She hulk dating spiderman games

she hulk dating spiderman games

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books . With Spider-Man, she defeated the Headmen and became an assistant .. She-Hulk had a date with Power Man while both were on the Heroes for Hire . She-Hulk was a playable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers. However, despite pre-dating She-Hulk, she can't help herself asking if his . This particular story saw Spider-Man tag along on a mission that. Jennifer Walters (of Earth), better known as the She-Hulk, is the cousin of and needs more information, or should be expanded with up to date information, .

She-Hulk Vol 1 4 :

she hulk dating spiderman games

She also told everybody within earshot that he was guilty and backed up her accusation by revealing privileged information. She-Hulk's passion for John has cooled since Starfox's "love zap" was removed. Informing She-Hulk that she is the only gamma mutation whose life he felt had been legitimately enhanced by her condition, Doc Green provides her with the last injection of his cure, asking her to use it on him if he goes too far in his efforts to stop an A.

Jennifer Walters (Earth-616)

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It's refreshing to have a Marvel character's backstory not be rooted in the Big Apple like so many others, but we're still thankful she eventually made New York City her home. Unlike the Hulk, though, she has full control while in She-Hulk form and has access to all the brain power she gained while earning her law degree. Thanks to this little extra upside to her abilities, it's not uncommon to see Jennifer Walters show up to court Hulked-out and in business dress.

The caveat being that she operates as Jennifer Walters in order to avoid swaying juries with the large, green reminder of her past heroics. During Dan Slott's run on the comic, readers were re-introduced to the character as he transitioned from mindless slave of the Mad Thinker, to heroic admin clerk in the firm where Jen works. In a run in with Thor, Awesome Android copied the God's nobility, which sparked independent thought within his mind and allowed him to choose not to follow the Mad Thinker's orders.

She-Hulk essentially used Andy as a free babysitter for the young criminal, but Andy didn't seem to mind. It was proposed that She-Hulk take his place, no doubt owing to the fact that, like The Thing, she was one of the heaviest hitters around.

She was introduced as a full-fledged member of Marvel's first family in with Fantastic Four , with her first day shown in when she is at the hospital with Sue Storm after the latter collapsed due to pregnancy complications.

However, these weren't her first appearances in an FF comic. During the not-so-great crossover, the main Marvel Universe merged with many other alternate realities, creating a patchwork universe where there can exist more than one version of certain characters. Unfortunately, despite the book's favorable critical reception, A-Force was short-lived, with a meager 15 issues in total across 2 volumes.

Readers have seen her interact with the writer and the editorial team on numerous occasions, but her fourth wall breaks aren't exclusive to her own comics. They're only hearing She-Hulk's side of things, however, as she talks to, from their perspective, nobody. In a moment of serendipity, this all happened on a day that Bruce Banner was in town visiting his family.

After the botched first attempt on Jen's life, Trask sent a few of his men to finish the job, but they were caught by surprise. Thanks to Banner's gamma-irradiated blood transfusion, Jen's abilities manifested at that moment, with the goons exclaiming, "It's some kinda she-hulk!

And thus, She-Hulk was born. That said, it's probably safer to assume that it's due to her Hulk-traits, since Banner is also resistant.

However, this isn't to say that her mind cannot be altered. The effects of magic and pheromone-based manipulations have altered She-Hulk's free will in some brutal ways.

Ripping the Vision in half, for example. Marrying John Jameson, for another. So telepathic resistance doesn't actually mean that much anymore, given than She-Hulk and Hulk can be manipulated in other ways. However, the ability somewhat backfired -- when using it to transfer with her friend Weezi, they didn't swap minds, but physical stature and ability. As it turns out in the following issue, the gamma radiation in her blood interfered with the transference, causing her to take on the physical form of the subject.

This meant it was Weezi's time to shine, taking down her jailer and convincing the Skrull commander to help her rescue Jen. This switch wasn't as permanent as the Ovoid stated, and both women transformed back to their original states.

