The great khali and natalya dating

the great khali and natalya dating

The Great Khali biography with personal life, married and affair info. A collection of facts like girlfriend, married, affair, salary and net worth. Dec 1, Thoughts: From flatulence storylines to potentially dating Khali, it seems like Natalya is prone to pulling the short straw! However, as Trish. Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson (born May 27, ) is a Canadian professional wrestler .. In November, Natalya began an on-screen relationship with The Great Khali. The following month .. Neidhart has known TJ Wilson since she was 12 years old, and they began dating in November The pair married on June.

Natalya Neidhart :

the great khali and natalya dating

The couple didn't jell well at all and thankfully the company decided that the WWE Universe didn't have to be subjected to it for long. WWE could be called a matchmaking company, but for every real-life couple that the company creates, there are many more that would never be together if they weren't being paid to act like they are together.

Is Natalia and Great Khali dating real or fake.?

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Khali was put into a storyline that he probably didn't even understand, and he just went along with it because it meant that he was able to work with Natalya for a while. The couple should really have worked given their characters, but it didn't. It wasn't a great idea from WWE, the pairing basically showed the lack of charisma that Dibiase actually had and lack of confidence.

Maryse was the one who was at the forefront of the relationship most of the time, and she proved that she was way too much for Ted to handle.

This is the complete opposite with her current husband The Miz, where they pair basically compliment each other when it comes to promos.

Kelly was a former bikini model and is still considered to be one of the most attractive female wrestlers that WWE has ever had.

The company needed a reason to take her away from the Extreme Expose group, and they decided that Balls Mahoney was the perfect reason. Balls Mahoney was much older than Kelly and he wasn't on her level when it came to looks.

The couple didn't jell well at all and thankfully the company decided that the WWE Universe didn't have to be subjected to it for long. She is one of the standout stars when it comes to the future of WWE. It was an odd pairing, one where Enzo was made to look like something of a creepy stalker. Sasha recently admitted in an interview that she is married and that she tied the knot back in the Summer of , while Enzo and Liv Morgan have been dating for the past few months.

Sasha is one of the most popular and attractive female wrestlers in WWE right now. Enzo isn't anywhere near her level and was obviously punching above his weight on that episode of Raw. She is one of the most attractive female wrestlers of all time, so when she was aligned with Carlito a few years ago, the WWE Universe were well aware that this couple was mismatched.

While they made a cute couple back in , their relationship didn't make a lot of sense and didn't do a whole lot for either star throughout. Champion, and defeated Danyah and Aurora en route to the final, where she lost to Sirelda. She debuted the next week as a member of the Next Generation Hart Foundation , accompanying her cousins Teddy Hart and Harry Smith for tag team matches. Post-match, Brie ran under the ring to escape from Natalya and Victoria, but they both reached under the ring for her, pulling her and Nicole out.

The twins then attacked them and celebrated afterward. The Hart Dynasty — [ edit ] Main article: The match also involved Beth Phoenix. Afterward, Smith offered to shake Kidd's hand, but Kidd refused and instead slapped him across the face.

Eve went on to pin Layla and become the new Divas Champion. Four days later on SmackDown, Natalya lost a match to Kelly. Post-match, Phoenix jumped into the ring and delivered a 'Glam Slam' on Kelly, then Natalya applied and debuted their new submission manoeuvre the 'Pin-Up Strong'. Post match, Kaitlyn solidified her heel turn after joining the Divas of Doom, however the segment was cut from the broadcast and not recognized by WWE.

In early , Natalya was characterized as being notable for smelly flatulence ; this character development was heavily panned by critics. At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Phoenix successfully defended her championship against Tamina, in a point where her association with Phoenix started splitting up, [96] and on the March 22 episode of Superstars , Phoenix teamed with Eve Torres against Natalya and Tamina, in a losing effort, with this effectively ensuring the ending for the team.

the great khali and natalya dating

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