Dating someone wealthier than you

dating someone wealthier than you

I haven't ever been in this situation directly, but I can offer a few suggestions and pointers based on what I've seen in similar relationships in the. My current boyfriend and I were old classmates of one another, and we recently reconnected and started dating. We had similar upbringings. Dating a rich guy certainly comes with its share of challenges. But then again, dating someone much wealthier than you comes with its own.

dating someone wealthier than you

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Someone who takes a 5 or year loan on a shiny new car is an idiot. It's just a car. It's a tool to move from point A to point B. I have much more respect for someone who drives a piece of shit but is responsible enough to have some money saved "just in case" than for someone who goes into debt to purchase a shiny new car. Now, if your boyfriend is already wealthy, he doesn't need more money.

He's not dating your bank account. Pitfalls you face are: If he likes you, then he likes you. Don't let your pride interfere. Don't spend too much because of pride and later regret it. Guys are rather straightforward creatures you know So you urge them to do things that you like to do — watch movies in the afternoons to avoid paying extra in the evening, go to the friendly neighbourhood dhaba for dinner because it's oh-so-authentic, or just have plain old sex at home which is a great distraction.

That may work but only for a while. After some time, your partner may want to do something else, especially if they start missing their central Delhi drinks and dinner evenings. Can't really hold it against them. I'd miss my dosa weekends too.

What is your problem? I didn't even ask you to pay. However, the fair solution is that you pay as much as you feel comfortable paying and not go back home considering a bank robbery the next day. This may be the beginning of you, as a couple, finally reaching a place of balance.

But that doesn't mean the rest of the ride is smooth. Tumblr When you're out with their friends, don't expect to feel comfortable while they talk of troubles with their German SUVs, visas for France, or the next wedding they must attend — in New Zealand. After a few years of practice, I now know how to rein in my wide eyes on seeing a particularly bejewelled woman at weddings, or a horrifyingly expensive car being used for errands.

You will feel out of place when they ride up in said German SUVs and you step off a cab, cribbing about the fare, and that's on a good day. You will think it strange that they don't sympathise with you when you complain about an inflated phone bill.

They don't deal with that stuff. They have people who have people to do the stuff that takes up most of our days. Also, just for kicks, talk about your job, horrible bosses, and odd hours.

The blank expressions will kill you. Somewhere down the line, you will be called a gold digger or you'll think that somebody's thinking that about you. This comes with the territory of the rich. Everyone looks at a rich person's partner with suspicion. But don't dwell on it. As long as you and your partner are clear on the subject, no one else matters. Until the questions come from your partner's parents. If you're at the marriage stage, here's where the balance becomes tricky. Parents come into the picture and the differences, which may not have seemed so stark earlier, now hit you in the face.

They'll dress differently, behave differently, and may want to meet in different places. But there's nothing here for you to do. In this case, the initiative has to, without a doubt, come from the richer partner and their family. If this becomes a cause for discontent, you're probably better off without this current partner, living your economically deficient but happy life. The wedding expenditure will be another battlefield.

Your partner and their family will want some things done a certain way, an expensive way, which is fair if they're paying for it.

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dating someone wealthier than you