Dating in the dark hottest episode of charmed

dating in the dark hottest episode of charmed

Charmed first introduced television viewers to the power of the three way back . Once they are reunited, she goes dark side because her sister is under the influence of demons. shows, as well as roles in movies that date right up to the present. . Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. RELATED: The 25 Best Halloween Themed TV Episodes An early scene in " The Blind Date" finds over-sharing friends Larry and Jeff discussing the "pop-up," Jeff's Episode: "This Is a Dark Ride" . The Halliwell Sisters (Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, and Shannen Doherty) as Witches in Charmed. See also: List of Charmed episodes. No. overall, No. in season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod. . Piper dreams she has a secret and sexy lover, Paige dreams about her childhood clown doll.

dating in the dark hottest episode of charmed

dating in the dark hottest episode of charmed

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The two were truly in love, but events kept happening that always threatened to keep them apart. Constantly trapped between the demon and mortal worlds, Cole constantly faced an inner struggle of a human who loves Phoebe and a demon who wants to destroy the Halliwell sisters.

Even after his end, the drama continued. Actor Julian McMahon nailed the role and then went on to become a big television star. He seems even better looking with a little salt and pepper in his hair and more lines on his face. It's easy to see why Phoebe fell for his character. As the middle Halliwell sister, Phoebe, she probably had the least amount of magical skill as her sisters, but Phoebe's powers did eventually grow and evolve.

There was that ill-fated romance with the half-demon Cole, but fans forgave her and mourned with her during her heartbreak. In real life, Milano is an outspoken strong woman who often tweets her displeasure with the state of the world and modern U. She's involved with several charities and remains an activist for women, using her power as a celebrity to try to make a difference in her world.

Fuller didn't show up until season five, but his character's storyline really came to fruition in seasons six. Fuller portrayed Chris Halliwell, the second oldest son of Piper and Leo. He was fully grown on Charmed because he came from the future to prevent his older brother, Wyatt, from becoming an evil dictator in the future.

It's all very wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Los Angeles and Longmire. He also has a string of movies under his belt. McGowan has changed a lot since she first appeared on the show. At the time, she seemed an innocent fresh-faced young woman, an actress with nothing but star power. One of those mortals who was very important in the lives of the Halliwell sisters was Darryl Morris, a police officer who at first is suspicious of the sisters but who eventually gets brought into their secret world.

He spends a lot of time helping the sisters cover up cases that involves monsters and demons and eventually becomes a good friend to them. But Daryl and his family move away in season seven and that's the last fans saw of him. In real life, his actor, Dorian Gregory, still appears on television occasionally, including in a small guest role on Marvel's Agents of S.

The only thing that Billie wants to do, though, is find her sister, kidnapped by the Triad 15 years before the Halliwells meet her. Once they are reunited, she goes dark side because her sister is under the influence of demons. Cuoco seems to have also been subject to the magic that keeps the women of Charmed looking young and beautiful. On Charmed, Smith was Belthazor, the demon counterpart of Cole. Although Julian McMahon portrayed Cole when he was human, Smith is the actor who stepped into the heavily made up role of Cole's demon version.

The demon Belthazor appeared in Charmed seasons three and four, but after that Smith went on to bigger and better things. He has also done roles in several movies requiring heavy makeup and prosthetics. On Charmed, though, she was Elise Rothman, which would serve as her last major role in pretty much anything. In fact, there aren't very many photos of her available after her stint on the series.

Charmed introduced Elise in season four as the editor-in-chief of The Bay Mirror, the newspaper that Phoebe worked for as an advice columnist. She and Phoebe became close friends and their relationship was almost that of a mother and daughter. Although she had no knowledge of magic in the beginning, the sisters eventually trusted her as an ally. Her look changed mostly through her hair on the series, as shown above the first photo is from season four, the last photo is from season eight.

He didn't last very long, though, because in the season one finale, a demon took his life. He also has had guest roles on other television shows, as well as roles in movies that date right up to the present. To try to save Leo from dying, Piper casts a spell that will switch her powers with his.

Unfortunately the spell also causes Prue and Phoebe's powers to swap. Andy quits his job to help protect Prue's secret from being exposed by an Internal Affairs investigation. Episode 22 - Deja Vu All Over Again As a warlock makes plans for his attempt to kill the Charmed Ones, he receives a visit from Tempus, a demon who will turn back time until the warlock succeeds in killing all the Halliwells.

