Leprosy colony in bangalore dating

leprosy colony in bangalore dating

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leprosy colony in bangalore dating

Leprosy colony in bangalore dating -

Today, Leprosy Colony is an extremely dense slum area in the middle of a vibrant city. The former colony is connected to another slum area on one side and has impenetrable walls on all other sides. The physical and psychological isolation is still unmistakable. Street activities in Leprosy Colony. There are only three entrances to the settlement, which are all quite informal and hidden.

The huts in the settlement are generally very small, and lack most basic services. Paths are narrow two to five feet and most open spaces are in fact not open but covered by low roofs. Because of the small size of the houses in combination with the high number of people residing them, the paths and all open spaces are in heavy use throughout the day. Cooking, eating as well as playing, working and bathing all occur in the open. There is an interesting parallel between the open spaces of the colony and the insides of its houses.

Whereas many rooms and public outdoor spaces in cities like Stockholm or Boston stay empty much of the time, the room s of Leprosy Colony are always filled with activity. One minute it functions as a bedroom, the next as a study and then later as a kitchen.

It all started with a request by the Sri Devaraj Urs then Chief Minister of Karnataka State to the Archbishop of Bangalore, offering Government land to establish an organization that would help treat and rehabilitate the Leprosy-afflicted in and around Bangalore.

Several benevolent and caring individuals and organizations took up the challenge to create and nurture this Society. In the course of time, it went on to accomplish major advances in the treatment and prevention of the dreaded disease of Leprosy.

Our campus always remains open to the poorest of the poor, especially those who deserve our care and assistance. We conduct regular training programmes, camps for HIV children, General health camp, awareness programmes for the public etc. We have sheltered with daily utmost care, providing food, clothing, medicines, personal attention, and counseling. We have specially trained staff who make survey and detect persons with leprosy.

This year so far we have detected around new cases that are under medication. The Society runs a school with children from the most marginalized sections of the society. We provide them free education and see to the overall development of the children. During the last academic year we have spent Rs.

leprosy colony in bangalore dating


leprosy colony in bangalore dating

Tree plantations along the channels create green spines through the settlement, which are foundations for small-scale urban farming. In these areas, the organization has very good rapport with the people. They have poor sanitary services, low tenure security and limited access to public spaces and greenery.