The dating guy episodes wiki good

the dating guy episodes wiki good

26 episodes · The Dating Guy Poster Related lists from IMDb users. list image. my animation list. a list of titles Woody Jenkins 25 episodes, The show itself is pretty good but the opening song was put together poorly. It's great, you know, doing the show with your family, cuz what guy doesn't want Stewie: Ugh, this is going to be a Lois episode. .. Lois: Are you sure you wanna date a girl who's had so much experience? Wikipedia has an article about. The pilot episode premiered on september The series follows four friendsz; mark, woody, sam and vj's. The the dating guy wiki dating guy provides .

Family Guy/Season 15 :

the dating guy episodes wiki good

So, you're just erasing cop wieners all day? Lucifer, undeterred, simply snaps his fingers and disintegrates the angels, looking to Mary in disbelief that angels would try to smite him.

the dating guy episodes wiki good

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Finally Mary is able to complete the ritual, forcing Jael out of Jody and sending the demon back to Hell. While still hunting for clues, Mary joins Alicia Banes on a werewolf hunt. After the boys escape, they call Castiel, who meets up with Mary. He believes they may need backup, and suggests Crowley and Rowena, which Mary scoffs at. Castiel takes Mary to meet with Mick Davies and Mr. She is skeptical of the Brits, remarking how they almost killed Sam and Dean. Castiel assures her they can be trusted as they helped them with Lucifer.

Ketch quickly surmises that they were at Site 94 -- a government black-ops site that does not officially exist. Mick tells them he will get their techs to move a satellite over the area in hopes of finding the Winchesters. Sam and Dean are soon reunited with Mary and Castiel. As the Winchesters and Castiel are driving away, the car suddenly dies and they are greeted by Billie.

Dean explains that they were truly trapped with no normal means of escape, so Dean summoned Billie to make a deal: Sam and Dean die and are resurrected one last time, and at midnight Billie can take one of them permanently. When Mary questions why they would agree to that, Dean tells that her being locked up alone was worse than Hell, and that it was the only option that would allow at least one of them to continue fighting. When Castiel tells them that they don't have to die, Billie tells him they are bound by blood, and to break that would come with consequences on a cosmic scale.

When Billie asks who she is going to be reaping, Mary offers herself up, which Billie gladly accepts. As Mary is about to commit suicide, Castiel sneaks up behind Billie and stabs her with an angel blade, killing her. Back at Mick's motel room, he finishes up his report to his superiors saying he has made some inroads with American hunters, revealing Mary is interested in what the British Men of Letters are offering. Mary asks another hunter, Wally , to help her as she thinks Sam and Dean won't ask the as many questions if they think they are helping him rather than her.

He tells her he heard their sales pitch too, that he believed the offer to be too good to be true, and he questions her on what the catch was when it came to working with them. Mary only tells him of how many people she's saved working with them, before they head off to meet with Sam, Dean, and Castiel. The hunters meet up outside the diner, where Wally is introduced to Sam, Dean, and Cas, before heading inside to formulate a plan. After ordering food, Wally breaks down why they are all there: Outside of Ramiel's home, the group splits up, with the Winchesters and Castiel going to the house to set up for Ramiel's return, while Wally hangs back and keeps an eye out.

Inside, Sam talks to Mary about being back in the life she never wanted. Upstairs, she lies to Castiel about having been in the bathroom. When Ramiel comes back early, and proves to be stronger than anyone expected, Wally comes running to the house warning Sam that two demons are right behind him. In the ensuing fight Wally is killed, and Ramiel stabs Castiel, mortally wounding him, with the Lance of Michael.

He is saved when Crowley snaps the Lance in half. Mary meets up with Arthur Ketch, and hands over the Colt , completely aware of its significance. She threatens to destroy the British Men of Letters if this happens again. Ketch admits their error and apologizes. After Mary compliments Ketch on the weapon, her cellphone rings; seeing it is Dean, Mary takes a moment before answering.

She lies to Dean, telling him she is at a motel in Newark and needs to rest after the Ramiel incident. She says that if he needs her on his new hunt, she'll be there and tells him she loves him before hanging up.

Ketch compliments Mary on her lying ability; she tells him she hasn't told Sam and Dean that she is working for the British Men of Letters due to their torturing of Sam. Ketch explains Bevell was a rogue operative, then he asks Mary about getting a drink. Dropping Mary off at her motel, he proposes getting a drink again, which Mary declines. Ketch then brings up Sam and Dean, and suggests Mary "disengage" from them for a bit.

He says that working for the Men of Letters is demanding work and must come first above everything else. He calls them his family. Mary refuses the notion, telling him nothing comes before her family. Ketch asks her if she really believes that, noting she is "softer, weaker" around them. He tells her she is one of the best hunters he's seen and that is the real her; he thinks it scares her that it might be true.

Mary returns to the Bunker with beer and burgers. When Sam and Dean ask her what she has been up to, she readily admits that she has been working with the British Men of Letters, much to Sam and Dean's shock and dismay.

She pleads with them to hear her out. Mary returns to hunting with the Men of Letters, systematically wiping out vampire nests. Sam eventually responds to one of Mary's texts and goes to meet her at the British Men of Letters bunker. There he is impressed with the scale and impact of their operation.