Upon turning back time after the first failed attempt, Tempus informs the warlock only he will remember the previous events. Fortunately for the Halliwells, Phoebe's power enables her to sense the time loop as deja vu.

But unfortunately for Andy, she sees his death at the hand of a warlock in a premonition. Season 2 - Charmed Episode Guides: When Phoebe realizes if Abraxas undoes the spell that granted them their powers, they will no longer be witches, Prue thinks it might be for the best because she blames herself and her powers for Andy's death.

Still out of work, Piper tries to secure a loan to buy a nightclub. Espisode 2 - Morality Bites When Phoebe has a vision of herself being burnt to death, the sisters travel ten years into the future to learn what happened. Once there they discover Phoebe used her powers to kill someone, which caused a local DA to begin modern day witch trials as a platform for political office. As Prue and Piper try to save Phoebe, they both are surprised and somewhat disappointed to learn how their lives turn out.

Episode 3 -The Painted World While appraising a painting, Prue discovers a man trapped inside asking for help. Believing he's an innocent she's suppose to help, Prue attempts to set him free but instead becomes trapped inside the painting's world herself. Meanwhile, Phoebe casts a spell to increase her intelligence in order get a job and Piper asks Dan for help to bring her club up to code. Episode 4 - Devil's Music Business at the nightclub is taking off.

And so are some patrons. After Piper books the band Dishwalla, female fans start disappearing during their performance, and the sisters suspect the band's manager Larry Holden may have struck a deal with a demon to gain fame and fortune in exchange for female sacrifices. Piper's club suffers from sluggish business, causing Prue and Phoebe to seek a private loan from a local businessman. Leo solves the club's financial problems by suggesting that Dishwalla's manager have the band play at Piper club.

Leo, however is operating on orders, so that sisters can put an end to the manager's pack with a demon that is consuming female fans of the band and feeding off their tormented souls in exchange for fame and fortune. As a heat wave descends on San Francisco, Phoebe begins to have exotic dreams that end in her killing her lovers. After Morris asks Prue for help solving the killing of four men, Phoebe fears she may be a Succubus.

Prue suggests that she cast the spell to attract and destroy the Succubus by fire and have Piper's power ready to stop time in case Phoebe is correct.

Fortunately for Phoebe she was mistaken, but unfortunately for Prue the spell turns her into a man. Episode 6 - That Old Black Magic The sisters are forced to turn to a reluctant teen-ager guest star Jay Michael Ferguson when an evil witch guest star Brigid Brannagh escapes the confines of her year-old prison. Episode 7 - They're Everywhere The sisters rally to protect a young man guest star Greg Mehlman who has cracked an ancient code from a band of warlocks bent on draining the contents of his brain.

Lochlyn Munro as Jack and Jeff Sheridan. Episode 8 - P3 H2O While visiting the camp where her mother died, Prue witnesses a man drowning at the hands of something lurking beneath the surface of the lake and encounters a man telling her to leave not to return. After telling her sisters about the deadly event, the sisters head to the camp to learn that the man, Sam, was their mother's white lighter, who has been living near the lake for the past twenty years to prevent history from repeating itself, fearing Prue would return and die while fighting the water demon in the lake like her mother did.

Meanwhile, Piper discovers love letters written by her mother to Sam and is forced to reevaluate her relationship with Leo, while Dan continues to court her. Episode 9 - Ms. Hellfire, and Prue goes under cover to find out who hired her, flirting with a cold-blooded criminal guest star Antonio Sabato Jr. Episode 10 - Heartbreak City A demon of hate steals Cupid's powerful ring and asks Phoebe and her sisters for help.

Cupid says Phoebe has a closed heart and that he brought Piper and Dan together and Prue and Jack together. Prue and Piper is under the hate spell and the sisters brings Cupid back his ring. Episode 11 - Reckless Abandon Phoebe protects an abandoned baby boy from a vengeful spirit that has methodically killed all of the men in the child's family.

Episode 12 - Awakened Prue and Phoebe break a code of conduct to cure Piper when she is hospitalized with a deadly disease, but the illness is spread to other patients. Episode 13 - Animal Pragmatism Phoebe attempts to reverse the spell that turned animals into good-looking dates for her study group, creating a virtual zoo at the club.

Episode 14 - Pardon My Past Phoebe risks her life to destroy an evil warlock guest star Tyler Christopher who seduced her in a past life, while Piper discovers a romantic conundrum in her past life. Episode 16 - Murphy's Luck After Prue rescues an unlucky woman Amy Adams who is being tormented by a Darklighter Arnold Vosloo , she is beset by telepathic messages telling her to commit suicide. Episode 18 - Chick Flick A demon emancipates celluloid monsters from the confines of the silver screen to kill Phoebe, Piper and Prue.

