Schneider electric office address in bangalore dating

schneider electric office address in bangalore dating

As a global specialist in energy management and automation with operations in more than countries, we offer integrated energy solutions across multiple. Support. Contact our experts at + Send us and email. Our office in Georgia. Schneider Electric Tiflis Business Tower 11, Apakidze Str., Floor Solutions. Products, solutions, and services for your business Learn More. Default Alternative Text Schneider Electric Sustainable Building The Hive.

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schneider electric office address in bangalore dating

Ten best poems from each school will be reproduced on handkerchiefs and put up at the Indo-Pak border. The program aims at faculty development and inclusion of Intel processor in curricula of RIT. Significantly, the shrine has links dating back to the Puranas and ancient times and is, therefore, regarded as a seat of high veneration and sanctity.

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schneider electric office address in bangalore dating

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It helps us to tap that inner power within us and make rational, healthy choices in our thoughts and actions, which help us maintain our physical, mental and social well-being. I conclude my editorial by wishing you all a truly healthy in all aspects year ahead and every single one thereafter. Harish Kodial Kanara Saraswat Vol. I would like to thank Vijaya Karnad for her light-hearted piece, "My First Job" page 66, March issue which made me laugh out loud.

Also, many thanks to the Editor for publishing the same. It took me back to my ten years of service at a private firm in Singapore where, oddly enough, the prevalent "attitude towards work" in many Indian offices, especially in the public sector, was a favorite topic of discussion between my four Singapore-born colleagues and the other four, all of whom were "India-born" as was the General Manager.

I was usually considered the "moderator" of these often heated discussions as I was the only odd one out, having been born and brought up elsewhere. The former never failed to highlight the mere days of paid leave allowed annually for all employees in many firms in Singapore. In fact, even if we were to take only a couple of hours during the work week, once in a while, to attend to urgent personal matters, those hours were immediately deducted pro-rata from the total of our annual leave!

Any employee taking more than three days out ended up with zero. As for our "In" and "Out" trays, we always seemed to have both piled high but only because work kept pouring in faster than we could clear our work in hand. Our annual increments depended on how much we were willing to handle, with the management keeping track of time taken for completion as well as efficiency and accuracy in job performance.

Karnad's delightful piece brought the above memories back to me as it has been a few years since I left my job for personal reasons. I have even sent out a couple of copies to my ex-colleagues as I know they will also appreciate her article, accompanied by a big, all-knowing smile or, more likely, a hearty laugh.

Saptashree Bondal, Pune Dear Editor: With reference to my earlier letter about Gourang S. Kundapur's article Swami Ramavallabhdas and the Krishnashtami Vrita, published in the February issue of Kanara Saraswat, I would like to make a further comment.

The author quotes Dr. This must have happened during the time of the Bahmini kingdom of Bijapur s capture of Goa in The Portuguese re-captured a part of Goa from Bijapur in It was only a little later that the whole of Goa came under their sway.

They established the Inquisition Christian fanaticism in Goa in and abolished it only in It is still not clear whether the migration of Saraswats to the Kanaras was solely due to Muslim persecution or Portuguese persecution, considering that chronologically, Shrimath Anantheshwar Temple was built in and Vokketur is called Adi Sthal it would not have been called Adi Sthal if it had been shifted from Goa; it was so called because this was the first place where it was built by the migrants though the temple is now in Vittal.

It is possible that Shree Gaudapadacharya Math which was destroyed by the Portuguese at Kushasthal was re-established at Kavale after the abolition of the Inquisition like the Kuldev temple of Shree Shantadurga, which was originally at Keloshi, and was re-built at Kavale. Their marriage brought them to Mumbai, where they have lived for 50 years 50 years of love, hope, and joy. The Award carries a sum of Rs. Jayant Kaikini, regarded as one of the most significant of the younger writers in Kannada today.

