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He may be a 'Rangeela' on screen — that's the name of his multi-layered character in TV show 'Ghulaam' — but in real life, Param Singh is. The popular television actress, Harshita Gaur spoke further about link-up rumours with former co-star, Param Singh – both of whom starred in. As Randhir in Sadda Haq, Param Singh won the hearts of young fans. Harshita (Gaur) and I bonded pretty well since our show Sadda Haq.
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  • Param Singh and Harshita Gaur share great on-screen chemistry in the show.
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Param Singh on his relationship with Harshita Gaur: What is there between us is just for us!


I can ate well with regular workout. I don't understand the idea of buying followers or likes. Spearheading the cast is actor Param Singh. Bollywood Life chatted up with the actor about Ghulaam, Rangeela and his recent confession that Harshita Gaur and he are indeed dating in real life as well.

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But Ghulaam was such an interesting con cept that I couldn't help taking this up. It is an amazing experience to work on this one as I am working on a new dialect, a totally different body language and look.

It is regressive in some ways and many people thought that my role will be similar to that of Shah Rukh Khan's character in Koyla -but this is not true.

I keep saying no to reality shows as well but, now I think I shouldn't because who knows, tomorrow I may end up participating in one. My source of inspiration is Aamir Khan: When I was in London for my studies, I used to go backpacking every now and then. Even trekking in the Himalayas is on my wish-list. Everytime I travel, I observe people around me and I think it helps me to be a better actor. Harshita Gaur and I bonded pretty well since our show Sadda Haq started.

We have a special connection. Sadda Haq was also rooted in reality and Ghulaam is also supposed to reflect certain parts of India where women are treated badly. Param says that doing real subjects is not a conscious decision. I should feel challenged as an actor. We have taken cinematic liberties. We are trying to show something but in an exaggerated way," he says. When we said that the brutality against women has reminded some of Game of Thrones, he says he has not seen the international series and would not like to comment.

There was a lot of buzz that Niti Taylor was chosen for the show because of her tremendous social media following. TV stars have crazy following online and popularity is a factor whether it is a film or TV show. If she is selected for her social media following it is very sad. If online fans made an actor hit or flop those with over one million followers would never go through a bad phase.

It all depends on your product whether it will do good or not," he says. He further adds, "Social media can be used to publicise your show or product and at times, yourself. I don't understand the idea of buying followers or likes. If makers are casting on the basis of followers it is sad.

He says, "I treat her like a kid. She is very bubbly and fun-loving. I am more serious in the sense I prefer to stay in the character. We joke after the director says cut, at times. She is a nice gal. I saw certain episodes of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan and liked her work. People are liking our chemistry and that matters. He liked the cold weather there and enjoyed wearing the jackets and sporting the look.

The best part I don't have to build a physique for the show. They need a natural and real body. I can ate well with regular workout. I don't need to lose body fat," he says.

Recently, Param made fans of SanDhir very happy when he said that Harshita and he were close in real life. The two had been rumouredly dating since a long time now. Was the admission done to end the speculations? He says hesitantly, "We are close but I don't like to talk about it our relationship. It was not a conscious decision to end rumours. What is there is for us.