Episode 19 - Ex Libris Phoebe helps the ghost of a student Rebecca Cross who was killed to prevent the publication of her thesis on evil; the Goo Goo Dolls perform at Piper's nightclub. Episode 20 - Astral Monkey Piper's newly powerful doctor Matthew Glave pays grisly house calls to harvest healthy organs for his dying sister; Prue is tied to a handsome actor Jim Davidson in the tabloids. A doctor acquires the witches' powers during a blood transfusion, then seeks to save his dying sister.

Episode 21 - Apocalypse, Not When Prue is sucked into a vortex with an apocalypse horseman, Phoebe and Piper are forced to choose between saving their sister and saving the world.

Shannen Doherty directed this last episode for season 2! Season 3 - Charmed Episode Guides: Episode 5 - Sight Unseen After the house isburglarized, the sisters Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs become consumed with finding out more about the evil force that is stalkingthem. Episode 6 - Primrose Path When a spellbackfires, Prue Shannen Doherty takes on all of the pain in the world and isflattened by the overwhelming flood of human emotion.

Episode 9 - Coyote Piper An evil spiritexisting in the form of a gas escapes an alchemist who wants to control it andenters the body of a man to hunt for one of the Halliwell sisters. Meanwhile,Prue helps Piper prepare for the middle sister's year high-school reunion, anevent Piper dreads attending.

Episode 10 - We All Scream For Ice Cream Prue has amelody stuck in her head and she discovers its origin while having lunch withPhoebe in a park — it's the sound of an ice-cream truck whose driver abductschildren.

Meanwhile, Piper tries to find the Halliwell sisters' father afterreceiving news that he was spotted in town. Episode 11 - Blinded By the WhiteLighter A warlockslays a witch and steals her power to deflect objects and spells. The sisterspursue the killer against the advice of Natalie, the fallen witch's Whitelighterand an old friend of Leo's.

Elsewhere, Phoebe is interrogated by a member of thedistrict attorney's office who is investigating Cole's disappearance. Episode 13 - Bride and Gloom A warlock usesdisguises to lure Prue to a ceremonial altar, where he plans to wed theHalliwell sister and turn her to evil — hoping the effect will spread to her siblings and the Book of Shadows.

Meanwhile, Piper and Leo clash over theirwedding plans. Episode 14 - The Good, The Bad, and the Cursed Whilevisiting a ghost town with her father, Phoebe has visions of a cowboy from theOld West getting beaten up and she begins to suffer from his injuries, whichlater include a gunshot wound. Elsewhere, Leo finds out that his futurefather-in-law doesn't know that Leo is a Whitelighter.

While she sleeps, her astralself orbs into a biker bar, where the spirit gets involved in a quarrel with aman who dies, leaving the real Prue a murder suspect. Episode 16 - Death Takes a Halliwell Prues ees the Angel of Death as he takes a murdered woman's soul — and the specterwarns that he will return.

Also, Phoebe and Cole hunt for two demons that arepursuing Belthazor after Phoebe learns that Cole's former landlady was murdered. Episode 17 - Pre-Witched The sisters individually battle the same demon on three separate occasions, with eachconfrontation ending in apparent victory — until the demon reappears at the manor, ready to fight. Meanwhile, Piper announces that she and Leo plan to moveout and get their own apartment.

Episode 18 - Sin Francisco A Demon who hasthe power of the seven deadly sins tries to destroy the Halliwells. The girlsare exposed to several of the sins greed, pride, envy, lust and anger in an effort to break the bonds of The Charmed Ones. The Girls will have to see howstrong their sisterly bonds are or self destruct. Episode 19 - The Demon Who Came in from the Cold Cole officially joins the good fight whenhe goes undercover in an underworld brotherhood to help Prue, Phoebe, Piper andLeo learn more about the evil, but their trust in him falters when it looks as though they are being double-crossed.

Anson Williams directed the episodewritten by Sheryl J. Episode 20 - Exit Strategy Cole agrees to steal a witch's amulet in order to convince the head of the Brotherhood that heis still evil. He completes his task without hurting the witch, but anotherdemon kills her in hopes that Cole will be blamed for the murder. Meanwhile,Piper's powers begin to malfunction and she inadvertently blows up everythingshe points to. Episode 21 - Look Who's Barking The sisters hunt for a demon that attacks people who are in deep sorrow, but when they perform atracking spell, they inadvertently turn Prue into a Siberian husky.

