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John Marmaduke, president of the store, Amarillo, Texas-based Hastings Entertainment, In Neptune, N.J., David Massry, president of the unit Ritmo Latino chain, says that the Dreese predicts that "by summer we won't be selling cassette singles. But all eyes were on DVD, concluding its first full year at retail. Lee Pace in Marmaduke () Marmaduke () Tom Dey at an event for Marmaduke () See full technical specs» runs away from his family and his haughty girlfriend, voiced by Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas, TV Show DVDs. Owen Wilson is the voice of Marmaduke and George Lopez voices Carlos in the “Jocks” – dogs whose main interests are catching Frisbees and dating I.Q.- . entire seaside pier was erected on a soundstage. .. It is now available on DVD. 13 include an Imagen Vision Award, the Latino Spirit Award, and the National.


A very large dog is onscreen for about an hour and twenty minutes, then the filmmakers hope he will leave a void in our hearts when he departs. Lots of Marmaduke-caused mishaps cause some property damage to his family's house. He'd say something abnormally smart for a dog and a lot of humans then retreat back into the wild, awaiting his next call to action.

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There are some prat falls, some fart jokes, a bit of the good old fashioned ethnic stereotyping, then a giant CGI dance number leading into the credits. The film's end is without a soul of any kind. Furry Vengeance at least had the air of desperation. This was made so that parents would have something to do when their kids won't shut up and so that a movie company gets to make a profit.

There's never an indication that the ambition went beyond that, so how can I really evaluate it? But what's so special about Marmaduke? For starters, he never shuts up. He's always complaining and reducing everything to the most superficial level possible.

Owen Wilson does not help this at all. He can be a good actor, but here he's asked to deliver dialogue that was written to be comprehended by five year olds and asked to deliver it in his best Matthew McConaughey manner. This is not pleasant. Less pleasant are the standard array of stereotypes that seem to permeate these kid friendly animal films.

I've yet to encounter a chihuahua that speaks in anything but the broadest Latino accent. By extension, these dogs are always really lazy. Lovely cultural sensitivity Marmaduke, but you're still not breaking the mold.

Embrace dignity when you find it look at his widdle bow tie! What is groundbreaking is Marmaduke's family. I'm trying to decide if they're just a group of painfully negligent humans or if they've gone psychotic because of technology's reach into their lives. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive Messages There are several positive messages in the movie, chief among them the importance of staying true to yourself and not lying just to impress others.

The meaning of unconditional friendship and work-life balance are explored in the relationships Marmaduke has with his original friends and his owners.

She befriends Marmaduke instantly, doesn't discriminate against anyone, and is a loyal, smart, and loving friend. But some of the other dog characters bully, are prejudicial, and make poor choices though they're clearly the "bad" dogs. The dog park yells "fight, fight" when they think Marmaduke is going to challenge Bosco and vice-versa.

Lots of Marmaduke-caused mishaps cause some property damage to his family's house. A broken water main puts Marmaduke, Mazie, and Phil in harm's way. Sexy Stuff The dogs behave like teenagers in the way they flirt with each other and discuss the opposite sex romance, dating, being with another dog. Marmaduke takes Jezebel on the "dream date" described to him by Mazie.

Jezebel, a pedigree, talks about going for "the top dog.