Dating someone from a rich family

dating someone from a rich family

Sep 26, Dating a rich guy certainly comes with its share of challenges. Not me but my best friend married a girl in a super rich family and .. over you and find someone honestly everyone is better of for it. Aug 22, See I come from a middle-class working family. We were far from poor but far from rich growing up. Right now my job has been slightly shaky.
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Right now my job has been slightly shaky over the past few months due to the economy but I am still getting by thankfully. She probably makes the same or a little less than me per year as far as our salaries go but the the thing is she always has access to mommy and daddy for financial support.

I don't know about that lifestyle, I've had to earn everything I have on my own. She grew up rich, like houses all over the world, butlers, basically they are millionaires.

She has an apartment way more expensive than mine in one of the most luxurious complexes around here that is so expensive I'm sure her parents must help her foot the bill because there is no way she could afford it on her own.

So I always avoid going to my place and we end up at hers. I can tell she has dated guys from the same upbringing as her obviously. Guys who were rich, went to boarding school than ivy colleges type of guys. Guys who had mommy and daddy to help them out always.

Is this normal for me to feel inscecure like this? Exorbitant wealth makes me uncomfortable because of the power naturally associated with money. Admittedly, I might just be giving myself a hard time. Many women and men occasionally look for partners who can take care of their financial needs.

They naturally assume that they no longer have to worry about money once they marry into a rich family. I disagree; their worries might no longer revolve around actually making money, but the strings attached to money they now have are ever present albeit invisible.

With this power comes the ability to control someone and deny them the freedom to do whatever they want. Growing up, my upper middle class parents taught me the most important life skill from the moment I knew what money was: Essentially, they instilled the importance of financial independence so that I could be a free woman.

As a result of my upbringing, I equate freedom with having total control over what I can do without a sense of obligation to anyone, least of all because of something as complicated as money. Eventually maintaining this freedom became a priority in life. Thus far, it has worked. When I was still dating, I would give rich guys a harder time because of what I saw as their inherent privilege. Being around rich guys also makes me feel overly vulnerable.

dating someone from a rich family

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