Hilary duff and oliver james dating

hilary duff and oliver james dating

Raise Your Voice - Jay & Terry (Oliver James & Hilary Duff). Rachel Sopcisak · Hair & Oliver James and Hilary Duff as Jay & Teri from Raise Your Voice ( ). He then went on to appear In Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff, playing Amanda Bynes and Oliver James in What a Girl Wants () Rebecca De Mornay, David Keith, Rita Wilson, John Corbett, . Episode dated 8 August (). omg.i love Oliver James.i think he is so news-press.us i hope that oliver and hilary work out news-press.us if not i just might take over lol @HilaryDuffandOliverJames.

Hilary duff and oliver james dating - Filmography

I think that was really cool, and really inspiring, especially for other people that have something that they want to do, to go out and see how she did it, even with this horrible thing that's happened to her in her life, she still did it. Even without all of her parent's consent, she followed her dream, and she grew as a person and learned more about herself.

How do you think that this is different from the other roles that you've played? I think it's more dramatic. A lot of characters that I've played have fought for what they believed in and then succeeded in the end. I've done a lot of movies like that. This one happened to be a little more dramatic and I liked that.

I liked getting to show a different side of me that maybe people haven't seen so far. I liked that she was such a believer in faith. She relied a lot on her brother even though he wasn't there anymore. It was very spiritual.

I really liked that. How did you pull the tragedy of your character's life into your acting if you haven't had anything bad happen to you? I don't think that it was too hard. The crew was really awesome and after awhile we didn't really have too much time for like, 'Okay, I need to get ready for this scene. It wasn't that hard. Everyone would not look at me for a second because it's really hard to do a scene when everyone is trying make sure that the light is good and doing this or that.

They would just not look at me for a second and I would just do it. There were so many crying scenes in the movie that I tried to make some of them different instead of just bawling.

I mean, there are so many different ways that you can cry, but after awhile, it gets hard to find all of them. Did you have to think of something really bad in order to be able to do that? Yeah, and that's really horrible to think about. But I try and think of the worst thing that could ever happen to me in my life and it comes.

How was it working with Oliver James? I really pushed for Oliver [James] to get the part, because I like him so much. I saw him in an Amanda Bynes movie. And he's so cute! I loved working with him, he's really nice, and I wanted them to keep the accent a lot.

And the kissing scene was a little embarrassing just because there were so many people there, and I can only work for and-a-half hours on set, during the day. And we had seven minutes to do this scene, and so everyone's running around like crazy people, we've got to get this done! And I was sitting there a little bit nervous, because I'm about to kiss this guy that I kind of just met, and a lot of people will be watching, and he's probably a little bit nervous too.

But it was okay. It was very professional, and he's really cute, so that made it easy. Is it tough to split time between film, television, and movies? Is it hard to do it all and which do you like the most? Sometimes I feel like I can't win with myself. I'll be in the middle of a tour and it's so fast paced. We're going here and there and we're in a new place every single night and then I'll get tired of it because I'm so exhausted.

I'll be like, 'I wish I was filming a movie right now,' because the process is much slower. But then I'll be in the middle of filming a movie and I'll be bored and I'll be like, 'I wish I was on tour. When I'm on tour I get to actually meet the fans and I get to see all the people that are supporting me. To see a sold-out venue of like 14, people screaming and having your name painted on their bodies and knowing every single word to your music is such a cool feeling.

It sounds cheesy to talk about, but it's true. Then working on a movie is a cool process because you learn so much and you can kind of create this other character that's not really you. Then you get to see the finished product at the end and it's really cool. I don't know if I have a favorite.

Will you be working with your sister again? She actually helped me write a song called "Mr. James Dean" and a song called "Haters. Her own album comes out in February. She toured with me. I think that a lot of people just have to give her a chance. They have to not think of her as my sister and think of her as like an artist because her album is going to be awesome.

Plot[ edit ] Terri Fletcher Hilary Duff is a teenager with a passion for singing and dreams of becoming a professional singer. Her overprotective father Simon David Keith , a second-generation restaurateur, disapproves of Terri's plans, stating that being a singer may not be a worthwhile life choice. Simon believes that Terri will get hurt if she goes to Los Angeles and would prefer if she continues running the family business. Terri is very close to her elder brother Paul Jason Ritter who fully supports her dream, despite what their dad says.

At Paul's graduation-day barbecue, he has a fight with Simon, who, in the heat of it, grounds his son. Terri sneaks Paul out of the house to attend a Three Days Grace concert. On the way back, they are in a car accident. Terri awakens in the hospital, where she learns that Paul was killed. Terri loses interest in her singing, and also in the music program. However, Terri's mother Frances Rita Wilson feels differently; knowing that Paul would have wanted Terri to attend the program, she convinces Terri to go.

Terri arrives in Los Angeles and weathers some difficult ordeals: While at the program, Terri makes new friends and learns a great deal about music, but problems arise when she is plagued by memories of the car crash which took Paul's life and finds it increasingly difficult to keep her participation in the program a secret from her father.

Throughout the film, Terri develops a mutual fondness for Jay, but she faces competition from Robin Childers Lauren C. Mayhew , who was involved with Jay the previous summer.

hilary duff and oliver james dating

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What That HOT Guy From 'What A Girl Wants' and 'Raise Your Voice' Looks Like Now

This is what the "What a Girl Wants" musician you had a crush on looks like today :

hilary duff and oliver james dating

You were shooting a movie and recording at the same time, so when do you sleep—or do you? But I try and think of the worst thing that could ever happen to me in my life and it comes. Then working on a movie is a cool process because you learn so much and you can kind of create this other character that's not really you. Is it hard to do it all and which do you like the most?

hilary duff and oliver james dating