Gyoon we are dating now ep8

gyoon we are dating now ep8

I Am Not a Robot - Episode 8; 28m. Baek Gyoon becomes worried about Min Kyu's condition and wonder if it's okay to keep having Ji A as the replacement for . If you really read the author's note, comment your opinion and the password. The password can be seen at the author | Tags: bigbang gdragon gyoon snsd yoona. i have been shipping them!! up until now!!! i just hope they will be together someday someday. But she is not allowed to date DX Sadness. One example, in the preview we see Hyunjoo asks out Do Gyun and gives him . Won't be surprised if they're dating right now Ep. 8 raw link.

gyoon we are dating now ep8

gyoon we are dating now ep8

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He flips through some documents until he finds one. He is asking this to YI. YI says it is because people work here and there. He asks about the party. YI says it is not decided yet. The most difficult thing in the word is making a woman happy. JM was the one in the restaurant listening in. CEO makes a serious joke about wiretapping. Then they talk about the group dinner, the women really hate eating together. All the men come in at that time and sit with them.

They look annoyed to see them. The men sit with them and asks who JA is dating? CG says she told him she is dating and is in love.

SY asks BR is if she knows anything about that. His boss chuckles and says he is crazy. But he says it is only 3 months, not one year. The president says he is going to fire him.

JH nods and tells him that he should fire him. JH goes to his desk and his friend goes up to him. He tells him that the CEO is talking to his team leader. JH says, whatever you say I will not go there. The team leader says that he will really be fired. JH tells him, should I write a resignation letter now?

BR talks to JA at the coffee shop. JA says she regrets it, why did she make that stupid choice. BR says that this is hwy you picked JH?

BR says she thinks they will last for a long time, the love he shows is a lot. I thought it was nothing, but he knew something instinctively….

JA says she is happy, really happy. Cut to JA sitting somewhere. He goes to the counter and fills out some paperwork. JA stands up and walks over to the counter to give the person her ID. JA wants to shake his hand as she says Bye-bye. But GM just walks off. She looks at him, sighs, then walks in the opposite direction. JA rides the bus and looks out the window. She hops off the bus and checks her watch. Then she looks at a building and goes inside.

Maybe it was a cell phone store? Later that night JA walks down the street and looks at her cell phone. The Bruce Willis song plays. JH rolls up on her on his bicycle like it is the first scene of them meeting. She chases him around on the bicycle and he rides around and around in a circle around her. Cut to them both at a restaurant.

JA says she bought the phone. He tells her good job. He asks if it is a secret thing. JA says it is about the company sexual harassment, a lot of people want o report it, but they are hesitant.

She was also like that, but now she is trying hard to be different. He tells her that is good, but he also wants their relationship to be open. I will do it. They joke and pinch cheeks. All the women get together and talk about all the things the men have done to them. She should record them all. JA says they are victims, they should be open to it.

They joke, are you really JA? The men also meet and drink. They are pretty concerned and talk about how they have to be careful. CG thinks JA is on their side now, he met and made her understand that the men just want to have a good relationship with the women.

HG is all like, really? This lightens the mood. CG says JA was good at pouring drinks and cooking. All the men finish eating and thank the director. They talk about going to the norebang, but HG says they should go home quickly.

No one wants to go to a norebang with just men. Cut to the woman at a norebang enjoying themselves. YW smiles as she watches them singing and dancing and having a good time. YW smiles and records all the fun times they have. JA goes to work smiling and happy. It is late, only the security guy is walking around. She tells him that she went there to see her boyfriend.

He is all like, okay. She smiles and hops into the elevator. Inside the elevator she tries to fix her appearance. Then she notices that she took that tambourine from the norebang. The elevator doors open and JH stands at the door, he asks her about the tambourine and she is all like…why is this here?

They go into his office. She watches him work and says that he looks cool. He says he will finish thinks quickly. He keeps working, she falls asleep in the background. He turns around and sees her sleeping. He goes over there and puts her shoes to the side and picks up her things and puts them to the side as well.

He softly strokes her hair as he watches her sleep for a moment, then he smiles and turns off the lights. He goes to the kitchen, stretches, and drinks some water. Cut to his drunken friend stumbling into work. He falls onto of JA and says that JH is there. She screams and pushes him off of her.

JA goes to the bathroom and thinks that she is crazy, this is crazy. Meanwhile JH sits on the couch and talks to his drunken friend. His friend says…how can you two…you betrayer….

JA comes in and the friend says that he was sorry, noonim. JH drops JA off at home. She says she will tell her parents.

He wants to do it together. But she says she will do it herself. He will tell his sister. JA worries about KS more than her own parents. She wants to tell KS because she will feel betrayed if he tells her.

If she understands, then JA has no more wishes. JH sighs a great big sigh. JA smiles at him, but then looks concerned as she looks up at her building. She goes inside and knocks on her brothers door. She asks him if he has time.

He sits back in his chair. She tells him that he met with JH. He says she came there, so what is she going to do from now on? Mom and dad will pass out. Whenever you date, you create a big problem. JA says she will tell appa and umma.

You guys are not special, what is the difference? She leaves and brushes her teeth in a rage. Why is he talking about separating first? We can be open, why not. Then mom opens the door and JA hushes up. Umma thinks JA is talking while drunk. She says she talks drunk all the time and even talks drunk while brushing her teeth now too?

Who will take her…. Umma opens the door back up, what did you say? Your brother is studying, go to bed quietly. JA goes to her room and drinks a beer. She practices telling her parents that she is dating Joon-hee. Umma and appa, i am dating Joon-hee….

