Who is kat von dating

who is kat von dating

Kat Von D is a married woman. While it is unclear when Reyes and Von D started dating, the two collaborated on Prayers' song, "Black. Kat Von D and her boyfriend are doing PDA on Instagram and it's too cute. EDIT: Kat Von D just got married to Rafael Reyes, vocalist of Prayers. Odds are that if you're a beauty lover, you probably think you know all there is to know about Kat Von D. Kat Von D has been married, engaged, and seen with some really interesting men over the years. Check out Kat Von D's dating timeline, right.

Everyone Kat Von D Dated Before Marrying Her Soul Mate And Having A Baby :

who is kat von dating

The reaction is mixed, but at least there's some positivity in the world. And fans are very surprised, considering Kat said in the past she didn't want kids.

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Kat Von D Called a 'Home-Wrecker' After Revealing She's Expecting Her First Child

who is kat von dating