He has so far published six anthologies of short stories, four anthologies of poetry, three plays and a collection of essays. His father, Gourish Kaikini, was a school teacher and an eminent Kannada litterateur, and his mother, Shanta, was a social worker. Jayant worked and wrote in Bombay for 23 years, before shifting to Bangalore in as an adviser to a television channel and editor of a literary monthly, Bhavana. Currently, he is active in writing film scripts and hosting television talk shows.

Jayant received the Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award for his first poetry collection at the age of nineteen in Since then, he has received several prestigious awards, including the Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award in , and for his collections of short stories. He is also the recipient of the Dinakar Desai Award for his poetry, the B. Jayant's best stories are about little riddles and mysteries of life, which do not remain abstractions but translate into palpable experiences. Jayant's vision is that of a compassionate liberal humanist.

He is, in fact, the master of a rare brand of lyricism which does not underplay or soften urban angst, but accentuates it. Bageshree, The Hindu At work in the depth of Jayant's stories is a consciousness full of love one that is aware of all the trivialities of life, but is constantly and quietly trying to make life at least a wee bit livable.

Ramachandran, noted literary critic Jayant Kaikini is a skilled observer and etches characters and situations with a sure touch. His stories bring out the loneliness and suffocation of a big city and celebrate the silent heroism which survives in simple folk. He not only wrote the lyrics for the film, but also its script and dialogues. Subsequently, he penned the lyrics for the film Mungaaru Male, of which Anisutide Yaako Indu became an anthem for the Kannada film music industry and fans alike, gave him star status and made him a household name.

India Poetry International Web at: Today, Conzerv, recently acquired by Schneider Electric, towers tall in the energy efficiency industry, but, in , when it took the first decisive step to fend for itself, it was a small Bangalore-based, family-owned business selling digital energy meters.

The inspirational journey since is as much that of a company that has constantly sought new routes to success in the highly challenging energy efficiency sector as that of Hema Hattangady, its dynamic Managing Director, who, propelled by a deep internal drive took on the managerial mantle when it mattered most 1 and transformed it into a venture-funded, professionally-managed company and a trend-setter in the energy efficiency business in India, and now increasingly in the global arena.

Ashok returned in , and the couple worked for Enercon Systems, the electronics business set up in by his father, H. Vasanth Rao, a telecom and electrical engineer from the batch of the Guindy Engineering College and who had worked in the Telecom Research Circle in Delhi and as GM Bangalore Telephones till he took premature retirement at age 52 Ashok as technical director. Anand the younger brother headed finance and Hema was a coordinator, doing small jobs such as procuring components etc.

Her father retired when she was 13 and, with his income diminished, moved the family from Delhi to Dharwad. Not wanting to be a financial burden to her parents for her education, Hema sold products on commission and entered and won debate contests with cash prizes.

She also was on a National Merit Scholarship. She graduated from Karnataka University, Dharwad, in with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, one among the University s top ten rank holders. Hema lost her father when she was Shortly thereafter, she married Ashok Hattangady, whose family had been long term friends of the Benegals in Delhi. Three months after the wedding, Ashok went to the University of Texas for a Masters programme in engineering.

Unable to obtain a visa, Hema saw Ashok only after three years. Since his and Ashok's interests and skills lay primarily in design and product development, he signed over marketing and branding rights of his business to Alacrity, a Chennai-based realtor, founded by his nephews from the Karnad family.

In , Vasanth Rao and family met to discuss a do-or-die merger proposal from Alacrity. The family was not in favour. The proposal collapsed, the marketing agreement was terminated and Enercon decided to go it on its own.

But, in Hema s words, There was no marketing network. Our dreams down the drain. According to Hema, When Alacrity approached him for funding, he found out that Enercon was behind their products. So he came looking for us.

That s when our fortunes turned. Thomas became the Chairman. He m a Ta k e s Ov e r A year later, Ashok decided that product design, his real passion, was suffering. Following a board meeting, he asked Mr. Thomas to consider Hema as his replacement. In September , year old Hema assumed charge as Managing Director. Mr Thomas twin mandate for Hema was to make the company professional and profitable. During her first six months as CEO, there was hardly any senior team..

