the guns inside. In the afternoon, at 3pm, 3, people stormed Lacroze Station. Violence also erupted in the Congress , where members of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies reportedly threw notebooks at each other, rather than taking action.

The funeral procession met a suburban train at a railroad crossing and broke every window in the carriages. His wife and several local merchants intervened and pleaded for his life, but this was to no avail. In the meantime the local police forces hunted down and arrested or executed those sympathetic to the armed uprising. The armed strikers, knowing there would be no mercy, made a desperate last stand at Tehuelches train station but were defeated after a one-hour long battle and the survivors marched off to firing squads.

Contrary to Argentine popular myth, Varela received a frosty reception in Buenos Aires where the Minister of War gave him a complete dressing down. Varela also came under heavy criticism by the Socialist parliamentarian Antonio Di Tomaso. Aftermath[ edit ] Kurt Gustav Wilckens News of the mass execution soon reached Buenos Aires but the government made no call into an official investigation for fear of political repercussions. Argentine socialists and anarchists however promised vengeance.

Kurt Gustav Wilckens , a year-old German immigrant from Silesia , had been deported from the United States for his radical political views. Although he claimed to be an adherent of Tolstoy 's pacifism, Wilckens killed Varela in a gun and bomb attack outside the officer's recently acquired home at Humboldt-Santa Fe in January because of his desire "to wound through him the brazen idol of a criminal system". Upon hearing of the assassination, Argentine President Yrigoyen arranged that the house be given to the widow of Varela as a gift, even though the couple had only recently commenced paying off the house.

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semana tragica 1919 yahoo dating