Amaro and rollins dating after divorce

amaro and rollins dating after divorce

Amaro and Rollins 'shippers are in for some bad news: It looks like Law & Order: Special After being demoted to traffic patrol in Queens, Amaro will cross paths with his run date. 09/20/ Status. In Season. creator. Dick Wolf. Cast Jada Pinkett Smith says she is 'not mature enough to have a divorce'. amaro. Things went super south for Nick last season. His wife, Maria, moved to We finally saw Rollins' downfall last season when her gambling After 15 years of stopping criminals, get ready to see Olivia in new role this. March, TwentyFive Acts, Amaro attempts to manipulate Rollins law amp Order In Central Start a divorce theres no hidden fees RSS Mobile User Agreement Careers Will make that relationship, named Jesse. engaged after dating 3 months.

amaro and rollins dating after divorce

'SVU' first look: Amaro and Rollins are icy after his demotion

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This, along with his erratic behavior, briefly alienates his SVU colleagues; for example, they are reluctant to give him sensitive information regarding the false charges against Captain Donald Cragen Dann Florek , fearing that he will make matters worse.

When Cassidy's lawyer questions him, Amaro is forced to reveal that he had a romantic relationship with the sister of a drug lord he was investigating undercover.

Munch then informs him that the NYPD brass is requesting he take a paternity test because the woman is claiming he has a son from the relationship. He goes to the woman's house to confront her, but is denied by her boyfriend. Later, while watching the boyfriend pick the boy up from school, he witnesses the man use the boy as a carrier during a drug deal. Amaro then meets the boy and tells the woman that her boyfriend is using their son to deal drugs.

After Cassidy apologizes to Amaro for what his lawyer did, Cassidy helps Amaro bust the boyfriend for drug dealing. The episode concludes with Amaro knocking on the woman's door, and her reluctantly letting him in.

In "Born Psychopath", he is shot by a year-old boy while apprehending him for abusing a young girl. Amaro begins to show great concern when Rollins, a recovering gambling addict , falls off the wagon, and they grow closer. In the episode "Reasonable Doubt", he comes out of a shower in Rollins' apartment, implying that they had been intimate. In "Holden's Manifesto", a murder suspect asks them if they are sleeping together; they do not answer the question, and change the subject.

Amaro is arrested for assaulting a suspect, Simon Wilkes Joshua Malina , while off duty. The charges are subsequently dropped, but he is demoted and reassigned to the th Precinct in Queens as a patrol officer.

However, Benson tells him that, because of his history of misconduct accusations, the NYPD will never promote him no matter how well he does; angered, Amaro throws his study materials in the garbage.

Shortly thereafter, Amaro is involved in a courtroom shootout with Johnny Drake, a brutal sex trafficker and pimp who is also the biological father of Benson's adopted son. Drake dies from his injuries, while Amaro is hit in the liver and knee. Fin explains Amaro and Rollins are tracking it down, and Benson adds they will know what they are going to see: He knocked her out. Barba asks with sarcasm why not convict him now?

Barba says in certain ways he does not disagree — Benson says she hates it when people say that — and Barba goes on, saying since AJ did not take the offer, the case is still open.

He tells Benson to find the video or get Paula to change her story. When their son walks in and tosses a football to Fin, Paula calmly chastises him for coming in while grownups are talking, and when the boy presses on, AJ shouts at him and the boy looks scared and goes to his room. While they talk about their son, Paula interjects a comment an AJ gives her an angry look. Benson makes the excuse to use the rest room to separate Paula and AJ. Fin says his Sergeant wants to double check everything and asks AJ to walk him through it.

He is just trying to make sure everything stays within the hash marks. Meanwhile, Benson tries to get Paula to give her more information but Paula insists she had been drinking and she tripped.

The garage claims they erase their security cache every 7 days. Benson asks then how did the first video ends up at RedChan after 6 weeks after the event, saying they are lying and tells them to get a search warrant to find out what went down in that stairwell. Fin comments IF something went down in that stairwell. Benson thinks Paula is covering for him, reminding Fin that he saw it. Fin replies he was terrified of his mother and Rollins adds she was raised the same way.

Benson questions now they are making cultural exemptions? Amaro says his father went after him with his fist and it taught him you never lay a hand on a child or a woman. Rollins says it is possible AJ could have been fending her off and both Benson and Amaro do not agree.

Rollins states this changes everything. Benson is apologetic to Paula about the video, explaining there is no shield law for domestic violence victims. Paula states she is not a victim. Counselor Calhoun wants to speak with her clients and when Benson says she wants to speak with the separately, Calhoun explains she brought a second attorney, Brian, so they will both have counsel.

AJ explains Paula was stumbling and could have hurt herself and had to stop her. Benson questions it was with his fist, and he admits he also had a few.

Paula says AJ was trying to protect her; they already told the NYPD what happened and they are putting it behind them. Benson is surprised Barba wants to plead this down, adding AJ should be in jail. Barba agrees, but feels AJ is personable and charismatic, Paula supports him and the jury will want to forgive him. Benson sarcastically says he is right, they should just slap him on the wrists and send him home.

