Jaclyn glenn dating after divorce

Jaclyn Glenn and her boyfriend plead with Toby Turner to stop with his harassment. Jaclyn Glenn is a YouTube atheist mostly known for being a massive She also used to date toby turner and made a way too personal video a ring on her finger from time to time., are they going to have to get a divorce?. Faking sympathy and says shit he thinks his fans want to hear. His ex (girl he cheated with) got blasted with hate and put her Instagram on.


Richie also claims that he is "one email away from a restraining order". The only way for him to contact her is through emails, and he's apparently been doing that consistently for months. When the couple first split, Jaclyn uploaded a video begging Toby's fans to stop harassing her. Stay with us for the latest updates on Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose!

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