Takova normalni holka online dating

takova normalni holka online dating

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takova normalni holka online dating

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And so suddenly there was a great girl standing in my room. For the first three weeks we only talked, in person this time. And we owe it to a stupid app. Jestli jsem opravdu lesba. The only people who did understand were the people on the internet. I came back home from school, threw the backpack into a corner, sat down at the computer and left the place at 2 a.

And the whole time I chatted with someone, I watched films and TV series. I behaved in a completely different way on the internet than I did in reality. I talked in a different way and talked about different things. About my interests, for example. Every time I could see that somebody has a functional relationship — even imaginary, fictitious — it made me feel really good.

I myself had a first real relationship with a girl who lived in Prague. I went through my coming out in my family back then. My mom took it in a semi-hard way but my father was quite fine with it. After four months that we chatted on ICQ. Because with her I felt the best. When we saw each other for the first time back then, I was surprised that she looked quite different from how I thought she would. But we still slept together in two hours — my first sex.

And I felt that I needed to verify for the last time if it was really true. If I really was a in fact a lesbian. The whole experience was quite bizarre but at the same time it was for me, a small-town lesbian, the only way how to make a step forward in relationships. I come from South Moravia, from a little town, and when I was growing up internet was the only connection with the world for me. And especially the only connection with other girls who liked girls.

My whole coming out was basically caused by internet. I fell in love with her, big time. But I never met her in person and I saw only two photos of her over the time we talked. But it meant everything for me back then. It was a self-defining moment for me, I defined my lesbian identity through that.

I needed to make a personal coming out, to make sure that I was in fact a lesbian. So I experienced my first orgasm online. I went through my coming out quite early, when I was still at the elementary school. I told it to my two friends at first. I was being bullied quite brutally then but I saw it as my personal activitsm in the prudish environment.

When I started to go to a high school in a neighbouring town, I was aware that the kids already knew about it. Around that time I went for a grape harvest where both youngsters and adults used to come, and I had my first real contact with a girl. Me and one girl fancied each other, met in the public bathroom and we were kissing.

At that moment her friend walked in on us and her reaction was: Because a prudish environment make the biggest pressure onto the gay people themselves. In the middle of a moment that was very intimate for me. And very imporant in discovering of myself. This was simply my absolutely worst experience of my pubescence. And these were exactly the kind of experiences that led me on internet. A place where I could filter people and choose whom would I talk to, whom would I meet.

I felt that I could be the real me in there. I was standing there and looked over the fence at children who played a game. After a while they called me to go play with them. I came back home with a filled-in application, my parents were quite surprised. I joined the Scouts and now I think it was the best decision that I could have done. It opened new perspectives for me. They helped me for instance when I started going to high school. I started to cry, called my husband to come and nurses gave me tranquillizers.

I used to go to the hospital to use a breast pump and to spend time with him. I felt paralyzed, it was an extreme stress. It was a shock for me but the fact that I knew what to expect helped me to come to terms with that. I think that more difficult than actually living with something is to process information about it.

By a coincidence, when I was pregnant I saw a film about the syndrome. And so you eat all the time and gain weight. But I had to be active and search for things and information on my own. What to do with him, what not to do, what kind of exercises to make. And not just at that given moment — when you have a child with a disability of this kind, you are more aware that all his future life depends on what you do for him. You cannot just decide to relax for a couple of days. Even though people might tell you otherwise.

It was the first half of s and my parents put me there so that I would become a bookbinder. There was an early morning wake-up signal and then the loudspeaker started to shout: There was a cogwheel drawn on our chests with a note of a five-year plan. Every week we had a so-called vocational command which stated: We had to clean all the time, scrub the floors and we had to have our clothes arranged in the wardrobe in the form of an upright column — when it was not done properly, the governess threw it out and kicked it all over the place.

I felt just like the Cinderella who was told to sort peas and lentils. When we were at school, they sometimes entered our rooms where boys had hid their comic books and girls their love novels.

They took everything and burnt it. They said they wanted to make a Socialist man from us. It was quite harsh start of life, the two worst years of my life. I would never have put my child into a boarding school. This is how it affected me. And if you would come to my home today, you would find my clothes arranged in the form of an upright column. Especially my love life.

I feel that my last relationship holds me down and keeps me stuck. She was the first girl I really fell in love with. At the moment when I lost her. The first few months after the breakup were the worst time of my life. It was supposed to be an act of elimination of all the past we had. Even after a year and a half. Mostly it shows in my attitude towards prospective relationships.

I have a certain block inside of me. Both by the way she looks and what is he like. And I constantly, both consciously and unconsciously, compare other girls with her. At least the memories of her are slowly fading out. We have mutual friends, I hear about her sometimes or I accidentaly see a photo of her. When things like that happened before, I used to drown in sadness with a relish of a masochist. These days I just utter a sigh: A je to super! And something changed in me.

In the hospital I shared a room with a woman who was only a few years older than me, who had been coming back there for three years. She had the same diagnosis — a benign cyst. The difference was that she had it in her knee. Later another one formed somewhere else so she had to come back again. And now she has it in her lungs. But a benign tumor becomes malignant when it appears in a bad place. Doctors treat only things that have sprang up, not the reasons why it did.

And cysts and tumors are signs of an imbalance in the body. When I found out that a bone that keeps me in an upright position, which basically makes me human, has been affected, I started to think hard about what to change in my life.

It seemed to me that I must have been doing something wrong. I thought that I had to deal with it. She said she had a pain in her leg. I used to tell the woman: She has three children at home and no life energy inside of her.

This is not my case. I cannot just run away from it. And since one child was handicapped, the other one was supposed to bring home the Nobel prize. They put all their hopes and expectations in me. I just waited until I was eighteen and then I ran as far as I could and ended up in Israel.

I got married, lived there for a couple of years. Then I was running all around. Now I realized that I need to stop doing that. I have to give it a chance for it to really serve as the warning. I only used to go by trams and metro before — from work, to work, to see someone. I have to walk slowly so I also notice much more things. And I smoke less! Already in the morning, as I wake up, I feel different than before.

I pay my taxes, my health and social insurence, I was taken care of, I saw how everything works. All my friends tell me that I look much happier and more positive than ever before. If this is how one deals with life troubles, I have nothing to complain about! I jsem se vinila. I underestimated it and walked it off. They made an X-ray and found out I had a 3 cm long cyst in my thigh bone. The doctor told me: Thanks for keeping this option as the last!

They gave me crutches as a prevention beforehand. Because if it had been a tumour and the bone broke, it would have been an end. I was walking around the city on crutches and saw the way people looked at me: Once I saw a boy wearing an arm immobilizer and thought: This is exactly what I need!

To look like after an injury! Then people look at me and think: Oh, so she fell down, such an athlete! He started offering me various options and I kept telling me: And he was like: Today I have already thrown it away but it worked at its time.

takova normalni holka online dating