Dating thai girl advice for parents

dating thai girl advice for parents

But in case you are dating a really traditional Thai girl, she might not be able to go back to your place because her parents are very strict. Thai Women want to see a fellow with self-control, self-discipline & respect for The culture in Thailand is steeped in formality and meeting the parents in a. If you're thinking of dating a Thai woman or are preparing for your date doesn't mean you're buying a wife or bargaining with her parents.

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Outside of Thailand, guys tend to think they can do whatever they please when they visit Thailand. That is simply untrue. Ss I mentioned earlier if you wish to retain the interest of the time woman then start thinking like a gentleman. Want to do more than look? Public displays of suggestion or bold suggestion, too quickly, will certainly put a Thai woman off-side and on guard. Use restraint to start with so that you both can get understanding of each other. The lowest common denominator is the pace to move on.

Remember, again, that Thai culture is gentle and you need to take that on board for as long as you are in Thailand. Last thing that you will want to happen is for your Thai girl to be embarrassed talking about intimacy which can be an uncomfortable subject for any woman on a date. So respect the woman, take it easy and move at a slow pace. The culture in Thailand is steeped in formality and meeting the parents in a western country is certainly not the same as in Thailand.

Take it steady, take it easy, and understand the culture at a very granular level. It will pay you in the long run. I was surprised because during my stay she told me her parents didn't know she was hanging out with me.

I said 'sure', but I soon realized that meeting parents of a girl in Thailand is somewhat a big deal, and the first step to a potential marriage.

Now, even though I really like this girl, I am not planning to marry her nor any other girl in the world at this moment in my life I'm in my early twenties. In this time of my life, I like to be free and see the world. I don't see myself settling down with anyone soon. At one moment I actually told her this and she said she dont feel like marrying a guy soon either I don't know if this is her real opinion, I feel like she sometimes agrees with me just to stay at the same level with me.

I told her if meeting her parents had any 'special' meaning at all that I should know of, she said no and she told me her parents are just really nice and funny. Ok, her father seems to be a somewhat successful business owner, and also her mother is employed. And the girl seems to get financial support from her parents she also works at a fitness centrum somewhere in Bangkok, not doing anything with her college degree for the moment. No pressure on her to get married quickly with a 'rich' farang I'm not rich or even close, and she knows me thinks..

She was born in a more rural place in Thailand, and she still has family there. She also asked me to meet her grandmother first in this rural place, and then meet her parents in Bangkok I'm not sure if the order is important but it felt like it did.

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dating thai girl advice for parents

If you do this with a Thai girl, especially when she has never been on a date with a foreigner, she will be very confused. In fact, when I had a bad day she did her best to try to cheer me up She always came home with a smile on her face, genuinely happy to see me I received some great neck and back massages every day She cooked great and healthy Thai dishes.

dating thai girl advice for parents