Panzer models tank dating simulator anime

panzer models tank dating simulator anime

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator – Review Ok, perhaps that is an exaggeration, you are dating a collection of stereotypical anime styled girls, who “The first dating simulator to deliver a thoughtful look at tanks, and. Darr Lehmann is raising funds for Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator on Kickstarter! Panzermadels! The first dating simulator to deliver a. Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator - STORY Erwin Lemmor just got transferred to a prestigious military academy to study Armored Warfare. But when he.

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Written in Tyranoscript, the game will be made available cross-platform on both PC and Mac. Distribution will be done digitally through Steam and direct download, and will be DRM free for backers. She can't stand sitting in class, and would rather be outside on the firing line listening to classic rock while training. She's a bit of a tomboy, and is late for class almost every day, to the annoyance of Sergeant Heartmann. Panzer IV is your average teenage tank, she likes sweets, pop music, and Anschlussing Eastern European nations.

She does well in school and her favorite subject is History. She secretly loves Polka music, but doesn't tell the other Panzermadels. She has an older cousin, Tiger I, and they're the best of friends!

Tiger I is the richest tank in school, but she's also shy and breaks down a lot of she works too hard. She doesn't do as well in school, but always tries her best. When she isn't in class, she likes shopping for new armored skirts, and other accessories.

She loves her younger cousin, Panzer IV with all her heart! T is the shortest tank in school. Sometimes she can act tough to make up for it, but deep down she loves her friends. She has a cousin, IS-2, but they don't talk much. She's the newest tank at the school and writes home to her uncle, or spends time alone in the library when she's not in class. Gunnery Sergeant Heartmann is the home room teacher for the tanks.

It really ties things together and everything the characters say that draws back to history seem to have been fact checked or researched in advance, granting the game and characters a greater degree of depth and legitimacy.

The main story primarily centers around the gaggle of anime tank girls going through various school activities at the behest of their one and only teacher, Gunnery Lieutenant Hartmann, who is an unequivocal parody of the commanding officer from Full Metal Jacket, the game basically says as much, mixed in with a perverted old man. While these scenes and the sequence of events throughout them are enjoyable to go through, the structure of these scenes is a bit too vague. Everything is based around school events, with the characters going to the beach, a hot springs, and eventually holding a festival at the very end, without much attention being placed on the school aspect.

To the point where I do not know what these people are actually trying to learn. I get how they are mimicking how most school centered anime and manga do not actually focus on learning, but those also do not take place in a tank school where the entire school can simply shut down in order to hold a bake sale or car wash.

Actually, why is there even a car wash sequence? That just seems really out of place. The story also chooses to end itself in a particularly bizarre way, regardless of the route the player pursues. At the end of the game, Erwin is put on trial for desertion, and is primed to be executed, even though that does not really make sense.

Or alternatively, the yandere tank will blow him up before the trial. I do not know why all of these ending result in Erwin dying, but they do, which really does discourage replaying through this admittedly short game. Although, even if the game had unique and varied endings, and a less linearly constructed main story, I still doubt that I would have gone through every ending due to one little factor.

This is the first game I have encountered that uses the TyranoBuilder visual novel maker, an engine designed to give people inexperienced with programming the ability to create their own visual novels, but if Panzemadels is any indication, then TyranoBuilder is incredibly limited.

There no way to exclusively skip already seen text, no auto mode, only 5 save slots, no way to change text speed, no way to rebalance audio, a fade effect applied to every transition, no way to skip past transitions, and so forth.

I actually thought that would be the worst part, but I think there is also a problem with the skip feature in this game.

panzer models tank dating simulator anime

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panzer models tank dating simulator anime