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Jun 7, RENEE ZELLWEGER has hinted that she's not quite done with Bridget Jones. Bridget Jones's Baby movie available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Watch Bridget Jones's Baby. Aug 6, dating men with kids advice fcoc girl meets online dating for people with hiv bellum catilinae testo latino dating dnevnik bridget dzons online.
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Bridget finds that she is gaining weight. Shazzer suggests that Bridget might be pregnant, especially when she realises that Bridget used old, expired condoms when having sex. Taking a pregnancy test at work, Bridget confirms she is pregnant and decides that she wants to keep the baby as it is her last chance to have a child.

After a visit to the obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Rawlings, she realizes that she does not know who the father is and doesn't even have a way of contacting Jack, the handsome stranger.

However, Miranda spies him on TV where they realize that Jack Qwant is a billionaire and the inventor of a dating site that has an algorithm to match couples together. Miranda conspires with Bridget to have Jack on the show to take hair samples so that Bridget will be able to test it against the DNA of her baby to either confirm or eliminate Jack as the father.

At the taping the hair and makeup artist is able to nab samples of Jack's hair for Bridget but Jack recognizes Bridget, and she decides to tell him that she is pregnant and that he is the father, without mentioning Mark. Initially taken aback Jack decides to throw himself into the role of supporting Bridget. Feeling things are going too quickly with Jack, Bridget decides to go forward and tell Mark.

However Mark is so thrilled at the news that he is about to be a father that Bridget does not tell him about Jack. Bridget also decides not to go forward with testing the DNA while her child is still in the womb as she is terrified by the possibility that she might miscarry. Rawlings to go through appointments twice, once with Jack and another time with Mark. Bridget invites Jack to a work event and is startled when Mark shows up as well. The two men immediately take a liking to one another, finding the other's accomplishments impressive.

They go out to dinner where Bridget finally comes clean and tells them that she is unsure who the father is. Jack takes the news well, telling Bridget that the child is the priority. Mark Darcy is upset and walks out of the restaurant.

At an ante-natal class, Jack arrives early and Bridget is gratified when Mark shows up as well. Jack and Mark are mistaken for a gay couple with Bridget as their surrogate, much to Mark's discomfort and Jack's amusement.

Mark is also jealous at the easy rapport that Jack has with Bridget and his warmth in taking care of her. Bridget experiences cramps and goes to the hospital, taking Jack with her as she is unable to reach Mark.

When at last Mark arrives he is upset to see the two laughing together and embracing. Mark and Jack fight and Bridget sends them out of the room. Outside, Jack implies that he and Bridget had sex without condoms, making Mark realize that he is less likely to be the father. He leaves once again and ignores Bridget's calls.

Bridget continues to prepare for the arrival of her baby, now with only Jack by her side. They have a discussion where he asks her to move in with him and confesses that life for him is lonely. Bridget asks him what will happen if Mark is the father and he tells her he will need to re-evaluate their relationship if that is the case.

He also confesses that the reason Mark has been absent is because Jack heavily implied that Mark was unlikely to be the father.

An upset Bridget goes to talk to Mark, but sees his wife arriving at his house and decides to let him be. At nine months, Bridget quits her job rather than being fired for numerous gaffes and unprofessional mishaps, notably inviting a guest onto the show with the sole intent of obtaining a sample of his DNA, live broadcasting bare arses during the launch event of a public news-gathering initiative and mixing up a guest with his chauffeur.

Unemployed, exhausted, and hungry, she goes out shopping but has her card eaten by a cashpoint and locks herself out of the bank lobby, leaving her keys and her food inside. When no one buzzes her up to her building, she stands outside her apartment in the rain feeling miserable.

She starts her own diary, which covers all her attempts to stop smoking, lose weight and find her Mr. Bridget and Daniel begin to flirt heavily at work, first over email, ahead of an important book launch, at which Bridget bumps into Mark and his glamorous but haughty colleague Natasha Embeth Davidtz.

Bridget leaves with Daniel and they have dinner, despite the fact that he is a notorious womaniser with a questionable personality, of which Bridget is aware. Bridget learns from Daniel that he and Mark have a history and, as a result, hate each other.

Bridget is invited to a family party, and she takes Daniel along as her "plus one". They spend the day before the party at a country house hotel, where Mark and Natasha are also staying. Daniel, having to spend the day working, is not able to attend and sends Bridget to the party alone. However, his dubious character becomes clearer to Bridget when she returns home from the party to find Daniel with another woman, a colleague of his, Lara Lisa Barbuscia , and Bridget cuts ties with him soon after.

Bridget begins to search for a new job and after landing a job in television, quits her role at the publishing house without giving notice. Daniel makes a desperate attempt to convince Bridget to stay, only for her to retort that she would "rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein 's arse. During the party, Mark privately confesses to Bridget that, despite her faults, he likes her "just as you are.

Bridget begins to develop feelings for Mark, and he comes to her rescue at her birthday dinner party at her flat in Borough , which she is disastrously attempting to cater for herself. Daniel drunkenly visits, temporarily claiming Bridget's attention. Mark leaves the party, but returns to face Daniel.

Mark punches Daniel and the two fight. They end up in a nearby restaurant and finally smash through the window, landing on the street.

Mark wins the battle and knocks Daniel out.