Rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating

rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating

Burt Young. Thirty years after the ring of the first bell, Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement and dons his gloves for his final fight; against the reigning heavyweight champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon. English | Spanish. Release Date: Trivia. The film contains flashbacks from every Rocky film except Rocky V ( ). Import-Latin America]: Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Tarver, Burt Young, Tony Burton, Saga (Rocky / Rocky II / Rocky III / Rocky IV / Rocky V / Rocky Balboa) BALBOA (Sylvester Stallone), reigning heavyweight titleholder Mason Dixon .. of Adrian's death, he tours the location where they first lived, their first date and then. height and weight[edit]. Anyone know Rocky's height and weight? For his weight watch the Please sign and date your posts by typing four tildes (~~~~). . To answer the question about whether or not the Mason Dixon fight actualy counts way, if an exibition resembles an actual match (i.e. Rocky vs Mason) than record .

rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating

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Rocky vs Mason than record keepers can decide if it should be counted or not. Agreed - where is his boxing record from? To answer your question, absolutely not. The only things the two have in common are first names and Italian-American heritage. Fishtown mistake[ edit ] Although the movies were filmed in the Kensington section, its a pretty well known fact that Rocky lives in South Philly in the movies.

How can Rocky have 74 wins if he's had 23 losses and 82 fights? Balboa is not an italian surname[ edit ] why they used it for an italian character? There could be an interesting pulp novel about how Rocco's Basque great-great grandparent emigrated to Argentina the place that received the most Basque immigrants , met an Italian girl, and they had to return to Italy with their firstborn to care for the wife's father that was badly injured in a battle against the Austrians.

Otherwise, the surname Balboa has no business whatsoever in any part of Europe except the Basque country , and no business being confused with an Italian surname in the Americas.

On the other hand, using a word that has zero chance to being an actual Italian person's surname is the equivalent of using XXXX for all the phones: It's a ficticious surname and Rocky does not die in any of the films.

Just out of curiosity, there is actually an Italian surname which originates from the Basque surname Balboa: Thanks for any help in doing this! A movie street fight and an MMA match are not the same thing Also, just the fact that the boxing matches in these films are presented as a real fight history here is a mess. Whilst his child is named after him, I am not so sure that this provides evidence of Rocky's real name as it could equally be a "slip-up" as are prevalent in many of the Rocky Films.

In Italian, "Rocky" translates to "Rocco" I havent seen him called Robert in the movies? Or am I missing something? It's certainly not unheard of for "Rocky" to be derived from "Robert" or "Roberto". But this fellow is a generation or more past those athletes, and so would be more likely to be given an American or anglicized name. I guess that's the only scene when you get to hear Rocky's real name. It's also interesting to notice that Adrian's last name is taken after Talia Shire 's mother's real maiden name Italia Pennino.

No, the priest very clearly says "Rocky Balboa" both times that he mentions his name in the wedding scene. Rocky is never referred to as "Robert" in any of the movies or credits.

As for his son's name, it was always "Rocky Jr. In Rocky II, the baby playing his son which was his real-life son, Seargeoh was uncredited, but there was a scene in the movie where the characters discussed what to name him and Adrian asks, "What about after the father?

Come on, you really want to do that? The only Rocky movie which doesn't credit the kid as "Rocky Jr. The phrase "original research" OR is used on Wikipedia to refer to material—such as facts, allegations, and ideas—for which no reliable, published sources exist. You'll find that the heavyweight champs known to us as Jack Sharkey, Jack Dempsey and Joe Walcott and certainly others were renamed in honor of earlier boxing stars.

Any agile boxer named "Ray" will inevitably be tagged "Sugar Ray. This is mentioned under Stallone's entry but not here. It seems to me that the fight has to be in A lot of time passes by during Rocky II. There's a little bit of time that goes by in before they get married, then they have a child presumably conceived after marriage, otherwise that would be have been noted in a 's movie.

Then Rocky gets into serious training after the child is born. And, by the way, the Pontiac Firebird model that he buys wasn't available until But I think that's a minor goof. The fight doesn't happen that late. In the second film Rocky II the main character has a problem with his eye and this problem governs his training and tactics for the re-match. But in subsequent films the problem is not referred to again.

Was it fixed in some way? Implying that he had work done and may have had the retina detachment surgery he required. Since this was something being done by real boxers in the late 80's, it is possible that either techniques changed or opinions did. Free equivalent[ edit ] File: What about to change the photo in the infobox to the following one? Looks like real, isn't it? DW I know that I can't upload photos of copyrighted art like paintings and statues , but what about toys?

Toys are not art! Under fair use for this article any screenshot or promotional poster will be better than a photo of a toy. That sum had much more purchasing power in than it currently does. It is out in America before my native of Great Britain. If you don't wan to know the plot of a film, I would suggest not reading abot the plot in an encyclopedia. I am talking about a real live boxer whose name actually was Rocky Balboa.

He was a small guy, maybe a bantamweight, I don't remember his exact range, and I watched him on Friday Night Fights some time in the s or 90s. I have tried to look him up, but not surprisingly all I get when I search for him is stuff about the movie, and about Chuck Wepner.

In the entire series, the two fighters who were the least likeable were both white. Rocky trained Tommy Gunn and practically made him another member of his own family. Gunn turned on Rocky--his mentor--in a street brawl where, without a referee, he could have killed the former champ. Then you have the Russian fighter Drago who brutally beat Apollo to death in what was supposed to be a fight exhibition in Las Vegas. Consider that Rocky himself was severely battered in his fights. The damage to his vision and the fear of brain damage initially made the boxing commission take his boxing license away.

It's true that most of Rocky's competitors in the ring were African American. But in the world of boxing, doesn't that resemble reality?

I think that it would have racist to cast only white opponents for Rocky. Also remember that the only two fighters who defeated Rocky for the championship in the series were Black. In the first movie, Apollo Creed won in a split decision.

rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating

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rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating

It is out in America before my native of Great Britain. The bout was scheduled for ten rounds and under sanctioned rules. It seems to me that the fight has to be in Going by the first two movies, this would put Rocky 4 at approximately

rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating

rocky balboa vs mason dixon latino dating