If online dating profiles were honest charley

if online dating profiles were honest charley

“If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss gazes into you.” Nietzche. Likes: Not having to answer stupid questions. What is “like.”?. January is a boom month for the online dating industry as millions turn to the internet to find love. She is paid to rewrite people's dating profiles and this is one of the phrases she fearless, honest or friendly are labelled "empty adjectives" by dating coach Erika Ettin. . Image copyright Charley Gallay. A couple of years ago I did an article on Internet dating and thought it only proper I I kept my profile brief and wry because it seemed there were already enough Posted by: Charley Farley on November 6, PM I just don't see how , if I was going to be honest in my typing, it would be possible.

if online dating profiles were honest charley

If online dating profiles were honest charley - 1 Month Mega Mystic Access

I am not trying to say Sam is 'wrong' for feeling this way many of our needs, desires etc are largely out of our control. But I am concerned that having too high a standard looks, brains, whatever might mean he will never meet someone who will measure up. And yes, I know, on the other hand, why 'settle'? If Sam truly wants to be with someone in a committed relationship as I think Sam does? So perhaps such standards might need to be better understood and re assessed and - if possible - made a little more realistic.

Or perhaps Sam will need to give up the dream of a committed long term relationship if he hasn't already and remain a bachelor Sorry for using your life as an example Sam, seems somewhat intrusive I guess. No offence or hurt intended, I admire your bravery in what you are doing with this blog. Sorry Spook will send photo soon - been a bit slack Posted by: Uncle Def, I put my flexi trifecta on at 10 this morning and got yelled at that I was going to burn in hell by a strange man outside the TAB.

Sam, owing to the fact you're posing in your shorts alone, I put it to you that you were put in the back of a divvy van for doing a nudie run. BD on November 7, Sam did say fitness is a desirable attribute for him. Like Tiny says, this is something he finds attractive - so be it. I'm the same and I'm a woman. And i'll defend this one to the hilt. Partly its an aesthetic thing - I find fit bodies and i'm not talking the hyper-buff gym-junkie look, just some decent muscle tone attractive both in a visual and tactile sense.

But moreso, I find people who exercise regularly have a different energy about them - they're more vital and let's face it, they're healthier. For me fit is sexy but Don't assume that because Sam identifies particular physical traits as attractive that there aren't character traits that are deal breakers for him as well. James on November 7, 1: You are right, Melb cup is mor eof a hit here than Melb! Cup day always makes me homesick! King Thong on November 7, 1: If you were an animal, which one and why?

What movie would be your life story, and who would play you? Ultimate dinner party, who and why? Why did your last r'ship break up? Something no one else knows about you Ever been in gaol?

Can you send me naked pics until we meet? Hard work, for little potential gain, if you ask me. Driving under the influence BD on November 7, 1: Think he may have been kicked out of the Risky Business lookalike contest for too much air guitar and unorthodox knee sliding..

Poor bastard - she took one look at his pic and sent everything back. I got again! I broke up with my fiance at the start of the year, had about 9 months of being unable to contemplate romance, and am just coming out the other side. So I'm keen on tips to meet women. I spent my 20s in long term relationships. Usually I met girls through friends. But my circle of friends has become a bit stale after all these long term relationships, so I want to cast my net a bit wider in my early 30s.

Haven't tried internet dating yet, though I was thinking of giving it a go. I get mixed messages on it. Some people rave about it, but the balance of experience seems to match Sam's. You just don't know whether the magic is there before you've looked her in the eye. I think anon is bang on today. The 25 yo pic of Sam is just how I imagine anon - if he is real - complete with Hungry Jacks 60s sunnies! Problem is, I need some tips on approaching complete strangers in bars or supermarkets, and after I've approached them, doing something with it.

I can only think of couple of times in my life where I've done that. I know I can do it. I've got what it takes, and I'm a good learner. I just need some good theory to put into practice. Sam, I read your blog on practicing initiating conversations, and I've been following that advice. But I still feel like I need some tips in two major areas. First, I wonder whether there are any reliable visual cues to look out for which would indicate that a woman is definitely up for an approach from a stranger.