Barba and Benson are in the interrogation room with AJ and Calhoun who says AJ was defending himself but if they want to make a reasonable offer she will hear them out.

Barba suggest assault 3, 90 days, and Calhoun says no jail time and hours of community service. Benson says AJ will have to do a lot more than pick up garbage with a pointed stick for this one. Calhoun is stunned, asking that Barba wants them to plead to a felony? AJ stands up and says he would never hurt Paula and she will back him up.

Calhoun adds they heard they man; they will see them in court. Barba tells them tomorrow at 9AM. At arraignment court part 5 on Thursday, November 13, AJ pleads not guilty and Barba asks for remand. AJ looks to Paula and smiles. Afterwards, Benson enters the ladies room where Paula is already there and tries to get her to talk but Paula sticks to her story. Benson warns Paula it will happen again. Benson says she is concerned about the safety of her and her son and is not concerned about the public perception of black men.

Calhoun enters and cuts any change of this off, telling Benson she should know better than to talk to Paula without her counsel. Calhoun takes Paula away. Paula thinks some people have an interest in her being the victim and that is not going to happen. Benson and Barba watch on as Paula takes responsibility for provoking AJ.

She adds they are working on their issues and asks for privacy. Show, she interviews AJ and Paula who tell their fans now to believe the gutter press and not to believe the haters.

Meanwhile, Benson, at home with Noah, is on the phone with Barba who says this is the next stop on the apology tour. Barba and Benson watch as Paula states AJ proposed and they are getting married later that day.

At a later date in court, a doctor testifies for the prosecution about the science behind the force of the blow AJ gave to Paula and the punch could have killed her but she got lucky. Calhoun cross examines him and brings out that the doctor never examined Paula and his speculation is based on a grainy black and white video and an algorithm. She also brings out the fact that Paula shows no sign of neurological injury at the time or later.

Benson is testifying for the prosecution, stating it is not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to say it is their fault or to refuse to testify. Some are emotionally or financially dependent on their abusers or scared of reprisals.

They are most at risk when the victim goes against their abuser or tries to leave. Under cross examination, Calhoun gets Benson to admit that Paula did not show fear nor did she cite financial dependence as reasons not to testify. Benson says that is not what she saw in the video. Calhoun mentions her client has expressed regret and will get anger management and spiritual counseling.

Benson comments she has heard that before. Calhoun asks Benson if she believes in the rehabilitative powers of anger management, and Benson replies not always, no. Calhoun brings up the situation where a detective in her squad beat up a civilian who recently returned to active duty after a short stint in anger management. Amaro, sitting in the gallery squirms in his seat. Benson said her detective lost his temper with a horrific child abuser, not his wife. Amaro looks unhappy and AJ looks pleased.

Amaro says he hit her, end of story. Rollins argues they get to decide what is best for her, saying that is infantilizing and is SVU making her a victim all over again. He tells her to take it easy and she asks if he is counting her drinks now, calling him Saint Nick, Savior of Damaged Women.

He says he never laid a hand on Maria, and Rollins asks that he never wanted to. Rollins says Maria got to him, and she still gets to him. He says no, so she pushes his shoulder harder again and again to try to get a rise out of him. He asks if she is jealous of Maria now, and she asks if that is where they are going now. Rollins thinks this is funny as patrons stare.

At SVU, the squad room watches a news conference about the league cracking down on domestic violence or child abuse. Rollins enters and Fin comments that AJ has no friends left. Rollins comments that Paula gets tarred, too, asking how is this fair to Paula? She says it is the worst night of her life, for their entertainment.

Fin says she is preaching to the choir but AJ did hit her. He asks if Nick agrees with that, and she replies that Nick thinks he can save the whole wide world. Fin says he has learned two things in his 15 years at SVU: He says he just wants her to take care of herself.

She says she hears him. They are working to finding positive ways to communicate He performed their wedding ceremony; they have been committed to each other for 10 years and are raising their son in a solid, loving, Christian marriage of equals. Barba asks about the drinking and Scott says this is another issue they are working on.

Scott testifies he has never witnessed anything other than a genuine love for each other. Barba asks what he thought about the video of AJ punching his wife, and Scott says he did not watch it.

Barba withdraws the question. Afterwards, AJ testifies about how much he loves Paula and he will always regret that night but did not intend to hurt her. He decided to testify as Paula had the strength to sit in the courtroom and if she can be brave enough to sit in here, he can be brave enough to sit here and take responsibility and teach his son to be a man.

Under cross examination, Barba mentions that AJ lied when he told the police his wife had slipped, and AJ says he knows now that was wrong, he was trying to protect his family. Barba plays back the video of the punch and AJ said he put up his hand to stop her but it was a reflex action.

Barba thinks he is blaming Paula, but AJ says he did not intend to hurl her.

amaro and rollins dating after divorce

amaro and rollins dating after divorce