Pranking indian parents and dating

pranking indian parents and dating

The YouTube account "DaddyOFive" became wildly popular in recent weeks after posting videos where two parents played "pranks" on their. In the prank, Persin, with permission of the kids' parents, friended three 10 Tips From The Better Business Bureau To Avoid Online Dating Scams American Killed by Primitive Tribe in India Was There to 6 days ago Before Thanksgiving on Thursday, people have been pranking their parents by asking them how to cook a whole turkey in the microwave.

I Pranked My Parents :

pranking indian parents and dating

Meanwhile, Dolly and Pam get into a big fight; they each decide to apologize and make up, and get stuck at each other's houses when the storm hits. Wandering onto sacred ground, Himani gets the family cursed. Himani visits the hospital when Nikki pokes her in the eye, and fakes pain so she won't have to leave. This episode shows the season one opening sequence.

Pranking indian parents and dating - We can't blame 2017 for this one.

To give him closure, they hold a funeral to celebrate the life of the beloved vehicle. Himani is offended when Nikki isn't sad on her first day of preschool, and plans a special "Nikki and Mommy Day" so that she'll be really sad the next time they have to separate. Sunny and Rohan try to find a fishing buddy for Avatar so that they can avoid the annual fishing trip. Dolly tries to find Popi a date for an upcoming dance in hopes that he will release her from a 7-year-old promise to go with him.

Rohan gets Avatar's high school band back together but soon learns the reason they broke up: She tries an at-home spray-on tanner to improve her appearance, but Nikki plays with the timer and she ends up darker — and more orange — than intended. Maya's family move back to Mumbai and Rohan pursues her; Avatar finds him playing music in a train station and tries to convince him to break up with Maya for a while and come home.

Himani meddles with Sunny, inviting a girl to their home but it isn't the one he likes. She puts on a giant rat costume to help with a presentation planned to bring down his rival, Sharma.

Sunny and a friend try to make a monster movie featuring Nikki. Popi drives Himani crazy with his bad habits. Wandering onto sacred ground, Himani gets the family cursed. Himani is trapped in an elevator with a claustrophobic woman; Dolly gets knocked out during a surfing lesson; Rohan and Sunny's aerial tour pilot loses consciousness during their flight; Avatar gets knocked out by a golf ball; and Nikki goes missing.

Meanwhile, Avatar faces continuous hour-long timeshare seminars. Dolly finds Nikki playing with a group of other children. Avatar asks Dolly to impersonate Himani for the timeshare seminar. After making a promise to God during his and Rohan's near-death experience, Sunny coaches Rohan to face his fears.

Himani joins a social-networking site and is upset when her kids will not accept her friend requests. Avatar tries to win a bowling tournament but Sunny's hand gets stuck in a toy claw machine and they use Nikki to win.

However, when Rohan returns from Kukkad Nukkad college, he apologizes for taking her laptop by mistake. Sunny takes over Rohan's room while he is away, but when he watches a horror movie he is terrified and refuses to let Nikki sleep in her own room. Sunny agrees to watch Roli Aunty's house, but it is trashed and he has to do whatever she says. Rohan affects a goth subculture style for his new girlfriend.

Avatar and Himani dress as each other for Halloween. Avatar is a smash at career day until a snake gets loose in Sunny's class. Rohan starts giving out relationship advice to his Kukkad Nukkad customers. Himani takes the role too seriously and tries to rewrite it to give herself a bigger part.

Dolly gets a job at the park as a princess to Popi's frog prince, requiring her to hug him at every show. Initially upset, she starts to wonder if she's more interested than she realized. Avatar encourages Rohan to pursue cooking, at the expense of his schoolwork. Dolly and Pam plan to stand in line at the Gizmo Hut to get cheap MyTabs when they go on sale, but she is caught by a cooking mishap while trying to sneak out of the house. Avatar's dad visits and falls for Roli Aunty, who joins the Singhs for the birthday dinner while announcing her divorce; Avatar and Sunny panic and try to prevent them from becoming a couple.

Dolly goes with Pam to her family's cabin on the lake, only to discover it's a single cramped room where the whole family is stuck for the weekend. Rohan and Sunny break Roli Aunty's dish antenna and have to invite her over to watch her daily soaps until it is fixed. However, her parents buy her a Scooty so that she can quit.

Rohan asks for his birth certificate for a school trip, and finds out that his official name is Rohini — because of Avatar's poor handwriting — and his parents never got around to fixing the error. Sunny is collecting cans for money, and Avatar doesn't believe it's for a new video game system.

Himani's parents visit and find the house a mess in her absence; they phone Himani, telling her that Nikki is missing, and Himani panics and sneaks out of the hotel. They seek a ride from a man with a car but he is a car thief and all three are arrested. Himani gets a police uniform and takes Dolly in a police van to return home. Nikki is found and the family reunited, but the police come to arrest Himani. She explains her reasons and reveals that she is pregnant, and they let her go.

Avatar and the others are anxious about having a fifth child in the family. Put tape on the sink sprayer for an unexpected shower 3. Saran Wrap the toilet bowl for a nice surprise 4. Mess with their food within reason 5. Switch their coffee to decaf at your own risk 6. Lightly embarrass them on social media 7. Cover them in toilet paper Level Two: Terrible pranks that they'll eventually get over it 8.

Fake a serious injury 9. Tell them you lost your wedding ring Fart on them Tell them your job is relocating you somewhere extremely far away

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pranking indian parents and dating

pranking indian parents and dating