Log file analyzer online dating

log file analyzer online dating

Extract data from your logs in real-time. Search through messages using simple but powerful queries. Avoid having to use complex, string-based searches. Graylog is a leading centralized log management solution built to open standards for capturing, storing, and enabling real-time analysis of terabytes of machine. Apache Logs Viewer is a great tool to use for web analytics. Search for IP Address, Request String, Date, Referrer; Filter according to HTTP.

Log file analyzer online dating - No server. No setup. Still featureful.

For this benchmark, I did just complete Webalizer and Analog robots or search engines databases with part of AWStats database. So Webalizer config file was completed with this file , Analog config file was completed with this file. You must keep in mind that all this times are without reverse DNS lookup. DNS lookup speed depends on your system, network and Internet but not on the log analyzer you use.

For this reason, DNS lookup is disabled in all log analyzer benchmarks. AOL users , this means it's possible that several hosts with several IP addresses are used to reach your site for only one visitor ie: Because of this, if stats of unique visitors are made on "Hits", 3 users are reported but it's wrong.

Date filter This option allows you to specify the date 'window'. Statistics will be calculated for specified days only. Display all records from the log Date filter is disabled, all records from the log file s will be displayed and accounted for in the statistical information Display records within specified range Only log records which fall within specified date range will be displayed and considered for statistics.

Day-time filter In addition to date filter Log Analyzer provides "Day-time" filter. You may choose one of 3 options: You may specify separate time intervals for weekdays and for weekends. If you specify Exclude specified time Exclude log records within specified interval - do not display these records and do not include them in statistics.

Use holiday list This option tells Log Analyzer to process holidays in the same way it processes weekends including or excluding some time intervals. Log Analyzer allows you to check list of holidays however Log Analyzer does not allow you to change this list. If Log Analyzer is installed on different system then you need to copy holidays. These skipped test items will not be included into the reports either. Percentile "Apply N percentile" option tells application to ignore or trim out-of-range records.

Log file generators should follow the line termination convention for the platform on which they are executed. Analyzers should accept either form. Each line may contain either a directive or an entry. Entries consist of a sequence of fields relating to a single HTTP transaction. Fields are separated by whitespace, the use of tab characters for this purpose is encouraged.

If a field is unused in a particular entry dash "-" marks the omitted field. Directives record information about the logging process itself. Lines beginning with the character contain directives. The following directives are defined: This draft defines version 1. Data recorded in this field should be ignored by analysis tools.

log file analyzer online dating

log file analyzer online dating

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log file analyzer online dating