Meanwhile,Cole seeks an alchemist's help in reducing the human side of his soul. Episode 22 - All Hell Breaks Loose In the third-season finale, a news crew catches Piper and Prue vanquishing a demon and the footage airs repeatedly on the local broadcast.

Phoebe travels to theunderworld to rid Cole of his evil inclinations. In their risky deal with the dark side toturn back time and reverse their sudden fame, each sister faces certain death atthe cliffhanger end of the season finale. Julian McMahon and Dorian Gregory alsostar. Shannen Doherty directed the episode written by Brad Kern. Season 4 - Charmed Episode Guides: When they discover the existence of their baby half-sister, Paige Rose McGowan , Phoebe and Piper are hopeful that they can reconstitute the formidable triad of witches but The Source has a mythological two-day window during which he can turn Paige evil forever.

Brian Krause and Julian McMahon also star. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Brad Kern. Meanwhile, Piper's inability to deal with her sister's recent death makes her vulnerable to the Furies, female demon vigilantes who lure her into their fold.

Chris Long directed the episode written by Krista Vernoff. When Paige and Piper also walk into the demon's trap, his collection is complete. Brian Krause also stars. Noel Nosseck directed the episode written by Nell Scovell. Episode 5 - Enter the Demon Paige Rose McGowan makes a major blunder when carelessly mixing potions for Piper Holly Marie Combs while secretly wishing she could be in Phoebe's Alyssa Milano shoes training for combat, and ends up actually switching bodies with Phoebe.

While the two sisters try to reverse the spell and struggle to harness each other's powers, they must battle a Zen Master's powerful disciple who has turned evil against his mentor and opened up a portal between two worlds. Joel Feigenbaum directed the episode written by Daniel Cerone.

Julian McMahon and Brian Krause also star. John Behring directed the episode written by Curtis Kheel. Episode 8 - Black As Cole In the midst of mulling over his marriage proposal, Phoebe Alyssa Milano comes face-to-face with Cole's Julian McMahon demonic past when a widow tracks him down seeking vengeance for her husband's murder.

Dorian Gregory and Brian Krause also star. Les Landau directed the episode. In the midst of the assault, Cole Julian McMahon becomes testy about Phoebe's rebuffing his marriage proposal and is concerned that without his demonic powers he can no longer protect the love of his life.

Joel Feigenbaum directed the episode written by Krista Vernoff. Episode 10 - A Paige From the Past Paige Rose McGowan is haunted by guilt about her parents' tragic death and blames it on her rebellious youth, so Leo Brian Krause takes her back in time to relive the events leading up to the car accident. Meanwhile, Phoebe Alyssa Milano and Cole Julian McMahon experience a haunting of their own when outlaw ghosts from the s possess their bodies and head to the chapel to get hitched.

Holly Marie Combs and Dorian Gregory also stars. Jim Conway directed the episode written by Daniel Cerone. Episode 11 - Trial By Magic While serving on a murder trial, Phoebe Alyssa Milano has a premonition that reveals the defendant is innocent despite the overwhelming evidence against him.

Chip Scott Laughlin directed the episode written by Michael Gleason. The gang soon discovers that his foster parents are, in fact, demon bounty hunters, so they protect him while trying to teach him how to use his powers for good rather than evil.

Meanwhile, Cole Julian McMahon officially proposes to Phoebe Alyssa Milano using her grandmother's ring - only to discover that the ring is cursed and turns her into the perfect s housewife. Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause also star. Episode 13 - Charmed And Dangerous Learning that he is fated to be vanquished by The Charmed Ones, The Source taps into the ultimate power of The Hollow, which consumes all magical powers, both good and evil.

Dorian Gregory also stars. Meanwhile, Cole is unable to control the evil growing within him as The Source takes over his entire being and the Seer guest star Debbi Morgan, Eve's Bayou prepares for his rule of the underworld. Joel Feigenbaum directed the episode written by Curtis Kheel Episode 15 - Marry-Go-Round Phoebe Alyssa Milano is hoping that everything will be perfect for her and Cole's Julian McMahon wedding, but doesn't know that The Source has completely taken over the groom and is sabotaging the ceremony in order to orchestrate a demonic wedding which will allow their foretold son to be heir to the underworld.

