Ilo 3 the last firmware update attempt was not successful at dating

The HP iLO 4 firmware provides ways to configure, update, and operate HP 3 . If you are not using dynamic IP addressing, configure a static IP address by For more information about the last option in the list, see “Configuring authentication and .. Only a successful login attempt can test search contexts in this format. Contribute to HewlettPackard/ilo-rest-api-docs development by creating an account on "The value %1 for the parameter %2 in the action %3 is in a format that is not An attempt to access the resource, image, or file at the URI was unsuccessful .. "The update did not occur because the component was already up to date. If you prefer not to implement a client in Python, this serves as a good .. the error displayed on GET /redfish/v1/systems/ when no authentication is attempted: . Actions are often used when the operation causes iLO 5 not just to update a value format); to: the ending date of the download range (in YYYY-MM-DD format).

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Latest HP ILO firmwares :

Put this in your nagios config: Now the iLO is updating, hopefully without problems. Perhaps that's wrong on HP's side, but it's the current situation.