Agatha christie biography yahoo dating

agatha christie biography yahoo dating

Tracing the author's life, career, and legacy in her biography, Agatha Christie: An English Mystery, Laura Thompson wrote, "Agatha had a. Agatha Christie Biography. Dame Agatha Christie, (15 September – 12 January ). Agatha Christie was an English writer of crime and romantic novels. Famed mystery writer Agatha Christie was one of the top-selling authors of all time. Learn more at Original Published Date.

agatha christie biography yahoo dating

agatha christie biography yahoo dating

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However, thanks to her own curiosity, Agatha taught herself to read much earlier. When a little older, she moved on to reading the surreal verse of Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll. She eventually made friends with a group of other girls in Torquay, noting that "one of the highlights of my existence" was her appearance with them in a youth production of Gilbert and Sullivan 's The Yeomen of the Guard , in which she played the hero, Colonel Fairfax. His death in November , aged 55, left the family in an uncertain economic situation.

Clara and Agatha continued to live together in their Torquay home, Madge had moved to Abney Hall in Cheadle, Cheshire, with her new husband, and Monty had joined the army and been sent to South Africa to fight in the Boer War.

Agatha later claimed that her father's death, occurring when she was 11 years old, marked the end of her childhood. They decided to spend time together in the warmer climate of Cairo, then a regular tourist destination for wealthy Britons; they stayed for three months at the Gezirah Palace Hotel.

Christie attended many social functions in search of a husband. She visited ancient Egyptian monuments such as the Great Pyramid of Giza , but did not exhibit the great interest in archaeology and Egyptology that became prominent in her later years. She also helped put on a play called The BlueBeard of Unhappiness with female friends. Her writing extended to both poetry and music.

Some early works saw publication, but she decided against focusing on writing or music as future professions. This was about 6, words on the topic of "madness and dreams", a subject of fascination for her.

Biographer Janet Morgan commented that, despite "infelicities of style", the story was nevertheless "compelling". Magazines rejected all her early submissions, made under pseudonyms, although some were revised and published later, often with new titles. She was perturbed when the various publishers she contacted all declined.

She then met Archibald Christie — [20] at a dance given by Lord and Lady Clifford at Ugbrooke , about 12 miles 19 kilometres from Torquay. Archie was born in India, the son of a judge in the Indian Civil Service. He was an army officer who was seconded to the Royal Flying Corps in April The couple quickly fell in love. Upon learning that he would be stationed in Farnborough , Archie proposed marriage, and Agatha accepted.

They married on the afternoon of Christmas Eve at Emmanuel Church, Clifton, Bristol , which was close to the home of his parents, while Archie was on home leave. Agatha involved herself in the war effort. After joining the Voluntary Aid Detachment in , she attended to wounded soldiers at a hospital in Torquay as an unpaid nurse.

John's Wood , northwest London. She wrote her own detective novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles , featuring Hercule Poirot , a former Belgian police officer noted for his twirly large "magnificent moustaches" and egg-shaped head.

Poirot had taken refuge in Britain after Germany invaded Belgium. Christie's inspiration for the character stemmed from real Belgian refugees who were living in Torquay and the Belgian soldiers whom she helped to treat as a volunteer nurse in Torquay during the First World War.

Christie's mother died in , and Christie discovered that her husband was in love with another woman. She suffered a mental breakdown and on December 6 she disappeared from her home, and her car was found abandoned in a quarry. Ten days later, acting on a tip, police found her in a hotel in Harrogate, England, where she had been staying the entire time, registered under the name of the woman with whom her husband was having his affair.

Christie claimed to have had amnesia severe memory loss , and the case was not pursued further. She divorced her first husband two years later. She often accompanied him on his expeditions in Iraq and Syria and placed some of her novels in those countries.

Major works In Christie also produced what is believed by many to be her best-written novel, Murder at the Vicarage. This mystery also marked the first appearance of Jane Marple, who became one of Christie's favorite sleuths and who showed up frequently thereafter in her books. Miss Marple was one of those complicated characters in whom readers delight. Behind her old-fashioned, grandmotherly appearance, Miss Marple's mind was coldly aware that all human beings are weak and that some are completely immoral.

In the mids Christie began to produce novels that bore her special manner. In them she arranged a situation that seemed highly unrealistic or unlikely, and then she placed characters, who acted for the most realistic of reasons, into this framework.

In Murder in the Calais Coach the murder is committed through the planning of a dozen people. In And Then There Were None nine murderers are invited to an island by an ex-judge who kills them out of an unshakeable sense of justice. In Easy to Kill four murders are committed in a tiny town without any suspicions being aroused, while in A Murder Is Announced the killer notifies others that the crime will occur in advance.

Also interesting in these books is Christie's philosophy that it is quite acceptable to kill a killer, particularly one whose crime is especially horrible. Christie wrote several works in addition to her fiction, including seventeen plays. Her favorite play was Witness for the Prosecution , but the public disagreed. The Mousetrap opened in London in and was a huge success, playing there for over thirty years.

By the date of her disappearance, Agatha Christie had published more than ten novels and short stories, each more successful than the last. But instead, it turned into her annus horribilis. Just prior to taking an Italian holiday, her husband Archie told Agatha that after twelve years of marriage, he had fallen in love with another woman, Nancy Neele, and wanted a divorce.

Agatha pleaded with Archie to give their marriage another chance, and he reluctantly agreed. On that fateful day in December, Archie had told Agatha he was going to spend the weekend with some friends and would not be coming home. From there, she walked back into town and caught the train to London. Then she took a train to Harrogate and checked into the Hydro spa under the name of Theresa Neele. Meanwhile, the police continued looking for her.

As time went on, and the police were convinced that it was foul play, the newspaper reports got bigger. Eventually, reporters discovered that Archie had spent the weekend in the country with friends—and in the company of a mysterious woman.

Still hiding out at the spa, Agatha placed an advertisement in the London Times that said Mrs. Theresa Neele was interested in getting in touch with her relatives and they could find her at the Hydro in Harrogate.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie :

agatha christie biography yahoo dating

From there, she walked back into town and caught the train to London. Pyne specialized not in solving murders, but in influencing the lives of others so as to bring them happiness or adventure. In her play Black Coffee was adapted into a novel by another writer, Charles Osborne.

agatha christie biography yahoo dating