Cole's underhanded tactics include secretly sending a powerful demon played by rapper Coolio, hit single Gangsta Paradise to disrupt the wedding and planting the seeds of infighting among Phoebe and her sisters, Piper Holly Marie Combs and Paige Rose McGowan. Brian Krause and Dorian Gregory also star. Chris Long directed the episode written by Daniel Cerone. The situation gets worse when Paige becomes convinced Cole's still a demon, while he secretly plots to impregnate Phoebe with his evil spawn.

Debbi Morgan guest stars as The Seer. David Straiton directed the episode written by Krista Vernoff. Story by Doug E. Jones and teleplay by Daniel Cerone; John Behring directed the episode.

Paige's undead transformation isn't sealed until she takes her first victim, and the Vampire Queen urges her to feed on her two sisters, Phoebe Alyssa Milano and Piper Holly Marie Combs. John Kretchmer directed the episode written by Curtis Kheel. Episode 20 - Long Live the Queen Phoebe Alyssa Milano has chosen to stay with Cole Julian McMahon and take on the role as Queen of the Underworld, but a premonition of an innocent in danger compels her to rejoin her sisters.

Word spreads that the Queen is responsible for saving an innocent and Phoebe and Cole may be facing a bloody coup, with the only solution to prove their dark allegiance being to kill Piper Holly Marie Combs and Paige Rose McGowan. Episode 21 - Womb Raider As Phoebe's Alyssa Milano unborn bundle of joy starts showing signs of fierce demonic powers and a violent hatred of Paige Rose McGowan , The Seer guest star Debbi Morgan, Eve's Bayou plots to steal Phoebe's baby and magically place it in her own body, thereby gaining the power bestowed upon the heir of The Source.

Mel Damski directed the episode written by Daniel Cerone. Episode 22 - Witch Way Now? The sisters can remain Charmed or choose to relinquish their magic and live normal, demon-free lives. Season 5 - Charmed Episode Guides: Determined to save the mermaid, the Charmed Ones cast a spell, unfortunately morphing Phoebe Alyssa Milano into a mermaid. Confused and surprised by Cole's Julian McMahon unexpected return from the underworld, Phoebe finds a new sense of independence in the sea and refuses to return to land.

Episode 3 - Happily Ever After An evil witch from a fairy tale tries to increase her power by trapping the Charmed Ones in warped versions of classic fairy tales. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo's personas are switched magically by their unborn baby. Episode 5 - Magic Wears a Mask A young boy guest star Andrew James Allen whose drawings magically come to life is forced to create a drawing that transforms a demon into a super villain.

Episode 6 - The Eyes Have It With her power of premonition gone, Phoebe Alyssa Milano seeks advice from a fortune teller and discovers that a demon, Cree guest star, Channon Roe , is stealing the eyes of Gypsies in an attempt to reverse a curse placed on his father. Meanwhile, when Phoebe touches a Gypsy pendant, her powers return stronger than ever and she vividly witnesses the death s of The Charmed Ones. Episode 7 - Sympathy For the Demon When the Demon of Fear, Barbas guest star Billy Drago returns to seek revenge on The Charmed Ones for vanquishing him years ago, he manages to trick Paige Rose McGowan into performing a spell that gives him powers to trap the Charmed Ones in the manor and use their own fears against them.

Episode 8 - A Witch in Time Phoebe Alyssa Milano inadvertently opens a tunnel in time by repeatedly saving the life of her new boyfriend, Miles guest star, Ken Marino , who has been preordained to die. The time tunnel provides a pathway for a warlock from the future, Bacarra guest star Jason Brooks , who steals the Book of Shadows and uses its power to kill two of the Charmed Ones, leaving the last remaining sister to reverse the chain of death.

Episode 9 - Daddy Dearest When Cole Julian McMahon realizes that he must eventually give in to his evil destiny, he attacks the Charmed Ones in the hope that they will vanquish him forever and end his suffering. Meanwhile, Paige Rose McGowan gets her first charge as a Whitelighter and is shocked when the angry, self-pitying man she is supposed to protect turns out to be the father she never knew.

To trap the spirit, Jeric mummifies Phoebe's body. While Phoebe plans her escape, Cole uses his power to have Paige arrested and to make sure Piper's club fails to pass health inspections. Paige suddenly finds that her sisters have no knowledge of her existence - Phoebe is trapped in an unhappy marriage and Piper Holly Marie Combs is a demon-killing vigilante consumed with avenging Prue's death.

