Senior advocates in bangalore dating

senior advocates in bangalore dating

High Court Lawyers in Bangalore - Find the high court advocates, attorneys, law firms, solicitors for legal opinion in Bangalore and get senior advocates. Home; \; Bangalore; \; Cover Story; \; Women's empowerment and ego problems Justice Manjunath asked Shiny's advocate if the girl's father was paying the monthly maintenance. . work under the guidance of a retired police officer or a senior advocate. . Ambareesh stood for fun, laughter & friendship. The story of Sundaraswamy & Ramdas, Advocates (“S&R”) is one of in the oldest law practice in the City of Bengaluru, with a legacy dating back to and was later designated as a Senior Advocate by the High Court of Karnataka.

Women's empowerment and ego problems are spoiling society: HC judge :

senior advocates in bangalore dating

I would, as a high school student in Coorg, accompany my father to the District Court during school vacations. Young lawyers should also bear in mind that many a time, litigations are lost on procedural issues despite substantial merits in the matter.

senior advocates in bangalore dating

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Can I change the advocate? You may discharge your advocate by simply informing him about your decision. Giving notice is a matter of courtesy and may be important if a lawsuit has been filed, he may ask for the permission of the court to withdraw. Even if you change your lawyer, you are bound to pay for the services which he has offered previously. What should I look for in a lawyer? Some of the things that you should look for in a lawyer are: Reputation in the community The previous experience of the lawyer with your type of legal problem.

Capability of doing research and analyses of all the available facts as well as information related to your problem. The communication skills of the advocate must be up to the mark. He must keep you informed about the progress of your case. What is the difference between civil, family and criminal law?

Civil law deals with the disputes which are between people and organizations. He has appeared before various Courts and Tribunals for litigation in civil, commercial, criminal issues. Hemanth S advises and provides legal services in matter related to Negotiable Instruments, Offences under Indian Penal Code, Domestic Violence, Dowry Harassment, Defamation, Matters related to fraud, cheating, criminal breach of trust, harassment, torture, offences relating to documents and against property marks, offences affecting public health and safety, financial crimes, corporate crimes, Cyber crime, bail matters, etc.

Rajendra Desai Rajendra Desai is a well-renowned advocate in Bangalore and practices in High Court as well as trial court too. Alongside dealing with civil matters, Rajendra Desai holds expertise in criminal matters. Furthermore, Rajendra provides best standards of professional ethics and make sure an absolute support and dedication to safeguarding the interests of their clients.

When it comes to criminal litigation, Rajendra holds the reputation of being among one of the best criminal lawyers in Bengaluru. Ponnanna Most noteworthy quality in any lawyer are work ethics, satisfaction of client and the maintenance of the principles of Justice according to Law. Ponnanna is well equipped with all these qualities. Ponnanna is the current Additional Advocate General of Karnataka. He is well versed with every aspect of the aw.

But when it comes to criminal law, it is hard to find someone like AS Ponnanna. AS Ponnanna is among one of the leading criminal lawyers in Bengaluru. He has wide experience in consultancy and litigation before various courts, tribunals, forums, and other authorities, property matters and particularly expertise in criminal law. Among various matters, Kalyan expertises in matters relating to bail, relating to Anticipatory bail, Criminal Contempt, Defamation — slander — libel Matters related to fraud, cheating, and other criminal cases.

Although pre-occupied with his cases, Kalyan never says no to a young lawyer who needs assistance. He is among the best known in Bengaluru for his knowledge in criminal law.

Anant Mandgi is one of the best criminal lawyers in Bengaluru. Vijay Shankar and my father Mr. It was unusual for lawyers to set up independent chambers or law firms immediately after enrolment at the Bar.

When I expressed my desire to do so, my Senior and my father did not once discourage me, they in fact supported me in this venture. I plunged into the profession for I knew in the back of my mind that my father would continue to be a safety net, not so much in terms of finances but in terms of guidance.

It was hard to gain the confidence of clients and the Bench. Hard work continues even today and enormous travel across courts in the country makes it harder.

But therecontinue to be happy days and never have I gone home sad at the end of the day. Bengaluru, as a city in the mids, was going through a metamorphosis with corporatization being the buzz word that helped the firm garner quite a lot of work quickly. The Karnataka High Court is possibly the best High Court in the nation for a young lawyer to commence a career in litigation.