But the thing is she may well be right. The only daughter of General Thaddeus E. After her mother died during Betty's teenage years, she was sent away to boarding school. The head scientist on the project is Dr. Betty is immediately captivated by Banner's intellect and soft-spoken manner. However, less than an hour after their first meeting, Banner is caught in a test detonation of the Gamma Bomb and becomes the Incredible Hulk.

She is then romantically pursued by Major Glenn Talbot , the new aide attached to her father's Hulkbuster task force. But with the help of Reed Richards , Banner is able to gain control over his transformations.

Banner is pardoned and later proposes to Betty. But during the wedding ceremony, the Hulk's archenemy the Leader causes Banner to transform back into the savage Hulk, and Banner, once again, becomes a fugitive. General Ross is seriously injured when the Hulk runs amok while battling the Rhino, and Glenn Talbot promises Betty that the Hulk would pay for it. In an effort by the Sandman to rid himself of his glass like form, the Sandman orders the Dr.

Marquand to provide him with a patient with the same blood type as him which turns out to Betty Ross. As the result of the blood transfusion, the Sandman reverts to his previous form, yet Betty receives the glass properties, which Sandman surmises would eventually kill her. Leonard Samson to reverse the effect by siphoning the Hulk's Gamma and psionic energies to simultaneously cure Bruce and Betty. The result would have permanently cured both of them, if not for Bruce purposefully re-exposing himself to the siphoned Gamma energy, as a means to combat Samson who had also done so, and was subsequently flirting with Betty.

This ended in Hulk defeating Samson, yet later on Samson would pursue the Hulk. While Betty and Talbot are on their honeymoon, her father is captured and sent to a Soviet prison. Talbot takes part in a successful rescue mission, but is captured in the process, held prisoner by the Gremlin at Bitterfrost a top secret Soviet installation in Siberia , and believed dead. The villain MODOK kidnaps her and subjects her to gamma radiation, at a higher level than Banner had been subjected to, transforming her into an insane and lethal woman-bird hybrid creature called the Harpy.

She ambushes him, and after a lengthy fight knocks him out with a ray blast. Banner agrees to repair the machines that cause the city to float in exchange for permission to use the advanced equipment to cure Betty. In order to unblock Talbot's mind, Doctor Leonard Samson has the Hulk who was Banner under control by a special helmet unblock what was keeping him in a mindless state.

The process is a success. However, The Talbots' marriage later becomes strained. This incident proves to be the last straw in Talbot's already deteriorating relationship with Betty, and their marriage later ends in divorce. Blaming the failure of his marriage on Banner, whom he also tried to have court-martialed, Talbot steals the War Wagon prototype and dies in Japan while trying to destroy the Hulk.

Betty admits to Rick Jones afterwards that she had never stopped loving Banner all the while she was married to Talbot. Realizing Betty was right, Ross nearly commits suicide and then disappears. But Betty is upset because she wants Banner to be rid of the Hulk, not to control him, and leaves him once again.

Upon learning that the Hulk had been sighted on Earth once again, Betty leaves Ramon and returns to Gamma Base, where the Hulk is subjected to a process that splits Banner and the Hulk into separate entities. Believing himself finally cured, Banner proposes to Betty, and she accepts. Betty's father appears at the wedding, armed with a gun and demanding that the marriage not take place before shooting Rick Jones, who tries to stop him.

Betty confronts her father, accusing him of domineering her throughout her life, as well as calling him out on his hostility towards Banner over the years, and cows him into surrendering the gun.

Finally, Banner and Betty are pronounced husband and wife. The two are secretly merged once more. Betty soon discovers this. General Ross later dies before his daughter's eyes, sacrificing his life to destroy an unnamed mutant that nearly killed both Betty and Banner seeking a strong host to whom to be parasitically linked. Betty leaves her husband and returns to Ramon, but then changes her mind and abandons Ramon as well.

She is then captured by the Leader, who sets her free after learning that she is pregnant with Banner's child, but after being tormented with terrible nightmares by the demons Nightmare and D'Spayre , Betty loses her unborn baby. Believing Banner and the Hulk dead, Betty leaves for New York City, where she eventually begins training to become a nun. Betty spends some months in a convent to recover from the ordeal, but eventually reunites with Banner.