Nostalgia chick todd in the shadows dating services

nostalgia chick todd in the shadows dating services

Her work as the Nostalgia Chick was the first online personality that I also people blaming her for dating Todd in the Shadows for making him. Lindsay Ellis (Nostalgia Chick and post-TGWTG stuff, such as Loose Canon, etc.) Todd said we would never hear anything about his and Lindsay's breakup. When did she break up with that dude, Todd in the Shadows? Must suck to live in your ex girlfriend's apartment when she's dating (and been.

nostalgia chick todd in the shadows dating services

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And she also obscures her face online, as seen in her cameo in the "Applause" video Krin: You guys know Todd doesn't actually have a face, right? The art is accurate! But Not Too Foreign: He even says the "You're black, white, beige, chola descent, you're Lebanese, you're Orient" part of "Born This Way" was written for him.

He said in the commentary for "Like a G6" that he "could be anything! You guys don't know! Just because I have my hood on doesn't mean I'm gonna knife you. God, I'm so sick of the racial profiling! What race are you, anyway? Don't worry about it. Backfires slightly when he tries to explain during his "Gangnam Style" review that he reviews pop music, not Internet memes. While admitting the running gag has been run into the ground, he confirmed that he is not of black ethnicity in his " This is America " review.

I'm a lot of other things, but not black. Made a guest appearance on Atop the Fourth Wall when Linkara reviewed two KISS comics, and previously, was among the contributors who sang AT4W's theme in the th episode where somewhat appropriately, he was immediately before Lupa Threatened Nash's stick figure over Obscurus Lupa. And later, in her review of The Little Mermaid , ignoring the Chick's pleas of going out with him; and in Grease 2 getting a makeover from The Makeover Fairy.

Gets an e-mail with the Chick and her co-horts doing a Moulin Rouge! Appeared a few times on Vampire Reviews , given Elisa lives next to Lindsay. For instance, he was requested how out-of-date Queen of the Damned was in making Lestat a Nu Metal rocker, and was included in Maven's attempt at a Monster Mash.

Can't Hold His Liquor: Todd takes one sip of beer during his review of "If I Die Young" and says: Don't usually drink beer. Someone get me a Mike's Hard Lemonade? Actually, Mike's and beer have the same alcohol content. It's a joke based on the perception of Mike's as 'girly beer'. His venom is really intense. As the page quote shows, he really does enjoy pop music it started when the only stations he could get in his car were either Classic Rock or Top 40 "and I didn't want to listen to "More Than a Feeling" ten times a day" , but feels the need to criticize the absolute worst.

According to Jesus in the "Just a Kiss" review. Todd dons a black one for public appearances, both in a full version when wearing his hoodie, where only the bottom of his nose and lips are visible, and what looks like a more casual half version that only covers his nose and up.

Possibly just to throw on quick for the ever-present vlog coverage the meetups entail. Dark Is Not Evil: His very name is Todd in the Shadows , he does all his videos in the dark, and he spends most of them raging. Yet while he's about as snarky as it gets before getting into Yahtzee territory, he's also pretty clearly a good, decent guy.

Todd grudgingly admits defeat in hating her. Distracted by the Sexy: Allegedly why he obscures himself. When he tries to escape from the prospect of chick flicks, The Nostalgia Chick tapes him to a chair to a hit on him and b make him watch it with her. Later, she's apparently abducted him several times to try and make him love her. Does Not Like Shoes: On the occasions when his whole body is seen he is barefoot. You can tell he really wants to express how he feels to Lupa, but is unable to do, unless he's drunk.

Too bad he calls Lord Kat instead. On the other hand, Todd ignores when The Nostalgia Chick tries to get his attention. In a funny way. Even Nerds Have Standards: Linkara's invitation to do a joint review with Todd led to him spending the entire review laughing at the idea of reviewing a comic book. Once he finally stopped laughing at the very end of the review, he happily accepted the invitation. And again in the ET review, where several other contributors show up to mock his taste in music.

While vilifying Peter Cetera yet again in his Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of , he makes it clear that he doesn't hate all similar soft rock acts. I think I need to be fixed. She also mentions this in her The Little Mermaid review, claiming that Sebastian should have PTSD after his near-death in the kitchen, rather than just seeming "put-out" with Ariel afterwards. Anguished Declaration of Love: From The Fifth Element. In the review of Milo And Otis , she spends a fair amount of time making sure people know the difference between PETA who she calls as like being the slutty girl in drama class, always doing weird sexual shit for attention and the guilds who do things humanely.

If she's got absolutely nothing to praise about a movie, she'll at least mention if there's a pretty animated scene. Okay guys, I get it. The hyperbole is a good way to get people's attention, but you don't think that just maybe referring to Africa as a famine-ravaged wasteland and consigning an entire continent to 'chimes of doom' might be a bit patronizing?

Y'know, let's go ahead and use the word honor no less than fifty times. While Grease had at least a sort of "tee-hee sex" thing going on, Grease 2 makes it eye-rollingly obvious. In Sarcasm Mode , she calls the " some war " subplot in Hair subtle while the movie focuses on a grave with the war imprinted right in the middle.

She's been told by Nella in one episode and Dr. Tease in the following that she "has to embrace her inner fangirl". It turns out that while she doesn't even though she needs to , that was what defeated Dark Nella. In "Wild Wild West", she questions the wisdom of making Loveless a paraplegic, then shows several clips from the TV show, where Loveless was played by Michael Dunn, a well known dwarf actor. That's right, the original Loveless suffered from male pattern baldness.

She cheerfully thanks the movie when Anastasia slaps Dimitri. Whenever there's a male singer that she likes , she'll completely forget what she was doing when he starts singing. Sean Connery voicing an incredibly pimp dragon in Dragonheart: The Nostalgia Critic even starts fondling a stick of it, with the episode's Hilarious Outtakes dedicated to him and his butter. Parodied with her lust for Phelous 's voice. At the end of The Lion King , the credits ask him to marry her and take his time saying his vows.

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Her review of top movie villains included captions listing the various characters' prosecutable crimes.

Amid such offenses as "Treason", "Manslaughter", "Conspiracy to Genocide" and the like are occasional mentions of "Littering" discarding a bone from dinner or "Animal Cruelty" squashing bugs. When she demonstrates how unsuitable George Carlin is for voicing a Disney character, the profane clips end up with him expressing his disgust for people named Todd. Her username, The Dudette. She got that nickname when she first joined only because of her and Mike Ellis' identical last names and mutual love of The Big Lebowski.

Despite a couple years in which her section in the members was labeled under that name, she hasn't been called The Dudette since she first joined the site. Later it was changed to "Team NChick" to more accurately preview what to expect in her section.

Especially nowadays, as Nella and others have since joined her in reviewing, making sketches and out-of-character specials. Anne Frank went to Belsen, not Auschwitz. In the vlog for Super 8, Lindsay and Nella have no idea how a pick-up truck can survive crashing into a train while the train goes flying everywhere.

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