Through my initial years, judges were extremely encouraging. It is for a young lawyer to make the best of such encouragement and aim forhigher thresholds of excellence in the profession. It is a myth that it is hellish for a litigator during the initial years. Hard work is a requirement, no doubt, with lesser amounts of monies compared to corporate non contentious lawyers, but the sense of achievement is extremely gratifying. Do you still get reminded of your first case and first hearing?

I do recall my first argument in Court. I enrolled at the State Bar Council at Basavaraj, my immediate senior at the chambers of Mr. I knew the matter well on account of my continuous clerkship at the chambers of my Senior. Basavaraj sat beside me in Court as a fulcrum of encouragement. The matter involved a question of incorporation by reference in a legislation. I argued for about forty five minutes, my first ever as a lawyer.

I lost the case but received compliments fromthe Bench headed by Mr. A few members of the Bar enquired with Mr. Basavaraj, if I was a Counsel from another High Court, specifically briefed to argue the matter. Failure in the first case was not only sugar coated for me but also became a stepping stone to get here and go on further. Is it important to have prior connections within the legal field to successfully manage this?

Prior connections in the legal field are unnecessary and many a time, can be detrimental as well. Prior exposure certainly better equips you to deal with the vagaries of the profession whilst prior connections may not necessarily do so. How has your Masters from the prestigious LSE affected your career in the long run? I would always recommend a stint at reputed universities abroad, not so much for the quantum of law that you will learn but for the enormous exposure such stint affords you.

Ambedkar, at one point of time, was associated with the institution. The fact that I received a fat scholarship which took care of not just academic fees but also expenses for a comfortable living in London was an added incentive. Therefore, more than the academic exposure, what I gained most during my stint at London was exposure to how barristers work in the city.

I was associated with a few barristers and I would regularly attend hearings as a visitor at the Royal Courts of London. Those experiences further reinforced my decision to remain and continue as a litigator. After having completed your masters in a foreign university, what made you come back to India, instead of setting up a career in the UK? India offers one of the most vibrant platforms in the world for a litigator. The quantum and diversity of litigation in India far exceeds anything that UK can offer.

I had no doubts ever in my mind that I wanted to litigate and that too in my home country. While I did receive job offers from a few London law firms, they made no sense to me in light of what I always wanted to be, i.

Coming back to India to litigate was therefore a natural choice for me and I am very glad I did. Would you consider taking up such work in the future? I thoroughly enjoyed my tenure. What made it even more special for me was that my chamber senior Mr. Vijay Shankar was the Advocate General, officiating for the second term. Sixteen years prior thereto, in , he had commenced his first term as the Advocate General for Karnataka during which time I was his chamber junior and had closely worked under him in many matters of importance.

The opportunity to work with him again and that too as his Additional Advocate General was indeed a wonderful experience. I firmly believe that all litigators should, at some point of time in their careers, work for the State or the Union. The dimensions of work that you experience as a senior law officer for the State or Union far transcends the exposure that private practice can offer. Representing the State or Union as a senior law officer in the midst of multiple bureaucratic constraints makes you not just a better lawyer but a more mature human being.

For a successful private practitioner, occupying such position also affords the opportunity to contribute to the profession and give a little back to the society. An efficient lawyer as a law officer can make an enormous difference to the State and consequently to the society. I will certainly consider taking up such positions as and when, and if at all, they are offered to me. What would be your advice to recent law graduates when they are faced with the choice between joining law chambers of a Senior Advocate, or working with an up-and-coming new lawyer?

It does not matter whether you join the chambers of aSenior Advocate or work with an up-and-coming new lawyer. As a young lawyer, fresh off mint, one should join a chamber which has a wide variety of work. It is extremely important for a litigator to experience a wide area of contentious practice, rather than restrict oneself to a particular specialized vertical. The greater the exposure to a variety of legal work, better will you emerge as a lateral thinker.

The key aspects that a lawyer should look for in a chamber are therefore: Should one start out at the Trial Courts before proceeding to the High Court if one has no connections in the legal arena?

Or would you recommend joining a litigation firm instead?

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senior advocates in bangalore dating