Second, how do you go smoothly from conversation to the next level? Often I've managed to strike up a conversation with a woman I'm into, and we're getting along fine and I feel some chemistry - I might even have been able to get out "you look fantastic" - but how do I take it to the next level? Obviously you don't just blurt out "wanna come back to mine? If you've dealt with this in a previous blog could you point it out? PS, tried Pure Blonde and its a great beer!

We'll get to upping the ante. As for how you know to approach, it doesn't matter Jon, it's about you. As soon as you see someone you're attracted to, approach, say hi, make a joke, have fun. Yobbo, I can relate - just moved back to Perth from Melbourne, what was I thinking?!

Makes for big problem re visas Had a 3 month wait to see if he was "of appropriate and fit character' to re enter the land of the gun, and he lived there! Had any similar probs? And by the way, I'm not a creep. Creepy, sometimes, but not a creep. How can you possibly stick up for anon, then call us creeps? Bad term, or am I just missing the humour, as usual? Still haven't been able to see your myspace It's a term of endearment amongst my friends.

Am I to believe that close to a million people in Australia don't go to parties anymore? Or have friends who invite them? Or even friends to invite? Or that no one under the age of 75 has hobbies? Flame of Sydney, you little beauty! Uncle Def on November 7, 2: And your advice is very empowering. I decide who to approach, not them. Bloody obvious when you think about it. It works make sure you get it right; jamesisgangsta - all one word. James, please tell me you're hanging out with Alexandra and Sarah.

James on November 7, 2: Catgirl would not be pleased, either!!! However I am talking about unreasonably high standards about anything really, looks is just one area that stand in the way of people successfully entering into long term relationships.

Maybe Sam is too wedded to freedom and fears giving it up, so he subconsciously uses his high standards for appearance as a barrier to long term committment, for example. I might be wrong about Sam and the high standards of physical beauty he requires in a partner - it's only an impression I've gleaned from reading many of his blogs. I am not sure how long you have been tuned in to AMAL, but if you read some of his earlier pre 'Samantha' posts you might see where I am coming from. I might be completely wrong and perhaps Sam's standards are reasonable and in the vicinity of the average person and close to yours or mine I could not see myself instantly attracted to obese, ugly, stupid, boring lay-abouts either.

Its just my perception based on reading Sam's blog articles which are only a small part of Sam, just the part he chooses to reveal and one that I am more than happy for Sam to correct. AKA on November 7, 2: We corresponded for a few weeks, including a bit of MSN chat.

Photos were exchanged and all seemed to bode well for an enjoyable liaison. The first hint was when she stood me up, followed by an email saying how she desperately wanted to do this and hoped we could meet, although she was worried about a few issues that i may have. The clincher was after a few more emails and chat no cyber sex - thank god 'she' phoned.

Unfortunately I couldn't see there being much between me and Ricky-boy. The Nabob of Negativity on November 7, 2: I've read long and wide on that topic Steven Carter mostly.

I too got done for DUI here in rainy Melbourne. My only problem was that I ran into a booze bus. Don't get me wrong, I feel that I'm part of the problem, but what is a boy to do?

Talk yourself up, talk yourself down? Most of us just have unrealistic expectations. You really need to keep an open mind about things. Internet dating is only one channel of meeting people. I've met many freakazoids both online, in bars, work etc. Of course I've met some great people to. My latest internet dating experience was something out of a David Lynch film. I received a bizarre text message from her afterwards accusing me of not caring about her!

A series of abusive text messages followed the next day. People have forgotten the art of seduction. The best way to meet someone is the old fashioned way: Internet dating just doesn't cut it. Meeting in bars isn't necessarily a better option; especially when booze is involved. If only I had a dollar for every time I met someone in a bar who gave me their number wanting me to call them; I think you get the picture.

BD, I think you're intoxicating; can I give you my email address? Pavlov on November 7, 3: Alex is now in Melbourne and Sarah - she is one of my brothers friends. Apparently she reckons Im a bit awright so we will see what happens. I get to meet her when I head down for his birthday in a couple of weeks.

