Wwe superstars and divas dating 2013 ford

wwe superstars and divas dating 2013 ford

A majority of the current wrestlers date other wrestling personalities. Like his fiancée, Ford is an athlete turned Marine, who caught the WWE's attention. In October , the couple married in a ceremony in Maria's hometown of . Aside from wrestling, the couple is also featured on Total Divas, where. In the WWE, these are all of the current superstars who are in relationships been thoroughly documented on the shows Total Bellas and Total Divas. Naomi and Jimmy Uso, though, began dating in , and in , they. Relationships in the WWE are often doomed from the start, but some wrestling 10 Newly Dating Wrestling Couples That Are On Rocky Starts (And 5 That Will Last) These stars are on the road together for long intervals at a time and that . Montez Ford also performs for NXT and is one half of the Street.

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wwe superstars and divas dating 2013 ford

It seems that Liv was looking for a rebound and the British star was the perfect person for her to turn to while she was still gaining attention from her break-up. Watson gave birth to the couple's first child last year but there are no images of Xavier with his son online and it seems that the couple has found it hard to move past the situation that was created after Paige was hacked during her hiatus from WWE at the beginning of Lita continued to feud with Dean Malenko in early , and she defeated him in a singles bout on the February 19 episode of Raw is War with the assistance of Matt Hardy. She majored in education at Georgia State University , [4] but dropped out in because she felt it was too much like high school.

Royal Rumble fumble! WWE’s real-life power couples REVEALED

Wwe superstars and divas dating 2013 ford - John Cena & Nikki Bella

They even find time between their matches to get married, and have kids. For some, cases of fiction becoming reality, couples paired together for the cameras blossom into real life romances. For the longest time many fans had no clue the inaugural Divas Champion was actually dating one of the greatest wrestlers ever The Undertaker.

Taker notoriously closely guards his personal life, rarely allowing himself to be seen in unguarded public. The two eventually wed in June, , in his home state of Texas and had their first child Kaia Faith in Occasionally, Taker drops his guard and appears on her social media feeds — while keeping himself strictly offline.

The couple eventually came together, and got engaged sometime at the end of But the adorable couple share a bond over a love of Disney and theme parks, often being snapped at Disney World on their Instagrams.

The next night on Raw, Lita revealed that she was pregnant. Hardy and Kane feuded for several months, culminating in a "Till Death Do Us Part" match on August 15 at SummerSlam , with the stipulation that Lita would be obliged to marry the winner of the match. She began a feud with Trish Stratus, who had constantly degraded her during her pregnancy storyline. When Stratus referred to her as "chubby" because of her weight gain, she retaliated by attacking Stratus backstage due to no longer carrying a child.

Lita challenged Stratus to a Women's Championship match at Survivor Series , however, due to the months of humiliation and being verbally berated by Stratus, Lita was more concerned with doing as much damage as possible, leading to her disqualification. However, Lita's title reign that was supposed to gain more momentum and length came to a short end almost a month later when Stratus defeated Lita on January 9, , at New Year's Revolution.

This made Lita become a villain for the first and only time in her career. Off-screen, at this time, Dumas had been involved with Matt Hardy romantically, but began a relationship with Adam Copeland Edge.

On the October 3 episode of Raw, Edge, with the assistance of Lita, defeated Hardy in a ladder match, and Hardy was obligated to leave Raw as a stipulation of the match. On Raw, Edge held up to that promise by engaging in foreplay with Lita until they were interrupted by Ric Flair , who called Edge a disgrace and "that he was horrible in the sack. She lost the title to longtime rival, Trish Stratus, at Unforgiven in Stratus's retirement match.

The next night on Raw, the Women's Championship was vacated and a tournament was scheduled to crown a new champion. Throughout the month, Lita made James compete in several handicap matches, such as having one hand tied behind her back and being blindfolded. Lita lost her final match and the Women's title to rival, Mickie James. Due to Lita's retirement, her relationship with Edge abruptly ended at the event, with no explanation.

Return to the independent circuit , [ edit ] Dumas made her debut for United Wrestling Federation UWF on April 21, , where she served as a special guest referee for the match between Christy Hemme and April Hunter. Working together for the same company can only strengthen the relationship between these two stars, who aren't seen as the biggest stars in the company right now by any stretch of the imagination.

However, they could go on to be two huge stars in the coming years. The fact that they have managed to keep their relationship and their engagement under wraps over the past few months shows that this couple doesn't live for the public reaction that many stars long for, which is a good sign.

Kassius Ohno And Rachael Ellering via: Rachael has since returned to the Independent Circuit without her boyfriend, who continues to wrestle for NXT. Even though the NXT travelling schedule is not as bad as the company's main roster, it is thought that when Ohno is finally promoted to the main roster, this will put a huge strain on their relationship.

Even though no one wants to get on the wrong side of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, it wouldn't be the first relationship to fall at the hurdle of long-distance dating. They were together up until the spring of when it was revealed that Wyatt was having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman and his wife then filed for divorce. The couple has since had a number of issues coming to a settlement and his ex-wife continues to cause problems for him online by attempting to come between him and his new woman.

JoJo and Bray haven't confirmed their relationship publicly and it seems that both stars were unimpressed that Samantha revealed it for them. They are perhaps one of the most mismatched couples that WWE has ever created.