Nair, for general management guidance and a small group of mid-level managers to discuss operational and strategic issues. Organizing Conzerv, Overcoming Challenges Hema began by reviewing the company's structure, policy, systems and processes. She devised a three-year strategy. The first stage of standardizing processes and systems paid off; almost immediately, the company became profitable, started paying dividends to its investors, and the brand gained a presence in the marketplace.

Hema introduced a number of HR initiatives to create and foster the Conzerv culture she wanted to evolve some adapted from experience, some created by her, and some in coordination with her mentors. For example, in , she introduced a set of core values called I-PACT Integrity, Professionalism, Active Listening, Caring, and Teamwork; they were discussed at team meetings and each linked to specific behaviours in each department.

Cultivating people s capabilities and potential, an early pillar of Conzerv culture, was promoted by offering a Growing Giants Award rewarding both supervisors and star members of their staff - identified and mentored to reach their full potential.

At Conzerv, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, work together on the shop floor. The wives of several Conzerv managers, schooled as engineers but sitting at home, were brought into the organization with flexible work schedules. Once a year, an Open Day event invites all family members to learn about goings-on at the company. Hema took it upon herself to become familiar with the family life of many staff, and even wrote to parents of star employees: Establishing ethical practices was another pillar of the business culture Hema wanted to develop.

This was an ongoing and difficult task, as corruption eg. She had to work very hard to make sure that their people who deal with corrupt officials in government departments that collect taxes have the courage of conviction to say no to bribery. Among the many challenges Hema had, including being a novice female CEO in a male-dominated technical marketplace, she had to deal with creating a brand from scratch; attracting and retaining design engineers, and balancing running a business and being a mother.

Moving into Energy Management Services Conzerv responded to increased competition in the energy metering business by expanding into energy audit services. In tune with its new vision, it made a significant strategic shift in its approach from getting the customer to buy what it wanted to sell products to finding out what they need and supplying that through consulting and training.

Conzerv's service offering had three elements: Services became an effective entry point in several business sectors. Customer benefits included cost reduction, process improvements etc.

Realizing the importance of services to Conzerv s future, Hema also changed the marketing approach in Instead of talking only with engineers about product features, Conzerv reached out to decision makers who could appreciate that its products could be used to reduce costs. And, in response to the shift, she reorganized the company in In Conzerv, Corporate Social Responsibility is about doing small things that make a big difference. Conzerv has partnered with various NGOs which look after destitute women, the blind and handicapped besides undertaking initiatives focusing on education of the underprivileged.

ILa b s Ashok revised the approach of his product development group, the foundation of the Conzerv business, after Hema returned from the leadership programme. Instead of creating one or two new products annually he developed a more adaptive architecture, allowing for customization and a quick and effective response to market shifts.

He encouraged his engineers at a series of workshops, dividing them into Explorers who sought out new opportunities to develop better technologies, Pioneers who adapted existing mainstream products to the latest energy management techniques, and Creators who developed new product ideas and engineered them for real-world applications, and re-engineered old products. Support staff were Inventors who researched new technologies and Validators who ensured that specifications were covered in design input and pre-launch output.

Quality improved and innovation accelerated as a more dynamic relationship with sales and marketing was established. It was the first metering company in India to obtain both CE Certification a European marking indicating conformity with certain safety requirements and UL certified a US product safety standard.

The next generation of meters was the smallest and most technically advanced on the market, one-sixteenth the size of Conzerv's original digital meters.

In , Conzerv successfully moved from its small manufacturing facility in Yelahanka, North Bangalore, to a new 5. The move took place over a weekend, and the company did not lose a single day of production. Csr Initiatives Conzerv plays an active role in corporate social responsibility initiatives, reaching out to those most in need including the physically challenged, orphans, and those deprived of education.

