Bmrda approved plots for sale in bangalore dating

bmrda approved plots for sale in bangalore dating

Find BMRDA Approved Plots in Bangalore within your budget on Sulekha Property. Get search results for BMRDA Approved Plots for Sale in Bangalore with. The layout approval dates and the houses in the layout was constructed based on BMRDA Approval and the BMRDA website also lists the layout under approved layouts. Asked 1 year ago in Property Law from Bangalore, Karnataka. Main · Videos; International dating jewish personals bmrda approved land for sale in bangalore dating bmrda approved land for sale in bangalore dating iker.

BMRDA approved layout - seeks urgent legal help :

bmrda approved plots for sale in bangalore dating

I would like to know Whether going through legal course help me to regain ownership to my land 50 feet which I am loosing and access to main road which is currently marked for Rajakaluve? As per them when they constructed the layout hey have undertaken all legal requirements and got BMRDA approval and as per the layout map our houses and roads are legal and this survey is differing from the survey taken at the time of layout construction.

bmrda approved plots for sale in bangalore dating

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  • Bmrda plots for sale in bangalore dating

Bmrda approved plots for sale in bangalore dating - Slv Housing Development Corporation - Bangalore

As per village map the "RajKaluve" passes through the land between survey no "A" and survey no "B ". Thasildhar and the surveyor was making rounds in our layout and surrounding areas and they completed the marking yesterday.

They have marked the boundaries of the Survey no "A" and Survey No "B" and they are claiming the land between their marking ie survey No A and Survey No B belongs to government and rajkaluve will be passing through the land between the markings.

As per the current marking done by the surveyor this taking away the main 30 feet road for 30 meters starting from the main gate entrance and its diverting to my plot for 8 feet and stoping just 2 feet in front of my house and diagonally moving away from my house taking approximately 50 feet of my land infront of my house and the main 30feet road and also another 30 feet from apartment building opposite to our 4 houses.

In my layout excluding apartment since its not part of BMRDA only my plot belonging to my house is getting affected and for the remaining 3 houses only the 30 feet toad which is required for entrance is getting affected.

I am second owner of this house and I brought it from another person who brought the house directly from the developer. The developer at the time of construction was running a partnership firm and soon after selling our layout his partnership firm filled bainkruptency.

The developer developed this layout by getting into a development agreement with one family mother. X Mother and Y father expired and now for any legal action only Z Son is survived. Both the developer in the name of another pvt ltd company and Z Son has other properties in layout and the developer has constructed freshly some 10 villas for sale in the layout. As per them when they constructed the layout hey have undertaken all legal requirements and got BMRDA approval and as per the layout map our houses and roads are legal and this survey is differing from the survey taken at the time of layout construction.

They are saying its no more their headache and its our responsibility to straighten things out. I am affected big way by this drive since my plot area and access to the main entrance both are getting affected.

Our houses in layout have clear titles including kahatha , DC conversion certificate , BMRDA approval , tax paid receipts, encumbrance certificate for last 30 years etc.

Even my previous owner of my house was having housing loan from SBI. Also I have filed an RTI some 32 days back to the local planning authority asking for certified copy of layout blueprint , Approval copy and layout survey details which I haven't received any reply. When you have multiple builders to choose from and with each builder having several projects, shortlisting and comparing real estate projects can get difficult and overwhelming.

Listed below are important parameters which can help you in quick shortlisting of projects. Location Location is a very important aspect for any real estate investment. This should be your second shortlisting criteria As a buyer you may have a personal preference for a particular location in a city not purely from cost factor but also affinity for a location — say North, East or South of the city. You should weigh in proximity of the project from city center and from your work place.

If you have kids, check how far are schools of your interest from the project. Evaluate how far are other important landmarks like — a good hospital, metro station, bus stand, railway station and airport. Also figure out commuting time to these places from the project. Check other factors of town planning like livability of area, water supply, greenery and future expansion for deciding preferred location. Appreciation Compare how is the overall appreciation in the area and particularly appreciation of the project you are shortlisting for your research.

Appreciation is important for any real estate investment as it leads to higher rate of return when you decide to sell the unit in future or increasing rental income if you let it out. Almost all real estate portals just give you clarity about basic cost and final cost is unknown until you go to the builder and ask about it. Weigh in future expenses for at least next 3 years for shortlisting projects with affordable EMI. Evaluate increase in school fees for kids, healthcare for parents, travel and vacations, insurance premiums, job security etc to decide right EMI and period of loan you can afford.

Builder Reputation Factor in background of the builder in terms of: Check RERA website link of the project to know more details on this.

Check if anyone in your network has invested in a property by this builder. Probe set of problems residents are raising in internal community groups.

You get to understand real issues with a project and a builder per se from these internal community groups. Residents are usually reluctant in letting this info go out in public domain to not affect resale value for homebuyers who have invested in the project. Compare Master and Floor Plans At a high level, analyze the size of project, number of towers, and floor count and shortlist the project if it suits your preference and liking for a particular building architecture.

Then compare if the project has the unit configuration you are interested in: Check if floor plans have sufficient number of bathrooms , balconies, servant room, study room etc or not basis your preference. Higher the percentage better it is. Compare Amenities Make a list of must-to-have amenities for you and your family. Also check quality of amenity construction. Amenities should not exist just for the sake of it.

These are also good for youngsters as well though. Another important amenity that cannot be overlooked are parking spaces. A well planned parking area with adequate parking spots for a good number of 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers is a crucial prerequisite to shortlist your dream project. Compare Authorized Banks and Payment Schemes Check list of banks which have tied up with the project for home loans.