Paige finally convinces Piper to trust her, and together they help Phoebe vanquish Cole forever. Episode 13 - Obsessions The Council of Witch Doctors makes a house call to The Charmed Ones and use voodoo dolls to lead them down various paths of self-destruction: Episode 14 - Dream spell A demon attacks The Charmed Ones with dream dust, causing their nightmares to come to life.

The sisters must use magic to put themselves to sleep to re-enter their nightmares and unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams. Episode 15 - Special Delivery Phoebe Alyssa Milano and Paige Rose McGowan go to a summit meeting with the leaders of evil and discover that all magic - both good and bad - has disappeared enabling the leaders to steal Piper's Holly Marie Combs about-to-be-born baby and welcome the twice-blessed child into the kingdom of evil.

Meanwhile, Piper goes into labor, while Phoebe and Paige must find a way to save the baby without magic. Episode 16 - Baby's First Demon When Piper's Holly Marie Combs baby is nearly kidnapped by demons, Paige Rose McGowan goes undercover to track down the kidnappers at a demonic black market, but is captured before she can vanquish them. Meanwhile, Phoebe is smitten with her new boss, Jason Dean guest star, Eric Dane but is under fire when he questions her integrity.

Episode 17 - Lucky Charmed The Charmed Ones join forces with a Leprechaun guest star Mark Povinelli when they go after a demon who is killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic. When the spell wears off, the demon casts a bad luck spell on the sisters and kidnaps Piper. Episode 18 - Cat House When Piper Holly Marie Combs and Leo Brian Krause see a marriage counselor to work out their marital problems, Piper casts a spell that lets them literally see the key moments of their past.

Unbeknownst to Phoebe and Paige, a warlock guest star Zachary Quinto is also caught up in Piper's spell, and uses the opportunity to try and kill The Charmed Ones' cat, their familiar, which would permanently alter their future. Episode 19 - Naughty Nymphs When a demon kills the satyr guest star Todd Duffey of the Spring of Life, the satyr's underlings, a trio of wood nymphs, escape to San Francisco to find a new leader.

After the nymphs magically transform Paige Rose McGowan into one of them, they are all captured by the demon, Tull guest star Jaimz Woolvett who forces them to lead him to the Spring. Episode 20 - Sense and Sense Ability The Charmed Ones are weakened when an old Crone guest star Grace Zabriskie magically steals their senses making Piper blind, Phoebe deaf, and Paige mute in an effort to steal Piper's baby who holds the vision of all power.

Meanwhile, Piper and Leo are pleasantly surprised to discover that baby Wyatt is coming into his own powers. Episode 21 - Necromancing the Stone When Grams guest-star Jennifer Rhodes and the Halliwell matriarchs are summoned to bless baby Wyatt, they fall prey to the Necromancer demon guest-star Chris Sarandon who has returned from the Spirit Realm seeking to absorb their magical spirits. Meanwhile, Piper Holly Marie Combs is hurt by Grams' disappointment over the newest addition to the Halliwell family; Phoebe Alyssa Milano contemplates Jason's guest-star Eric Dane invitation, even though it will take her away from her family; and Paige Rose McGowan casts a truth spell on her boyfriend guest-star Norman Reedus to see if he can handle her big, bad secret.

Meanwhile, Leo Brian Krause makes a decision to give the Charmed Ones the ultimate power to vanquish the Titans, recreating them as Greek Goddesses, despite the risk that they will be seduced by their vast new powers. However, Piper's life is turned upside-down when Leo accepts his call to become the new leader of the Elders. Piper's loss and anger consumes her, allowing the Charmed Ones to destroy the Titans. Season 6 - Charmed Episode Guides: However, Paige's spell to restore Piper's memory accidentally causes total amnesia.

Calling upon Leo for help, Phoebe Alyssa Milano and Paige discover that he is being held captive on the Island of Valhalla, a mythical place ruled by warrior-maidens. Trying to cover up his involvement in Leo's disappearance, Chris Drew Fuller , the girls' new Whitelighter, helps them disguise themselves as Valkyries and orb onto the island. The sight of Leo causes Piper's pain to come flooding back, prompting her to stay behind on the island while everyone else escapes.

The Valkryeis follow Paige and Phoebe across dimensions to San Francisco and wreak havoc on the city.

dating in the dark hottest episode of charmed


dating in the dark hottest episode of charmed

However, Piper's life is turned upside-down when Leo accepts his call to become the new leader of the Elders. However, Paige's spell to restore Piper's memory accidentally causes total amnesia. Piper faces a personal crisis when she fears her powers may have come from an evil source.