Recently, a novel initiative has been catching them young - promoting energy efficiency consciousness among school children, an initiative that has achieved remarkable success in influencing energy-saving behaviour. Conserve My Campus", a unique programme to teach Energy Efficiency to children between 5th and 7th grades, was initiated by Conzerv in 15 schools in Delhi and Bangalore. They also audited their schools and gave 'Green Reports' to Principals.

They were encouraged to spread the message and influence life styles and values of friends, neighbours and the community. Since then, she has played a dual role: Currently, Hema also serves as a Director on the Boards of a few companies in India; is Founder and Chairperson of the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy that promotes collaboration among India's energy efficiency industries and service providers; and a Member of the Board of Directors of Efficiency Valuation Organization, USA, the only non-profit organization in the world that creates efficiency measurement and verification tools.

Asked why she sold out to an MNC she said Among reasons like wanting global scale for a great company with great people, I wanted to spend more time with my children, Raghav and Ananya, play some golf and use some of the lessons that I have learned to help other companies grow. Vinod Kaval 4, Andrea Apartment, Off. Set within a lush and beautiful countryside, this school enables youth from disadvantaged families to triumph over their handicaps and live as independently as possible.

The last KS report was written on There are four workshop areas on the lower ground floor which are still to be developed. The ceremony was led by Shitala Pandit who has worked tirelessly towards initiating and sustaining the project. The chief guest was Nalkur Sripad Rao, who gave an inspiring speech.

The photos of the founder, late Smt. Anusuya were placed in front, the people whose vision and work helped motivate the project forward. The photos of Indira Nagarkatti and Bharati Kurkundi were also placed as per the wish of the major donor of the first floor. Garlands were placed over their photos and candles were lit in their honour. The student performers presented a cheerful completion of its first phase of construction, the ground floor, on July 12, Now, the school has added a first level, completing its final phase of construction see photo above.

The purpose of our trip was to participate in the joyous birthday celebrations with supporters, students, and staff. As we entered the building, we were greeted politely by children waving at us from a seated position in the centre of the hall.

We were offered sweets and a spicy, savory local fried specialty, onion pakodas. As we passed by a room where students were preparing for a dance, they eagerly reached out to greet us and shake our hands, which was very endearing. We were pleased to find that the school has been beautifully built with rooms situated around a spacious, sunlit central hall designed for children s activities. There is ample space for the students to learn and live. In addition to the seven rooms, two dormitories, kitchen, dining hall on the ground floor, the newly built first floor adds seven rooms, a speech room, two dormitories, library, dining-cum-play area, toilet blocks, etc.

The rooms on the lower ground floor have been designated for vocational training. There is a room dedicated for sewing, carpentry etc. Later, the children who had won prizes in various competitions and sports were honoured see photo above.

The smiles on their faces showed their gratitude and truly made our day. Finally, the schools names were unveiled amid cheers of an enthusiastic audience and children. It was an exciting moment to see the birth of a dream made possible by many years of hard work of our community members.

For the children, it was thrilling to see the completion of their new Kanara Saraswat Vol. To them, it meant the beginning of the road towards education and self-reliance in a place they can feel comfortable and cared for in the company of dedicated teachers and staff. It was impressive and uplifting to see first-hand the results of our Saraswat community members efforts towards the important cause of educating disadvantaged youth.

Though the school has now been built, it will need continued funds for maintenance and survival, as well as educational supplies which are greatly needed. The next mission in front of the Trust is to provide hearing and educational aids for the hearing-impaired and mentally challenged children. While the picture of the school can give you an idea of the magnitude of work completed with help from all the people, a visit to the school contact Shitala on: It runs through your veins Into your brains And this happens very quick!

It stores there for your next class, So you can do sums very fast. It s got multiplication And worse! At the outset I would like to state that for any set of devotees, regardless of its size, to consider their devotion as superior to that of others, is an indication of the dominance of an individual's ego over true devotion. The facts are as under: Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji's ordination as the 11th Mathadhipati took place after our purascharana-s at Kotiteertha Gokarn were answered with a shower of garlands in complete accordance with Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji's Guru-Vakya.

