Ja rule and lo dating neckline slimmer

ja rule and lo dating neckline slimmer

New European privacy regulations went into effect on Friday that will the bloc's patchwork of rules dating back to and heralds an era. Last night Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule reunited at the debut of news-press.us's Las . on their party date where the group hits the recording studio, drinks. Rapper Ja Rule was sentenced yesterday to 28 months in prison for Rapper Ja Rule sentenced to two years in a New York jail in gun case .. Katharine McPhee postpones her date Fall In Love tour to due to Sofia Vergara cuts an effortlessly chic figure in low-cut blouse and cropped skinny.

ja rule and lo dating neckline slimmer

Apparently, We've All Been Mishearing the First Line of Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule's 'I'm Real' :

ja rule and lo dating neckline slimmer

Despite her gorgeous Latino looks and world-famous curves, the superstar has a somewhat checkered love CV, which has included three divorces, a last-minute wedding cancellation and a lot of headlines. But that's what artists do. On that infamous Beyonce review in the New York Times

Ja rule and lo dating neckline slimmer - Meek Mill Talks Possibly Collabing With Drake, Ghostwriting & Nicki Minaj's DMs

I demoed the record [J. Lo], so I sang the whole entire record and then they took most of my lead vocals out and she re-cut her part and they left my backgrounds on. It was just a nice group effort. I think I'm the first hip-hop artist to ever do such a thing; it created the style of the [rap-sung] duet because our record didn't feel like Ja's being featured on a J. Lo record or J. Lo's being featured on a hip-hop record. This was the beginning of a new cycle of collaborations.

When they can turn off their egos and let another performer add to the mix, electric things can happen. It can create the energy they need to catapult back to the top. Lo's album was tanking on the charts. I don't know what time I left the studio that night, but I called Tommy at maybe 2 in the morning and I said, "We did it.

We saved this project. The shoot for the remix featured the singer and rapper in a variety of settings: The first video with Jennifer was out in the countryside; [she was] riding a motorcycle and looked very country. We got Ja out there and then Irv shakes his head and goes, "Nah, this is all wrong. We just remixed the song. We need to bring Jennifer and Ja to the hood, not out in the wilderness, not in the reeds. It was a one-day shoot. Then, of course, the remix video was the one that exploded.

Me and Jen were cool. She's cool and fun and easygoing, and I'm the same way, so it was real easy for us to get on set and make it all work. We were back there clownin' and gamblin' and all that stuff. We were shootin' dice, man. Just having a good day. A real good day. No man's going to keep this diva down! Getty Having dated a musician and married a dancer, J-Lo then set her sights on an actor in Ben Affleck. The super-couple became known as "Bennifer" and got engaged in November The Bennifer wedding was set for September but just hours before the ceremony, the nuptials were put on hold, blamed on "excessive media attention.

Getty Jenny from the Block got together with her long-time friend and smoldering salsa singer Marc Anthony in early They quickly got married and went on to have twins Max and Emme in February When the couple celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary, we hoped Jen's third marriage would stick but Marc filed for divorce in April Jen later opened up about the split, saying "The pain hurt so much.

Getty Just months after the singer divorced Marc, she started dating year-old choreographer Casper Smart. Everything seemed to be bumping along nicely until the dancer faced accusations he was flirting online with transsexual model Sofie Vissa and just days later they announced their split - but insisted they'd actually gone their separate ways two months earlier. One, I had a brief marriage with, Cris Judd, who is an amazing person and whom I love, and then Beau [Casper Smart], who we just broke up, who I love as well.

She recently hinted that she has a little crush on the gorgeous model, describing him as "perfect". Could David be next in line to receive some Lopez love? He's not a dancer or a singer, but it looks like Jen will forgive him that! Take a closer look at Jen's exes in the gallery below.

ja rule and lo dating neckline slimmer

Why Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule's Collaborations Are Just the Best