I'll be hangin alright ; Posted by: James on November 7, 3: No probs for me to see that page. I even forgive you for supporting the Weagles. They are just lucky that the Swans knocked out the Dockers coz otherwise it would have been another 80 point thrashing! At least I cashed in on their win as I picked the Eagles by 1 to I agree with Sam; Alexandra and Sarah look hot!

I'd add Diana to that list as well. Sarah; all I know is she is a friend of my brother Chris who is on there - she clearly has good taste if she likes me. Hardy ha ha - ha ha ha. Funny bugger I am. Diana is a good little Christian. She is mad about her Eagles - and why not I say.

Early 40s, slightly bitter air about her. After many of the local brews in the hostel bar that night the Tube and Axe in Storms River Village the story came out: She'd had a permanent partner for 15 years since her equiv of year 11, childhood sweetheart type thing. They had a house, dogs no kids , jobs and everything seemed pretty much sorted She met and 'fell in love' with an American bloke who promptly moved to Holland with her, at the expense of her previous sweetheart.

Almost as promptly, after two months or so, they fell out of love and she was left where she's been for the last decade: The interference of real life was the problem of the relationship. To her credit she'd gone to South Africa - her first time out of Europe - to help get her life back on track. Although it's true that this situation could be repeated with an in person relationship, I reckon that nothing can replace real life as a way of meeting partners - for safety as well as satisfaction.

N on November 7, 3: Do love a Scorpio in my life, so wonder where they all are. Ha This is funny and sort of brilliant. I feel like the bitch in the photo. That butterfly situation sounds surreal. There is something strange going on. What was her excuse before botox. And what is it with botox? In answer to both questions: Only watched film coz Antonio Banderas was in it…. I want to see how these vivacious women progress in their lives and not … exist in some kind of visual stasis.

The temptation and pressure must be so enormous — as much from your own fragile ego — as from the Hollywood machine. I thought she was beautiful. Despite the fact she was a blonde. Online romance scams like these are an "epidemic" sweeping the world, according to the US Army's Criminal Investigation Division.

Criminals are appropriating not just the IDs and photos of living soldiers, but dead ones, too. And Australian authorities say that, because of the humiliation involved, only a fraction of victims report the scams. Days before we spoke to the real General Caldwell by phone in the US, his assistant had taken a call from an Argentinian woman who was planning to fly to Georgia to be with him: As well as being the media face of the US Army for many years, Caldwell has won the popularity contest with scammers in West Africa.

His image has been misappropriated thousands of times by fraudsters from Nigeria, Ghana and other places.

They routinely change his Wikipedia page to depict him as a sad widower. One woman who fell in love with Caldwell was Vanessa Gregory. A tall, vivacious and attractive former Queensland public servant with striking blue eyes, Gregory, now 72, was Skyping a friend soon after retiring in when she received requests to chat from "Willam [sic] Caldwell" on deployment in Afghanistan. She ignored them until his birthday, when she felt sorry for the soldier spending his birthday in a war zone.

It was the most intense and expressive relationship she'd experienced, she says from her home in Noosaville. Her adult children, a banker and a solicitor, couldn't stop her from sending money. Her son Mark sent emails with the subject line "Your son who loves you", warning that even intelligent women like her get taken, and threatening to cut off access to her grandson which he later did. She finally realised she had been "taken for a fool" when the scammer signed a letter using another name.

Gregory hoots with laughter when telling her story but there was a time when she "screamed and screamed" in despair for months, she acknowledges. Now working as an hypnotherapist, she likens her experience to that of a drug addict's: Even now that Caldwell has retired from the army, con artists continue to use his image.

On one day alone in mid-November, his IT team removed 23 fake profiles using his last name and photos. His staff had discovered a new Facebook page using his photos to target young female students at Georgia Military College. My wife said, 'I hate to tell you, my husband is not on Facebook, he has never had [a Facebook profile]. It is probably one of those scammers. People could say or do or infer something that is completely false. By , this figure had jumped to more than 90 per cent of all fraud-related money.

Love me don't: the West African online scam using US soldiers

if online dating profiles were honest charley

if online dating profiles were honest charley

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