Since Swamiji's ordination, He has spent the last 13 years bringing harmony in the community and most importantly- reiterating deep love and reverence for Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji, the Guru Parampara and the Math in every heart, again in complete accordance with Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji's wishes.

March 1st the day when devotees in 22 buses and 93 personal cars spontaneously came together at Karla to celebrate the 51st Shishya Sweekar of Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji.

The Parivar has described this as: Sannikarsha is a deeply felt offering of devotion to the Goddess and Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji, performed in a highly inspired and synchronized manner. It is to bring the community closer to Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji and is in full conformance to His wishes to sink differences and build unity. The Trio worked against the smooth conduct of Sannikarsha by creating obstacles and a noisy environment which no right thinking devotee of Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji should condone.

Under Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji s instructions, the Sannikarsha group always exercised restraint in the face of provocation. Only proves for certain now that the modest Bhanap Parampara has ended. In our meeting Dr Andar said that this SMS was sent on the spur of the moment based on the information he had received and sending SMS was a mistake on his part.

Now, the following has been put up on their site: We are sorry if in our naivety of exposing the true situation we have upset many. But unfortunately it was again misinterpreted and misrepresented to the laity in local sabha meetings, converting these to gossip corners rather than pooja and seva meetings. What a misuse of authority!!.. The community reacted with shock when the incident of lay persons entering the Sanctum Sanctorum to perform Abhishek, pooja etc, came to light.

This is in complete disregard to the traditions of our sampradaya and an insult to Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji. To add to this, the community was further shocked that the leaders of the Parivar, claiming to be the only bhakta-s of Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji, were present at the time, did not voice their protest and instead exchanged pleasantries. There has been no denouncement of this action by the Parivar. Pujya Swamiji has left no stone unturned in bringing the community together and to reiterate the authority of Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji and work towards fulfilling His vision.

Yet He has been spoken of in a derogatory manner as under, QUOTE Whenever any person or leader starts issuing threats and Fatwas of boycott against those who do not toe his line, it only proves his own sense of insecurity, and exposes a dictatorial, phobic and a schizophrenic frame of mind with an attitude of divisive fanatic politics of the lowest order. UNQUOTE If this is how the Parivar views all the good things happening in the samaj and such is the language used by this group, it leaves little scope even for plain communication, much less a dialogue.

Can we say anything more? Vacancies caused by retirement under Rule Shri Avinash Trasi 2. April 01, Mumbai Sd. But let us start at the beginning. The first step is the selection of a mate. As a ten-year-old boy explained, "I am too young to get married. You have to be much older to find out who you are stuck with! One little girl told her mother that she wanted to marry a man "just like Daddy".

Her mother patiently explained that he did not come that way. It took her more than 20 years to train him. It goes to show that you have to work hard at what you really want and not expect miracles. Once the boy and girl have 'found' each other it is time to go to the next stage. The first thing is to get the approval of the parents. A marriage is not just a union of two people but a blending of families as well. This step is important but sometimes it is not that easy.

Take the experience of Hari who was still a bachelor at His friend, Govind, wanted to know why he had not married. Now the matchmaker is the computer. Ramaiah , an educationist, philanthropist, and infrastructure visionary. The foundation also runs a Multi Speciality Hospital. Administration[ edit ] M. Seetharam , son of M. Ramaiah, currently heads the college management as director.

The autonomy given to the institute by the government is only for academic matters. The governing council of the college includes two principals of other colleges, one state government of Karnataka bureaucrat, one central government of India bureaucrat, and one member from the VTU. The Program spans over 4 years and is offered in 12 different branches. The medals were given away by governor of Karnataka Hansraj Bhardwaj. The college also offers M. The college also offers PhD program in 12 areas.