Free swim club dating sim

free swim club dating sim

A visual novel on deviantart based on a 30 second advert for Free! iwatobi swim club. You play as a new transfer student called 'water swim' and you run around. Today I will be doing something revolutionary. What if Free! Iwatobi Swim Club was a dating sim? Now after that long ass intro let's get right into. boys from the new summer anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club! Now, this Dating Sim was created well before the series premiered, the creator.

free swim club dating sim

free swim club dating sim

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Free swim club dating sim -

You could feel his chin resting on your head gently, but as fast as he reached towards you. I forgotten you were a high-schooler now. Nickname " Makoto begged and you simply accepted his apology. You heard the school bell ringing, and you panicked as your rushed down the staircase.

You did not know that you've spent so much time just talking to Makoto. You wish you had more time to talk to your childhood friend. You ran as fast as you could, your mind wasn't with you. So the next thing that made your chest hurt was the fact that you crashed into a blonded haired male.

He turned around and looked at you, his hands reaching to the back of his head as he slowly rubbed it. He looked at you with slightly pitiful eyes and your eyes widen. You couldn't believe you just saw Nagisa right in front of you. The words that came out of your mouth was: I am so sorry! I did not mean to do that" "Nagisa! Watch where you're going!

You're in the same school as well? In front of you, was Nagisa, the once child like look of him disappeared in your memory, as he held your hands. You must meet the others! They all miss you! Please let go of my hand, it hurts. You immediately asked him where was your classroom and you swore You could see him beaming with happiness again as he dragged you to the classroom. Turns out that both of you were in the same class!

You were glad that you knew someone from your old swim school, but if Makoto and Nagisa were in Iwotabi High School, Haruka must be in the same school as well. Without a doubt, Nagisa immediately dragged you to the swim team the moment the bell rings. I want to swim with everyone again. I will definitely join you all!

Of course I"ll join the Swimming club! I want to beat that damn Haru! Nagisa ran to a black haired guy and encouraging him to swim faster. Rei got out of the pool to greet you. His in the swim club as well! I introduced you to him just now. You started to sweat as you answer "You swim butturfly really well! I am honored by it. Your head slightly titled as he looked at you with slightly intense eyes.

He seems to lean in nearer to you as he pushes up his glasses again. Depending on how you answer their questions as the week progresses is which character you will be trying to get. You will have to go out of your way to find them though since each character will have a specific time and place to find them. For example, before school Makoto will be near the school gate with his little adopted cat where you can talk and interact with him.

During lunch you will find Rei in the library, Haru swimming and so on. Wherever you go, you will run into that character and whomever you run into most often during the course of the week is which path you will take.

Now you get to know him. Everywhere you go you mysteriously run into him. Then you must pick the appropriate answer to make him fall in love with you. At the end of each week you will encounter an event if you picked enough good answers. The event is different for each character.

For example if you picked Haru he might ask you to go swimming with him one week or even ask you for advice with certain problems. If you continue doing this then at the end of week six you will trigger a love confession where you will be able to date your true love.

These are the things you can do within in the game while going about your dating sim life. For example, you can dress up your avatar each day if you get a part time job after school which can help with two things. One, money for shopping for clothes and gifts I'll talk about that in just a bit and you can run into different characters such as the swim club boys or even Rin and other favorite characters from the anime!

Next is the gift feature which is when you can give small gifts to the person of your choice throughout the week. They must be small gifts though such as chocolate or maybe a new pair of swimming goggles.

These gifts can increase the guys love status to make him fall even more in love with you. It's the small gestures that count. Fear not though boys and girls, fore I have a solution to this. After you trigger the love confession event you can continue to play, dating your new boyfriend!

Now your job is to keep him as your boyfriend for the rest of the game. Depending on who you pick and if you are still with them yes if you neglect your guy he WILL break up with you you can trigger a graduation event where, if you picked either Haru or Makoto, they will graduate. With that being said what happens exactly? You can still interact with Rei and Nagisa in school and your boyfriend can visit you from time to time, but after school is when you can really have fun with your new-graduate boyfriend.

If you picked Nagisa or Rei, you will all advance to the next grade and continue with your daily lives. New events will be unlocked for ALL characters.

Nagisa may fail his second year so you can offer to tutor him since you're his girlfriend and all; Rei feels insecure about his swimming abilities and you decide to comfort him; Makoto is scared of what to do in college and he doesn't know if he's ready to graduate; Haru secretly is scared that when he and Makoto graduate than none of them will be friends anymore, etc.

These events and many more such as actual dates are unlocked in the post game so have fun with them. Ways you neglect your guy can be if you don't give him at least ONE gift, you answer his questions wrong or not to liking, or you fail to go to the places he likes. In the actual game if you fail to meet the requirements, you will never date and the game just ends meaning you'll have to start over. If you neglect your boyfriend in the post game he will break up with you in a trigger event which will then cause a game over.

Be careful on how you treat your bae! Each of the requirements will be different for each of the characters.

Swimming Anime Dating Sim