Cab driver service in bangalore dating

cab driver service in bangalore dating

India's Largest Women Driven Cab Services for Corporates This is like a wish come true for the girls in Bangalore. Lady drivers all professionally dressed up:) . Meru offers a hassle-free, comfortable and affordable taxi cab service nearby your location to travel within city or outstation across India. Book Sedan, Hatchback. Taxshe is a statement for protection of women and children, a social change. We technically provide women drivers on call, we brand them as "ROOS".

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Exploring India, one road trip at a time To us, a road trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel the length and breadth of India. There's always something to look at, something to explore and to experience.

Because we love travelling by road so much, we've been striving to make sure you have a great experience too. We wanted more of you to go on a road trip, and more of you to experience the same joys of travel that we do.

Instead of driving, why not sit back and take our chauffeur driven cabs on your next vacation? We believe that the time you spend on your vacation should be entirely yours. So now, we are in 98 cities across India - to help you travel to wherever your heart desires. We love that you're free to stop to breathe in clean air, learn about cultures and taste local food when you travel by cabs.

We love that these wholesome experiences make travelling better and enrich our lives. We live for the surprises we find on road trips. No city is too big or too small. We know travellers and wanderers like us are everywhere. You live near Khajuraho, you live near Aleppey, and you live near Alibag and near Tranquebar. We want you to visit them all. Pack your bags every weekend and explore everything there is to see around you. To make planning your vacation easier, you can book a cab with ease on our website, or call us on if you'd like to discuss your itinerary with our executives in detail.

When you book an outstation cab with us, we'll send you a travel kit and help you plan your itinerary. Our expert drivers will guide you through some of the best experiences India has to offer.

From the time you make a booking with us, to the time you get back home, we'll make sure you have a great road trip.

No matter where you travel - we've got a cab for you Planning a weekend getaway? Our outstation cab services will help you explore the best destinations, visit all the must-see places and taste the best local food. Did you just land at an airport or railway station closest to your destination? Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves".

Women Empowerment has been a topic discussion across length and breadth of the country for long. Governments after Governments have come up with various schemes, but some have remained on paper and many implemented with limited or with no visibility. The benefits have hardly reached the intended beneficiary — the underprivileged women. Come to think of it. Is it only the Government who is responsible for upliftment of such women folks?

R2R ventures, our company, is committed to make the difference in the lives of women especially the underprivileged lot in the society by making them independent and self-sufficient.

Though women have progressed in a number of spheres, yet looking from a wider perspective, the situation still remains grim. Above data reflects that there is still lot more to be done. Definitely, not a very pleasant thought for any of us. Has our society come to a stage where every time when a female member of our family ventures out alone and we are restless till the time she is back at home safe and sound?

It is indeed high time; we join hands and collectively work towards a safe and prosperous India for all. Our women have been evolving, making headways and have proven that they can even be better than men in any sector, be it sports, arts, science, politics, service or for that matter anywhere, she has stood at par with what a man could do. Yet, she still continues to fight for equality.

Times have changed, yet attitude towards women have not yet changed. From inside the womb, till her death, a woman is always faced with danger.

In the womb, there are chances that the female foetus is killed, even before she sees the light of the day. If born, the growing up years are even worse. She faces discrimination, is violated, gets abused and harassed, both physically and mentally and the saga continues till the old age when, she is just abandoned, left to fend for herself with even more brutalities heaped upon her, till death.

Are women not human beings? Why should we and the society just take them for granted and treat them, thus? We need to change and changes do not take place overnight. But if each one of us join hands in every possible way that we can, we can usher in the much needed change, even if gradually.

Let us look forward to a vibrant India, where every woman feels independent, takes her own decisions, is free to choose any vocation of her liking and above all, walks around freely, without the fear of being violated. While being a facilitator for women empowerment, we at R2R Ventures, are also committed to ensure safety and security of women commuters using public transport system.

We are also creating an ecosystem which will enable underprivileged women to come forward and take to the wheels hitherto a male bastion and steer the women folks through the city roads in a four wheeler in a safe and secure manner.

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cab driver service in bangalore dating

Meru Cabs, India's most preferred cab service, today announced the integration of their cab booking system with Facebook Messenger to provide automated cab booking facility. It is indeed high time; we join hands and collectively work towards a safe and prosperous India for all. Ooty is a popular hill station situated on the Nilgiri Hills.

cab driver service in bangalore dating