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Len kagamine servant of evil fandub latino dating - 【VOCALOID 3】Ah, Its a Wonderful Cat Life! 【Español】【Kagamine Len & GUMI】+ VSQx

No le puse subtitulos D: Akira-san Live action por: Porque todo llega en esta vida. De veras, siento haber tardado tanto. Gracias por leer y por ver Galardones: All by fans for fans.

D And for the original with english subs, http: XD It feels awesome to have so many views on this video. I hope you enjoy! P Link de descarga: Evil Saga Original Mix Canta: Cleon Li Idea original: Lex Kagamine Gracias flansito n.

Riliane se cae y Alexiel la consuela cuando ella empieza a llorar. Alexiel promete compartir en un futuro este secreto con Riliane. Estoy haciendo un cover que yo se que les gustara, pero por ahora estoy haciendo covers con los Kagamines XD solitario face xD: French Kiss Here's the full version download link: These lyrics were based off of Sounders translations! Aku no Musume - Daughter of Evil Composer: Now, let's get started Long long time ago in some place there was The kingdom of dishonest cruelty, And who ruled over this kindgom was A princess that was of only age fourteen.

She had astounding luxurious furniture to see The servant who had a quite familiar face. Josephine was the name of her beloved horse Everything and anything was all for her to claim If the money lacks, there is nothing to fear Just take it from the foolish people And for those who wish to get in her way You will just have to clean up after her.

Evil flower, Blooms dainty. With a vivid coloration, As for those pitifull weeds who wish to stay They will just die off and serve the land The ruling princess then fell in love with a Man of blue who lived on another land However, the man of blue had already seem To fall in love with a woman of green The princess then had grown mad with envy, One day She called up her minister to say In a quiet voice which wasn't ment to be heard I was to see the country of green to be destroyed.

Many countless houses were being burned down A countless number of lives were lost. The suffering of the many townspeople Did not dare to reach the princess. Oh, it time for the snack. Normalmente cuando los hago hablar a los vocaloids lo hago manualmente, y usar el MMV para ello fue All by fans for fans.

Ya he llegado a los mil suscriptores y estoy que no me lo creo. Tiene un pelaje blanco y brillante sin igual, mira las estrellas, que bonitas son. Soy gato elegante, miau, miau, miau. Bananas de primera, y camas de verdad. Vayamos juntos a beber tapioca.

A mi me encanto el video!!! Les dejo el MP3 felino http: Y el instrumental por si dos gatitos quieren fandubearla http: L no es mi culpa haber nacido con el mal del perrito de Up Dx. Espero q les guste: I know this video is already up, but I wanted to upload it too.

I'm going to do a fandub of this song and video, so this is to remind me as well. The english lyrics is in the video. Kono mama kie te iku no ha iya da. Dou sure ba, hito ni boku o mi te moraeru daro u. Rin y Len Kaito: It's January 1st for where I live. I was extremely curious on what this song meant. Just making that clear. Once I've gotten new art for channel. Oh and the reason for changing is that Satan is just too brutish. Lucifer seems far more refined and classy.

Me eyyyyyy I'm eating something I hope I invented on my own. It feels like diabetes. I've been thinking over and over again on what songs should they sung, caused most of the songs i've in mind have already been covered by other Youtuber Lukily, there still 1 song that i really liked and still untouched , and you guys know which song i'm taling about Yup, it's this song, right here.

Thought as you can see on my channel, i'm kinda a junkie to this kind of songs, especially the ballad types, so i guess why the heck not, let's tested them out on this song I'd used the Warm XSY with Sweet of Rin's voicebank for the main, and Power for the chorus.

Anyway, hoped you guys enjoy. There's bits where it sounds funny because of the way the VSQx was structured for Servant of Evil, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! I used a mix of Rin Power and Warm in this one. Imagen de Len MMD: Cross synthesis is love. Soffie Edited by me I don't own anything other than the song version, mixing and editing of the VSQ.

I love how the Growl parameter allows for nicer screams. Sorry for spam of Kagamine V4X stuffs. Been having fun trying out cross synthesis. R3 Music Box has been uploading a music box version of the song from Japan. Enjoy the healing music box sound. In addition to this, I'm uploading japanese song, anime song, and game music etc..


El mundo, actualmente, esta en ruinas y Haku y los Francotiradores como que quieren proteger la paz. The romaji for the kanji love is ai ; so the line is read as I need you but can be interpreted as love needs you. Wie im Original hab ich es leider nicht hinbekommen, jedoch ist das, was ich jetzt da habe ganz in Ordnung. Esta cancion fue muy chistosita y muy divertida de cantar xD asi que no negare que disfrute grabandola y y ya!