I have a guy I am dating, Joon-hee…. I am having a hard time…. JH and JA talk. He asks if she can really do it by herself, he will go to her house. He just worries about her. She says if he is worried that much than he can watch her do it. He asks how she is so confident? She says that she trust something…herself. She says that she trusts him, he is the only one in the world on his side.

He tells her she is pretty, so pretty. Then he says, one last thing, are you really okay by yourself. He tries to focus on work, but his mind is on something else. He scratches his head. OMG, his sketch pad! His sister has it at home and is looking through it like she is in a horror movie. Her face is paralyzed and blank, only her hands are flipping through the books.

Born to two poor artists who died in an accident, the twins were separated. Hanna was adopted and raised comfortably in England, while Hee-joo grew up in an orphanage. After the twin sisters meet in their teens, Joong-won falls in love with the outgoing and sweet Hanna, whom he mistakenly believes to be Hee-joo. Driven by jealousy, Hee-joo masterminds the kidnapping, leading to Hanna's death.

Afterwards, Hee-joo assumes her twin sister's identity and returns to England as Hanna. She later undergoes cosmetic surgery to change her facial features and moves next door to Aunt Sung-ran in order to continue her revenge against Joong-won.

Kim Mi-kyung as Joo Sung-ran Joong-won's aunt. Choi Jung-woo as Kim Gwi-do Joong-won's secretary, who also happens to be a lawyer and child psychologist.

He is supportive of Joong-won and Gong-shil's relationship. Secretary Kim is later revealed to be Hee-joo and Hanna's uncle. Park Hee-von as Tae Gong-ri Gong-shil's older sister who works at a coffee shop. Kim Yong-gun as Chairman Joo Joong-won's father. He hired Kang Woo to secretly spy on his son. He falls in love with Tae Gong-ri.

Lee Chun-hee as Yoo Jin-woo A man who can see ghosts. He fell in love with Gong-shil's spirit while her body was in a coma.

Jin Yi-han as Yoo Hye-sung ep 1 [21] Top soccer player. He is engaged to Yi-ryung, and they're about to be married in a lavish wedding sponsored by Kingdom Group. But their arguments about their future yield no compromise; he wants to keep playing soccer abroad despite his age and injuries, while she wants him to stay in the country so that they can become the "Korean Becks and Posh.

She and Hye-sung were happy and in love, and she whole heartedly believed in his athletic abilities. But when Mi-kyung learned that she was terminally ill, she broke up with Hye-sung without telling him the reason. After seeing him in a loveless relationship with Yi-ryung, her ghost reappears before him, leading him to cancel the wedding and decide to keep playing soccer. Lee Seung-hyung as Hye-sung's manager ep 1 He blackmails Hye-sung using Mi-kyung's name, knowing full well that she's already deceased.

Nam Myung-ryul as man unwilling to sell his house ep 1 His house is built in the middle of the land Joong-won is planning to turn into a golf course. He previously agreed to sell his house to Joong-won, then reneges on their deal, saying his dead wife opposes his decision to sell, since the flower on her favorite plant never wilts. Joong-won cuts off the flower, and gets his contract. The man tells Joong-won, "If ghosts exist, they'll get you for sure. Instead, the son gambles away the money.

Lee Sung-woo as Gong-shil's date ep 1 [22] He tries to kiss her, but Gong-shil pushes him away after seeing a ghost over his shoulder.

Bang Min-ah as Kim Ga-young ep 2 [23] Leader of a three-member schoolgirl clique, who think they're being haunted by the ghost of a classmate they ignored. Kim Bo-ra as Ha Yoo-jin ep 2 Member of the schoolgirl clique. Park Hyo-bin as Joo-hyun ep 2 Member of the schoolgirl clique.

Lee Hye-in as Lee Eun-seol ep 2 Schoolgirl ghost. Eun-seol had wanted to be Ga-young, Yoo-jin and Joo-hyun's friend. She followed them to Kingdom Mall one day, but after overhearing them mocking her, she ran away and was hit by an oncoming truck. Later, the three tearfully apologize for treating her badly, and Eun-seol shows her forgiveness when a nearby vending machine drops three sodas, in their favorite flavors. Kim Min-ha as Park Ji-eun ep 2 Another classmate who wanted to scare the clique, after witnessing them being mean to Eun-seol that day at the mall.

So using the cellphone that Eun-seol had left behind, Ji-eun sent the three a photo of themselves in front of the mall's fountain with a photoshopped Eun-seol. A wealthy woman whose mother owns buildings in the affluent Gangnam District.

Yoon-hee not only catches her husband cheating on her, she also overhears him telling his mistress that he plans to kill her and make it look like a hiking accident.

He sees her and chases her through the empty mall making her lose one of her red shoes , and while driving to get away from him, her car hits a parked truck and Yoon-hee dies.

He acts as Yoon-hee's devoted husband, and later, a grieving widower. But in reality, he plans to kill his wife and his mother-in-law to get his hands on their money.

Gong-shil and Joong-won reveal the truth about his misdeeds, though Joong-won gruffly claims he only did it because the culprit had been planning to transfer his store to Kingdom Mall's competitor, Giant Mall. Jang Ga-hyun as red lipstick ghost ep 4 She possesses vain and insecure women, telling them, "You're the most beautiful.

Because of his sickly constitution, he never left his grandmother's mansion. Ji-woo fell in love with Sun-young, the tomboyish girl who delivered milk to their house. Too embarrassed to tell her that he likes her, he constantly teased and bickered with Sun-young. But before he could confess, he fell ill and died young. Kim Bo-mi as Sun-young ep 5 Milk delivery girl. After Ji-woo teasingly compared her to a green rose, cabbage-looking and not very pretty, he kissed her.


gyoon we are dating now ep8

The duty police drive her to the hospital. Born to two poor artists who died in an accident, the twins were separated.