Bigger better deal dating service

bigger better deal dating service

Are women who use dating sites looking for the bigger better deal? do look for the best person on any dating web site or at church, at the shopping centre, etc. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. dating ocean, in hopes of finding an even bigger, better, more % Make a list of your top 3 dating deal-breakers and your top 3 partner must-have's. A term basically used when a man or woman temporarily makes due with someone as his or her mate, while actually still in search for a mate that bares superior.

bigger better deal dating service

bigger better deal dating service

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So in this setting it becomes really difficult to just freaking make a choice about anything, let alone choosing someone to settle down with. We deserve a hotter partner, a finer living room, a bigger car, a higher paying job, etc etc etc.

That NPR, Saturday morning talk show where people call in with car questions. A few months ago a caller called in with a question about relationship longevity as it related to the relationship longevity one had with their cars. Sometimes several times over.

While those who are willing to stick it out with the same car, fixing it up, driving it till it dies, are in marriages well over 25 years. Here's another study I came across during the past few months and found intriguing. The research found that people exposed to a few minutes' worth of advertising, with its endless parade of nubile women and improbably handsome men, were likely to experience far greater discontent with their partner after viewing.

Love is blindsided by too much choice. A good relationship can be totally destroyed by the blazing promise of better options So what's the cure for this situation that makes us throw over budding relationships because we believe the grass is always greener? Recognize that being a "love maximizer" actually minimizes your chances of finding a healthy, happy relationship. Realize that you luckily have a choice in how you view choice!

Next time you're tempted to two-time, think twice! Remind yourself that those many, many people who look so good from faraway look very different when viewed close up--when you can more clearly see their many, many flaws. Accept that no one person is ever going to have every single thing you need. The goal is to find the person who has the most important things you need. Make a list of your top 3 dating deal-breakers and your top 3 partner must-have's.

If your current special someone passes this 6-pack test, as I call it, you've got the basis of a very happy relationship--one not worth messing up with "maximizing" ways. When we talked later Monday evening, he brought up how he misses me and looks forward to spending more time with me, etc.

He brings this up a lot. Or is his obsession a good thing? Of course, to me, that will never happen — no man will dominate my thoughts. No matter how great he is. I like my life too much for that to happen. And I know he is planning to stay overnight. Following is our text exchange: Then you can go to church early too if you want.

bigger better deal dating service

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bigger better deal dating service

For example, let's say you've finally found a pretty great love catch. And he does treat me like a queen.

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