While there the base is attacked by vampires. A fierce fight ensures and with the help of Bobby's recipe on how to make new bullets for the Colt, they defeat the army vampires, as well as killing the Alpha Vampire.

Ketch questions Mary on her training, confirming that she "learned on the job" regarding hunting, but that she always wanted a normal quiet life, before the two share a glass of whiskey. Post-coital Ketch tells Mary he expected to end up shooting Mary, rather than bedding with her. Mary makes sure that Ketch understands that their sleeping together doesn't mean anything. Ketch assures her he isn't "built for that" and pointing out that she took his advice to pick either the work with the British Men of Letters or her family.

Mary, however, rebukes his claim, telling him it's not either or and will not choose between hunting or her sons. At the British Men of Letters base, Mary and Ketch are interrogating a shapeshifter for information, however when Ketch begins taking things too far, Mary argues with him regarding his methods. She becomes suspicious when her inquires of where Mick Davies is go unanswered by Ketch.

As Mary walking through the base, she listens to Dean's message. After she hangs up her phone, she hears Ketch on the phone in Mick's office. When Mary's phone vibrates with a call from Dean, Mary quickly sends the call to voicemail and casually walks into Mick's office. She tells Ketch she uses Mick's computer for emails, Ketch gives her his seat and as Mary looks at her emails she finds a message from Mick telling her he is stuck in London.

Soon after she returns Dean's call telling him that she loves him and Sam. Mary enters the armory, looking around for the right ID number. Upon finding it, she opens the case and is saddened to find Mick's dead body. As she leaves the armory and heads down the hallway. She sees Ketch coming and turns around to get away from him. She tries to scan her hand into several rooms to no avail. When she sees a man leaving a room and sneaks in before the door closes. Once inside she is briefly relieved.

She looks up and around the room, seeing several screens with photos and information on various hunters, including Sam, Dean, Garth , Claire and Eileen , displayed. Confused, she presses a recording on Dean's file and Mary immediately calls Dean's phone which goes straight to voicemail. After leaving a message, Mary turns to leave the room, but when she opens the door, she finds Ketch standing on the other side. As Ketch enters, Mary questions him about Mick's body, to which Ketch tells her was an "unfortunate werewolf mishap.

Mary punches Ketch in the face. A fight between the two ensues, and as Ketch pins Mary to the wall, she breaks free, and injures Ketch's arm before punching him in the face again. As she tries to leave, Ketch trips her and throws her across the table and onto the floor. He groans in pain and grabs his arm. He tells Mary that the end of the American hunters is coming, but he can protect her if she plays her part.

Mary opts to head-butt him in the face. When Mary pulls Enochian brass knuckles from her coat pocket, he simply laughs, telling her he's not an angel. Mary kicks Ketch in the balls, dropping him to his knees before knocking him out with a blow from the brass knuckles.

As Mary is about to leave, Ketch comes to and shots her with a taser, incapacitating her. Mary is soon strapped to a chair in room, and has water thrown in her face, jostling her awake. She sees Ketch standing smugly before her, when she questions if Ketch is going to kill her, she is greeted by Lady Antonia Bevell who tells her she is too much of an asset to lose. He agrees to help, and as he goes to get a beer from the fridge, he notices Mary in the reflection of a pot sneaking up behind him with a knife.

Rick attempts to defend himself, cutting Mary with a broken beer bottle, however trips on another bottle the floor and as he lay prone, Mary approaches him and slits his throat. A brainwashed Mary betrays her sons. The next day, Mary wakes up in a sterile octagonal room confused, she asks Lady Bevell if something happened the other night. Mary soon realizes that Lady Bevell has been brainwashing her and using her to eliminate hunters, angry Mary approaches Lady Bevell as if to strike her but is swiftly punched.

As she sits, she starts nursing her wounded hand and begins to remember her fight with Rick. Sometime later, after a re-alignment session, Mary is dragged back to her room and placed on the cot, where she continues to remember Rick and the brainwashing.

Ketch pays Mary a visit, she begins questioning what the British Men of Letters have been doing, only for Ketch tell her he will not intervene, as they have no relationship with each other. As Mary begins to cry, she leans up against Ketch and is able to steal his gun. Telling him she needs his help, she places the gun under her chin, but just as she fires, Ketch is able to knock the gun away.

Mary drops to her knees and begins weeping, asking Ketch to just kill her, telling him she doesn't want to live without her family or her will. But Ketch simply tells her thing will eventually get easier, and leaves Mary to her despair. Mary arrives in the Bunker pointing her gun, while Sam and Dean believe she is backing them up, Mary reveals her loyalty is to Ketch and fires a warning shot at Dean until they surrender.

On the drive back to the British Men of Letters Compound, Ketch assures her it will get easier, and she will soon forget about the people she loves. Telling him she feels fine as they drive off into the night. When she arrives at Jody Mill's home, Jody and Alex overpower her.

Sam and Dean, having escaped from being entombed in the Bunker, arrive with Toni Bevell. They rally a group of hunters and decide to attack and take out the British Men of Letters base. An injured Dean decides to remain and de-program the re-conditioning Mary has undergone. There he finds Mary taking refugee in a happy memory from just before she died, with a young Dean and baby Sam. Dean confronts her with how much he hates her -- what she did, how her actions led to such a hard childhood for them, and especially the horrors he and Sam had survived.

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