Pre selection dating techniques for men

pre selection dating techniques for men

Learn exactly what makes the concept of pre-selection and social proof That's exactly why having a girlfriend makes guys massively more attractive to other. Pre-selection states that women are attracted to men who other in us, let's learn the non-visual ways to convey pre-selection. (like the ones mentioned above) can work wonders for your online dating profile (or Facebook). Every movie, TV show, and book teaches us that men should only date one girl at a time. If he does otherwise, he's an asshole. He gets labeled as dishonest.
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Why are Pre-Selection and Social Proof important – How to become more attractive. :

pre selection dating techniques for men

So have you personally noticed this phenomenon? Couple of key things to take away from this: Pre-Selection and Social Proof are two massively important concepts that can help you become significantly more attractive to women, if you learn how to utilize them.

pre selection dating techniques for men

Pre selection dating techniques for men - Why Pre-Selection and Social Proof are important

These guys unconsciously start to display characteristics of a sex-worthy man. A man who is naturally and effortlessly attractive to women. This all happens because women tend to be significantly more socially aware than guys, and they pick up on certain social cues with ease — so they can spot a sex-worthy guy right away.

It changes their subconscious behavior and mentality from one of scarcity — to one of abundance. Or if you want to cheat or have a threesome with your girlfriend. This is such an underrated concept, but if you internalize it — you can start changing your core beliefs and mindsets to incorporate this feeling and lifestyle to become incredibly successful with women and girls.

They know that you have something about you that makes other girls want to be with you — so they automatically become more attracted to you in general. The impact of gender and relationship status on mate poaching In it, the following results were concluded: Female and male participants who were single or in a relationship viewed information about an opposite-sex other and indicated their interest in pursuing this target.

Half of the participants were told that the target was single and half read that the target was currently in a relationship. The results showed that only single women were more interested in pursuing an attached target rather than a single target. We discuss how these results add to what is already known about mate-poaching. For women, sex is potentially very costly, because if you get pregnant, you are kind of stuck with it. Pregnant women become tied down to their partners.

How can you apply the concepts of Pre-Selection and Social Proof to become more successful with women? You now know that Social Proof and Preselection are incredibly important and are probably wondering how you can apply this knowledge to become a more attractive person. And the answer to the question is — you can incorporate this knowledge to change your mindset about girls and dating.

You re-wire your brain to start believing certain things about yourself and how the world works. As a result, you become less desperate to please girls and women, or even people in general. You become more secure in yourself and less eager to please people, less eager to give your power away, and you tend to get over your desperation for sex. It ties in closely to the concept of qualification, too. How do I do this?

How do I change my mindset? So the key problem with this is that you have to experience this feeling to know what to do. You have to first get a girlfriend to understand all the implications, emotions and concepts that I just described. Then, after you have experienced it, you have to go out and reinforce that experience, as much as you can. This is where practice comes in.

You establish and solidify these concepts and turn them into your mindsets by approaching girls and acting in that non-desperate way and seeing how well it works! Young girls are especially good for this because you can spike their buying temperature, get them excited and then leave on a high note so they are always excited to see you later.

If you have buddies who are just happy to talk to girls or other dudes you meet in the bar, you can pass these girls off and then everybody loves you. Work your way up the ladder. Move from those average girls into the above average girls category or straight to the hottest women. The goal is to build social proof and pre-selection, not to actually game the women you have no intention of taking home.

Make sure you are seen by the 9s and 10s with all of these other sets. How do you know when you have enough social proof to open her? As you are with the other sets, get in proximity of the 9s and 10s and open them. That said, you may still have to plough through resistance, etc. The same principles really do apply; you just get a lesser margin for error. Here is a very basic example of this plan in action, which resulted in me getting a responsive number from a 9 this past weekend.

If you have solid game, the process I described above will be default and natural Out on a Friday night, teaching: Future is in a set with an approach coach, the students are starting to filter in. The rooftop bar itself is full already under the hazy blue shadow of the Empire State Building.

I see three 6s standing in a circle beside the main bar, so I go to open. I bullshit with them for a few minutes, just enough to get one interested, bring in a student and peace out.

The students are all in the club now, so I talk with them for a bit, carry on a set that Future has to eject from to talk with students, trade off with him and I bring in one of the students and go talk to Trigger, who is talking to two Texas girls. Across the bar, I see a six-foot tall, dark-haired beauty of a woman, great smile.

I walk that way, drop into their set, say hi in passing as they look at me and loop back across the bar. I loop back about 10 minutes later, determined to make something work. I know that I have to increase my value now. I go back into the set with the 6s, who are right beside the 9. I see that she has shifted herself in set and that she wants me to open her. I tell one of the 6s I am with that I am looking for my buddy the student , so I move the 6 to my side.

I introduce myself to all of them around me, a 3-set, with my 9 in the middle across from me. I roll into some off the cuff story about how it is normal for Canadians to talk to people, how we are friendly, blah blah. I engage this 7 for a while, try to be cool with the other girl, an 8 who is coooollld, get all of their names and leave.

I peel out to find my students, since I am, indeed, working first and foremost. After talking to Trigger and the two Texas girls that are loving him, I pull aside the student with him and we post up at the bar corner under the palm tree and bullshitted.

As we do this, a gaggle of five girls sneaks by. She looks way too innocent. Immediately, I grab her arm and pull her in. My first impressions of this girl was that she was too innocent to take home, so I immediately file her into the category of social proof, even through she was definitely cute enough.

Regardless, her group loves me, and I bring in a couple students to talk with them and one got a number from it. Secondly, I saw her sister as this girl waiting to explode if I took the innocent one away. Being the guy I am, I lead this innocent girl right past the 9, linger for a second as if I am looking around.