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dragon ball capitulo 138 online dating

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dragon ball capitulo 138 online dating

Jeffry appreciatory reorienting his duel superficially. Bulma gets news about a time machine made by Capsule Corp. Furious, Gohan easily kills both Salt and Mustard with his powerful Masenko.

dragon ball capitulo 138 online dating

dragon ball capitulo 138 online dating

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With the threat over, he tells the others Goku will be coming soon, but can he be trusted? What connection does he have with the Saiyan? The young swordsman asks Goku to speak to him privately. Once he and Goku are out of nearly everyone's earshot, his identity is finally revealed, his name is Trunks, the son of Vegeta and Bulma and he is from the future.

He tells Goku of a new threat - in three years, Goku will die of a heart disease, and without Goku, the Z Fighters will be powerless to stop two Androids from bringing the Earth under their tyrannical rule. He has come to inform them in order to change the future, and gives Goku a special medicine to take when the heart disease strikes him.

He also reveals his new instant transmission technique that he learned from the friendly inhabitants of the planet Yardrat. They may be powerful fighters, but can they get their licences in time to continue their training and keep Chi-Chi happy? Will their training be enough to stop these monsters? Krillin brings Yamcha to Bulma with the Senzu Beans while Goku leads the Androids away from the city, but the Androids have a secret ability that only Yamcha knows.

Meanwhile, at Kame House, Maron appears wanting Krillin back. It looks like Goku has the situation handled, but he discovers 19's absorption technique after firing a Kamehameha. To make matters worse, it looks like something else is weakening him while 19's ready to fight. Suddenly, Vegeta saves Goku and prepares to fight the Androids and he's got a surprise for everyone. Vegeta and the others look for the diabolical Android, but it won't be easy.

After eating a Senzu Bean to restore the energy Android 20 stole, Piccolo begins to fight with the Android. Meanwhile, Trunks has returned to the past and has discovered something different about these Androids- he's never seen them before!

So where are the Androids he warned Goku about? The insane scientist fires an energy blast as a smokescreen so he can escape to activate Androids 17 and 18 which sends Bulma flying. After saving his young mother and younger self, Trunks follows Vegeta to stop him from facing the Androids head-on as the others try to find Gero's laboratory before he does, but will they make it?

Gero hides on the ground as the Z Warriors are close to finding his secret laboratory, thanks to Bulma, but the mad doctor won't give up so easily. Meanwhile, Goku's condition is starting to get better, but will he recover quickly enough to help his friends? It seems the Androids will not follow Dr. Gero's orders as they try to activate another Android - Can the creator control his creations? No Blind Spot on No. Gero, the androids head to Goku's place to complete their mission, but Vegeta arrives to face them head-on.

The first to fight is the beautiful Android Is Vegeta's Super Saiyan strength enough to defeat the Android? Is This the End of the Z Warriors!? Zetto Senshi Zenmetsu ka!? To save his father, Trunks steps in to help, but gets beaten easily by 17, as do Piccolo and Tien. As 16 just stands there, 17 and 18 have easily beat Earth's heroes and head off to complete their mission, but can Goku recover in time to help and protect himself?

Meanwhile, Kami looks over the Earth for some time to decide to fuse with Piccolo, as Krillin and Trunks head to Goku's house to take him somewhere else, but how long can Goku be hidden until he's better?

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